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Heartland Wrestling Association Results
06/19/2007, HWA Arena in Cincinnati, OH


GP Code (Andre Heart & Deja Vu) b Cody Hawk & Jon Moxley by DQ, JT Stahr b Tarek the Legend by submission, Dick Rick b Dave Crist, Ala Hussein b Brian Beech by DQ, Kimera b Eddie Gonzales, Brian Jennings b Tack, Chris Carnage b Tucker Carson & Roscoe Hickory & Big Woody Rock (3-on-1 match), Ganger b Jake Crist, Mavericks b Metal Master & Matt Stryker.

Next event is a FREE show at the HWA Arena in Cincinnati on June 24th at 6 pm


1.      GP Code (Andre Heart & Deja Vu) defeated Cody Hawk & Jon Moxley by disqualification
        Official:  Skeeter Muldoon   Match: Non-title
        The GP Code were more than willing to accept Moxley’s challenge for the tag team titles tonight, but Patrick Black insisted that this last-minute match be a non-title bout. Maybe that’s why Cody Hawk didn’t hesitate to bring a steel chair into the ring as soon as the Code seemed to be gaining the advantage, forcing referee Skeeter Muldoon to call for the DQ. Hawk also didn’t hesitate to land several crushing blows with the chair onto both Andre Heart and Deja Vu, in an obvious attempt to weaken them up for the day when the titles are on the line.

2.      JT Stahr defeated Tarek the Legend by disqualification
        Official:  Joe Kopasz
        JT Stahr proved the points made by Hooks in the latest edition of the Hook Up: the Metric Mandingo can adapt to seemingly any style that his opponents throw at him. Tonight it was close mat wrestling with longtime HWA fixture Tarek the Great, and Stahr’s flexibility allowed him to find the opportune moment to apply a submission and earn a win.

3.      Dick Rick pinned Dave Crist
        Official:  Skeeter Muldoon
        In a rare loss for the Irish Airborne’s Dave Crist, Dick Rick managed to avoid a suplex and turn it into a side slam from the top rope, catching Crist by surprise and capturing his another singles victory.

4.      Ala Hussein defeated Brian Beech by disqualification
        Official:  Joe Kopasz
        Speaking of rarities, due to a misunderstanding Bad Attitude Brian Beech was disqualified in this singles match against Ala Hussein. After fighting clean for several minutes, and even shaking Beech’s hand, Hussein suddenly pulled Senior Official Joe Kopasz into the path of an oncoming Beech superkick. As Beech tried to help the fallen Kopasz, Hussein drew a fork out of nowhere and went after Beech. Beech managed to get the fork away from Hussein without being injured, but Kopasz got up to see Beech with the fork and had to call for a DQ.

5.      Kimera pinned Eddie Gonzales
        Official:  Skeeter Muldoon
        Gonzales managed to avoid Kimera’s manager Mary Elizabeth for the greater part of this match, and as a result Gonzales seemed to be ready for a possible upset. But eventually ME got Gonzales’ attention from ringside, turning the tide in Kimera’s favor and finally leading to a doubly damaging D-Train that caught Gonzales in mid-leap off the top rope.

6.      Brian Jennings pinned Tack
        Official:  Joe Kopasz
        Despite his efforts, Tack wasn’t able to keep the Buffalo Bad Boy Brian Jennings grounded as he would have preferred, but had to fight this battle on 4BJ’s terms instead. Jennings was ready, escaping Tack’s submission attempts until he could find the moment of weakness that allowed an unexpected pinfall win.

7.      Chris Carnage defeated Tucker Carson & Roscoe Hickory & Big Woody Rock
        Official:  Heather Owens   Match: 3-on-1 Tag Team
        The rookies tried their luck against the monster Carnage again, in what could either be an incredible act of bravery on their part … or a cruel hazing from the HWA Booking Committee. Either way, the result was a horrific slam and 3-count by Carnage on Big Woody Rock, and another disappointment for the rookies.

8.      Ganger defeated Jake Crist by submission
        Official:  Skeeter Muldoon
        After introducing his manager Brock Guffman to new pal “Mini G”, Ganger went on to hand an almost unheard-of second defeat to the Crist brothers tonight. Maybe it was the blatant assistance from Guffman, maybe it was the ringside support of Mini G, or maybe Ganger was just the better wrestler tonight, but however he did it Ganger held on to his HWA Television title against one of the toughest opponents in the HWA.

9.      Mavericks defeated Metal Master & Matt Stryker
        Official:  Joe Kopasz
        Brock Guffman, desperate to keep the Mavericks as part of his stable, went to excessive lengths tonight in efforts to get them a win. The Mavs did come out on top, but it wasn’t because of the incredible talents of both Alan Wasylychyn and Aaron Williams. Sadly, it was because Guffman bolted into the ring the moment Senior Official Joe Kopasz’ back was turned, knocked Matt Stryker out cold, then snuck out before being seen. Aaron Williams officially picked up the pin on Stryker to help the Mavs move back up in the HWA Tag Team Division rankings.