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HWA Overload Results

06/16/2007, HWA Arena, Cincinnati, OH

JT Stahr b Mitch Magnus and Alan Wasylychyn (3-way Dance), Brian Beech b Aaron Williams, Eddie Gonzales b Ganger (non-title), Kimera b Tucker Carson & Roscoe Hickory & Big Woody Rock (3-on-1), Hailey Hatred b Mary Elizabeth, Cody Hawk & Jon Moxley no-contest with GP Code (Andre Heart & Deja Vu), GP Code & Brian Jennings b Cody Hawk & Jon Moxley & Kimo to win HWA Tag Team titles for GP Code. Canteen Boy announced as the 2007 Make Me a Superstar Contest winner (wins 2-year HWA training contract).

  1. JT Stahr defeated Mitch Magnus and Alan Wasylychyn
    Official:  Joe Kopasz   Match: 3-Way Dance
    Alan “The Solution” Wasylychyn succeeded in hitting JT Stahr with his finisher frogsplash dead-on, but the weaselly Mitch Magnus was right there to break up Wasylychyn’s pin. What Magnus didn’t count on, though, was that his interference would give Stahr an opportunity to catch a pinfall on The Solution. After the final bell, Wasylychyn’s partner Aaron Williams joined him in the ring to discuss how gosh-darned ridiculous the Mavericks’ record has become since joining Brock Guffman’s stable. As Williams complained that he himself wasn’t even booked on the show tonight because no one was willing to face him, Bad Attitude Brian Beech appeared and offered Williams a match.

  • Brian Beech pinned Aaron Williams
    Official:  Skeeter Muldoon
    Bad Attitude Brian Beech overcame relentless interference by Alan Wasylychyn in this match, interference that became so obvious and critical that referee Skeeter Muldoon had him ejected from the ringside area. Williams got in some smart offense, but when Beech connected with a superkick it was all over.
  • Eddie Gonzales pinned Ganger
    Official:  Joe Kopasz   Match: Non-title
    Ganger got lucky tonight, in that this match was not being taped for TV, and therefore his HWA Television title was not on the line. Gonzales had to deal with Ganger’s new pal, Mini Ganger, plus Ganger’s usual assortment of chokes and other illegal methods, but still came out with a pinfall victory over the champ.
  • Kimera defeated Tucker Carson & Roscoe Hickory & Big Woody Rock
    Official:  Skeeter Muldoon   Match: 3-on-1 Tag Team
    The HWA rookie crew tried their luck as a team again tonight, this time facing the larger-than-life HWA veteran Kimera. Kimera more than proved his right to his upcoming HWA Heavyweight title shot, as he bodyslammed each challenger on top of one another, then easily pinned all three for the win.
  • Hailey Hatred pinned Mary Elizabeth
    Official:  Joe Kopasz
    Once again, Hailey Hatred manhandled experienced manager but new wrestler Mary Elizabeth. Mary Elizabeth will have to get past Hatred if she wants to advance in the HWA Women’s Division ranks, but tonight just wasn’t that night.

    At last, the 2007 Make Me a Superstar Contest winner was announced. Based on audience reaction, as well as votes from former winners Alan Wasylychyn and Tucker Carson, the winner by unanimous decision was Canteen Boy.

  • Cody Hawk & Jon Moxley went to a no-contest with GP Code (Andre Heart & Deja Vu)
    Official:  Skeeter Muldoon
    Just as this match had gotten underway, Buffalo Bad Boy Brian Jennings made his presence known by bolting into the ring with a steel chair. As the match was thrown out, Patrick Black made a last-minute decision that would change history: he booked a unique match pitting Hawk, Moxley and Kimo against the GP Code and 4BJ Brian Jennings. In this match, if the GP Code or Buffalo lost, Kimo would win Buffalo’s HWA Heavyweight title. If Hawk, Moxley or Kimo lost, the GP Code would become tag team champions.
  • GP Code (Andre Heart & Deja Vu) & Brian Jennings defeated Cody Hawk & Kimo & Jon Moxley to win HWA Tag Team titles
    Official:  Skeeter Muldoon   Match: HWA Heavyweight title vs HWA Tag Team titles
    Even with so much on the line, the GP Code had a moment that almost cost them this match early on; when Jon Moxley dropkicked Deja Vu and Vu ran into Andre Heart on his way down, Heart assumed that Vu had hit him purposely and the two started to argue yet again. Lucky for them though, the Buffalo Bad Boy had their backs, and hit Cody Hawk with a stunner that knocked Hawk out long enough for a 3-count. As the Code nearly argued again after the bell, Buffalo reminded them that their 14-year partnership had just culminated in becoming the HWA Tag Team champions. As the fact sunk in, all was forgotten and the GP Code embraced to celebrate the victory.