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Courtesy of www.inquisitr.com:

In a breaking report, it appears that WWE Superstar Heath Slater is in hot water with the law. An arrest warrant has been issued for the former WWE Tag-Team Champion today stemming from an incident after a WrestleMania 27 after-party. The incident happened in 2011, which makes many wonder about why it was just now being taken care of.

FOX-5 television in Atlanta reported that Corinne Oliver, who was working security at the event, is accusing Slater of putting her in a “chokehold” and trying to get her into an elevator. Oliver claims he was trying to drag her back to his room at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, the same venue the party was taking place. Oliver claims she was injured in the altercation and broke five vertebrae in her back.

Oliver claims that went to her supervisor on the morning of the incident and told him about it, but nothing was ever done.

Oliver then waited almost three months to file a police report about it. She claims the reason she waited so long is because she expected her supervisors at Allied Barton Securities to file a police report, but they never ended up doing so. She also claims another wrestler witnessed the incident, but didn’t do anything to help her. There is no mention of the identity of the second wrestler.

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