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Hey you guys,

My name is George Frankenstein aka Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars). I used to be the Wrestle Vallet of the Famous Macho Man (Randy Savage). Im a  Pro Wrestler, Actor and Wrestle Manager. I recently  went through a bad divorce and lost everything. Im looking for a second chance at my carrer and life. Im looking to start a book of my life and what i went through to get where i was and what not to do like what drugs, bad people and things like that would ruin. Lets not forget my cooking book as well.  I also need help moving to get my carrer on track.  First month rent, Gas, Food and some money for clothes and lets not forget the uhaul. Flordia is calling my name. If you are a fan, Friend or have a heart and know every one deserves and second chance at life that would mean the world to me.

Always,  GGF xoxox

Check out her GoFundMe page here!