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Heartland Wrestling Association Results
06/15/2007, Clermont County Fairgrounds in Owensville, OH

Tarek the Legend b Aaron Williams, Hailey Hatred b Mary Elizabeth, Chris Carnage b Tucker Carson & Roscoe Hickory & Big Woody Rock, Kimera b JT Stahr, Brian Jennings b Mitch Magnus, Cody Hawk & Jon Moxley b GP Code (Andre Heart & Deja Vu)


Tarek the Legend pinned Aaron Williams. Tarek’s numerous submission attempts on Williams, coupled with some assistance from Demonika, weakened Williams offensive abilities during this match. A dangerous piledriver from Tarek finally finished Williams off and earned Tarek the victory.

Hailey Hatred pinned Mary Elizabeth. Hailey Hatred is one tough chick … which rookie Mary Elizabeth can tell anyone, as she’s had to face Hatred in three of her first five professional matches. Hatred’s vast experience also had a part in this victory, but Mary Elizabeth shows promise as her skills — both at wrestling and at cheating — improve with each in-ring endeavor.

Chris Carnage defeated Tucker Carson & Roscoe Hickory & Big Woody Rock. The massive Chris Carnage is just showing off at this point. Not only has he brought down some of the biggest stars in the HWA, but now he’s taking on opponents in groups of three at a time. Carnage threw these three HWA newcomers around like paper dolls, finally getting tired of the effort and ending the match as soon as it suited him.

Kimera pinned JT Stahr. After a brilliant display of top-level grappling, one that included so many close calls that fans were on the edge of their seats, JT Stahr made a fatal mistake when he missed a dive that he had hoped would finish Kimera off. Kimera grabbed the opportunity for a brutal D-Train and a pinfall victory.

Brian Jennings defeated Mitch Magnus by submission. Although Magnus hasn’t yet earned the chance at an HWA Heavyweight title shot, just being in the ring with the champ was a golden opportunity for Magnus to improve his knowledge and … oh, who are we kidding. Magnus didn’t want to learn or try to work his way to the top of the HWA ladder, he was simply hoping that a cheap victory might help him leapfrog to the top instead. Unfortunately for Magnus, what he got instead was a painful and successful submission hold from Buffalo, followed by a couple of stunners for good measure.

Cody Hawk & Jon Moxley defeated GP Code (Andre Heart & Deja Vu). Individually, the GP Code were smart, strong and ring savvy. But together, once again, they just didn’t seem to be in sync tonight. Cody Hawk kept Andre Heart busy outside the ring as Jon Moxley pinned an exhausted Deja Vu for the win. After the final bell, Heart ignored his partner’s apparent injury as he complained about yet another loss.