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In the world where pure wrestling is hard to find, quality women’s wrestling is even more scarce. On September 29th (Saturday), World League Wrestling will be holding its first annual ladies-only wrestling camp. WLW was started by wrestling legend Harley Race to provide quality wrestling throughout the Midwest region, this also includes women’s wrestling. WLW is on a mission to continue to provide great wrestling throughout the country, and wants to expand the ladies wrestling division.

This one-day camp is for EXPERIENCED female wrestlers only. You will be evaluated by Harley Race himself, Harley Race Wrestling Academy head trainer Jason Jones, and WLW Ladies Champion Stacey O’Brien.

As a female professional wrestler, you will be evaluated on the following topics:

How you present yourself.


Cardio shape

Ring shape

This camp will be from 10:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday, Sept. 29th, 2012. The costs for the tryouts will be $100 per person. Please note that if you decide you would like to participate in both the ladies camp, as well as the week long wrestling camp scheduled Nov. 26th through Dec 1st, you WILL receive a discount for the week long camp. More information can be provided upon request.

World League Wrestling has been in operation for 14 years. As a professional wrestling company, we have ran hundreds of wrestling shows in conjunction with charities in and around the Missouri area. Several events have included WWE superstars, Pro-Wrestling NOAH superstars, and the wrestling superstars of tomorrow. To reserve a spot at the Ladies-only camp, please email [email protected] or call 573-392-410

Serious inquires only. Payments for this camp will be made on the day of (September 29th, 2012).

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