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The Pancakes and Powerslams show welcomed Gunner as their latest guest host.  Here is a recap of the interview:
There were many reports of people having problems with pay. Was that your issue at all?
There were a couple of times where some pay got messed up when it may have come in a couple days late. I was always paid – to the most part – on time, pay was never kept from me, or anything like that. I know I talked to a few guys who hadn’t been paid in 30-45 days, and I said, well if that’s the case, you have to man up and say something, because in our contract it says we have to be paid in a certain amount of time after the shows. For the most part, I was paid on time, and paid right.
Working with Vince Russo:
I always enjoyed working with Vince. I never had any issues. Sometimes his ideas were all over the place, but for the most part, he would ask you for your input. “What do you think about this, bro? What do you think about this?” He gave you a lot of leeway to do your own thing.
On CM Punk saying “Thanking God is a weird thing to do”:
I don’t think it’s weird. We all have our different views. I’ve got buddies, like Ken Anderson, he’s an atheist, but we’re like best friends. We talk about religion all the time, and he knows that my faith is a huge part of what I do. It keeps me strong, and always has, since I was in the marine corps and when I went through war. I don’t think it’s weird at all. It’s no more weird than anybody else’s beliefs.
Gunner also talks about his hopes for TNA, the Hogan/Bischoff era, Finn Balor, Kurt Angle, and more.
You can hear the entire interview here!