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On Saturday August 1st Upstate Professional Wrestling’s Headlocks and Homeruns 4 took place at the Eagles Club in Rochester, New York instead of the Firemen’s Park in Perry, New York due to the threat of rain and thunderstorms. Despite the location and venue change, a capacity crowd was on hand to witness UPW’s biggest show of the year. Here’s a recap of all the action:

Showcase Matches

1. Professor Wessler vs. Victor Lord

The first showcase match of the evening was a rematch from UPW’s Red, White, and Bruised where Wessler used his textbook of truth on Lord to get himself disqualified. In this match, Wessler was in control throughout until his missed his “final exam” splash. Sensing a change in momentum, Wessler went to use his textbook again but this time Lord rolled him up for the three-count. A measure of revenge for Lord getting a clean victory over UPW’s man of higher education.

Winner: Victor Lord

2. “Real Mutha Trucker” Dewey Lee, Jason Savior, & “Sik” Rik Matrix vs. Bobby Dipinto & Tigerslayer 08

The second showcase match of Headlocks & Homeruns 4 was a six-man tag match featuring two men who have developed quite the rivalry in UPW in Matrix and Dipinto. Tigerslayer 08 continued their continuity as a team with Coleman Jackson coming close to victory on Savior, but Matrix came in to break up the pin. An impatient Dipinto charged in and went after Matrix and the two fought back to the locker room leaving their teammates. Inside the ring, Krist Worthless knocked Dewey to the outside isolating Savior. Worthless and Coleman then hit their superkick/shallow grave combo finisher for the victory. Another impressive win for Tigerslayer 08 who have become a team on the rise in UPW.

Winners: Bobby Dipinto & Tigerslayer 08

Main Show

1. “Rain On Your Parade” Cloudy vs. Hardcore Holly

Headlocks and Homeruns 4’s main show kicked off with Cloudy’s open challenge. Last year the challenge was answered by the War Machine Rhino. This year the challenge was answered by Chris Cayden who came out and said he was out to make a name for himself at his first H&H and do it at Cloudy’s expense. Little did Cayden know that another man came in to also answer Cloudy’s challenge in the form of former WWE superstar Bob “Hardcore” Holly. Holly disposed of Cayden and told Cloudy he was going to kill him. Despite Holly’s words, Cloudy held his own against Holly and came close to beating him on several occasions. But in the end, Holly’s experience and toughness won out and he hit his patented Alabama Slam for the victory and another one after the match to the delight of the fans.

Winner: Hardcore Holly

2. UPW Heavyweight Title Match

Rob “Just 2” Sweet vs. “The Rican Sensation” Maximo Suave (c)

One-half of the UPW Tag Team Champions The Rochester Wrecking Crew, Rob Sweet looked to give himself a birthday present. The UPW Heavyweight Title in hopes of knocking off the current champion Maximo Suave. Back and forth match with both men pulling out all the stops and coming close to beating the other on several occasions. But in the end, it was a discus forearm and a package piledriver that put Sweet away as Maximo successfully defended his championship.

Winner: Maximo Suave

3. Triple Threat Match

Cheech vs. “The Bull of Black Mountain” Gabreal Saint vs. “The Darewolf” PJ Black

Special attraction triple threat match featuring two UPW veterans who are no strangers to each other in Cheech and Gabreal Saint and a former WWE superstar in PJ Black who’s made a name for himself on the indy scene looking to make an impact in his UPW debut. Technical wrestling from Cheech and Black to start out. Saint then took control on both opponents.  Then all three men hit big moves on each other for near falls. Cheech gave Black a running powerbomb but Saint came off the top and delivered his patented frog splash on Cheech for the three-count. The Nightmare Man and Cape Fear Colossus prevails but great efforts from Cheech and Black as well.

Winner: Gabreal Saint

4. Hellcat vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

The other half of the UPW Tag Team Champion Rochester Wrecking Crew Hellcat saw action as well as he took on another former WWE superstar in Scotty 2 Hotty. Scotty had the fans clearly on his side, much to the chagrin of “The Boss”. Scotty with the early advantage, but Hellcat posted him outside the ring gaining control. Hellcat maintained control and at one point even mocked Scotty doing his version of the Worm. Scotty fought back and would eventually deliver his version of the Worm on Hellcat for the victory.

Winner: Scotty 2 Hotty

5. “Mr. Super Indy” Jock Samson vs. “Extremely Cute Wrestler” Colin Delaney

Grudge match which was the culmination of a feud between two men who have been at odds in UPW the last few months. Colin defeated back at UPW’s March Meltdown, Jock evened the score pinning Colin in a six-man tag match at Red, White, & Bruised, and this one would be the rubber match. Both men brawled outside the ring to start out. Once inside, Jock took control focusing on Colin’s lower back. Colin fought back and hit two cross bodyblocks but Jock moved from a third one. Jock then got into a tug of war with referee Brett Vincent as Jock tried to bring in his bullrope and Vincent got shoved down. While he was down, both men feigned getting hit with the bullrope and hoping the other would get caught. Vincent recovered and ordered the match to continue as he got rid of the bullrope. Both men went for different finishers on each other. Jock goes for People’s Elbow but stopped and went outside to have a drink first. Back in, he goes for it again but Colin kips up and hits a stunner for the three-count. The rubber match goes to the Extremely Cute Wrestler.

Winner: Colin Delaney

6. UPW No Limits Title Match

“The Prince of Queens” Brian Myers vs. “The Young Lion of the West” Mattick (c)

Brian Myers made his return to Headlocks & Homeruns this time he came back in hopes of knocking off a man who’s been on a roll of late in UPW in the Mattick with his No Limits Championship on the line. Myers in control in the early going, much to the dismay of the crowd who were clearly behind the champion. Myers stayed in control until Mattick hit a Osaka Street Cutter. Mattick fought back, but Myers was game as both men gained near falls on the other. Myers looked to deliver his patented spear, but Mattick caught him with a discus elbow and hit his finisher, Made For Living, for the three-count. After the match, a frustrated Myers took the belt from Mattick, but gave it back to him and raised his hand in a great showing of respect.

Winner: Mattick

7. Headlocks & Homeruns Rumble

This was the third annual Headlocks & Homeruns Rumble match with the winner becoming the new H&H Champion. Previous winners Maximo Suave and Mattick are current singles champions, so the winner of this one would certainly be destined for success in the future in UPW. 25 of UPW’s top stars did battle and just like previous Rumbles, the action was fast and furious. Unlike those Rumbles, this one featured a surprise entrant in the form of Hellcat who was competing in his first H&H Rumble. The final six came down to Ron Falco, Chris Cayden, Michael McKinger, “All Passion” Ryan Cassidy, Jet Rebel, and Coconut Jones who hit his patented slingshot spear on Cayden for the victory. Or so everyone thought. It turned out Hellcat was never officially eliminated as earlier in the Rumble Chris Cayden threw him over the SECOND rope and not over the top. The veteran took advantage and hit a jumping flatliner on Coconut for the three-count to become the new Headlocks & Homeruns Champion.

Winner: Hellcat

8. Main Event – Rochester Street Fight

Danny Doring vs. Tommy Dreamer

The main event of Headlocks & Homeruns 4 was a Rochester Street Fight featuring two ECW originals as the All Time Great of Upstate Danny Doring took on the Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer. This match came about from last year’s Headlocks & Homeruns show where these two were partners but it was Doring who turned on Dreamer causing Dreamer to lose to The Rochester Wrecking Crew. Technical match to start out oddly enough, but quickly turned into an all-out brawl, including Dreamer going low on Doring using the ring bell with a pool cue. Doring turned the tables and choked Dreamer with the mic cord while talking trash to Dreamer at the same time. Back inside, Doring misses top rope legdrop. Dreamer hits a bionic elbow in ode to Dusty Rhodes for a near fall. Doring drop toeholds Dreamer onto a steel chair for a near fall. With Dreamer down, Doring brought in a kid’s bicycle and said he was going to run Dreamer down. Dreamer moved and proceeded to give Doring a bike ride of his own. Dreamer then hit the Spicolli Driver for the three-count.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer