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Thomas Idol & Razor Bladeby Glenn Rugar

results for High Impact Wrestling Enter the Asylum on September 30th, 2007.

September 30, 2007– High Impact Wrestling- Enter the Asylum from Tucson Arizona: Dueno b The Shotcalla Josh Thompson w/ Chase Manhattan. in a 2/3 falls match, Ogre b Ripp Robertson,  Matthew Blaze b Johnny killgore, Joey Duex b Grinder, Priest/ 13 vs “Hardcore” Joe Binski for the HIW title in a Binski Street Fight went to a no contest when Binski drove away in a truck with Priest/13 in the back. The Draven Brothers (Nick and Dan Draven) b Team No Remorse ( Razorblade and Thomas Idol) when Thomas idol turned on Razorblade. Anti Deathmatch Brigade (Chaos, Guzmania, and Ricky flash) b  The Counter Culture (Outrage an Chris Anarchy)  and V.K. Grimes in a deathmatch.

Detailed Results within.

1.PROMO: Chaos and Guzmania come out with V.K. Grimes girlfriend (or maybe daughter im not sure) Lil K, who they apperantly kidnapped. Chaos and Guzmainia talk about the 6-man tag main event for later tonight until V.K. Grimes comes from under the ring and attacks Chaos until Lil K turns on V.K. Grimes and hits him with a light tube.

2. MATCH: Best 2-3 Falls match: Dueno vs The Shotcall Josh Thompson w/ Chase Manhattan Dueno got First fall after using a chain Chase Manhattan was banned from ringside by commisioner Doc Fairday after the first fall.
Shotcalla got the second fall after a superkick Dueno got last fall with a vertabreaker

3. MATCH: Ogre vs Ripp Robertson
basically a squash
Ogre got the victory after a death valley driver while Ripp was rigid like in a torture rack on ogres shoulders.

4.MATCH: Matthew Blaze vs Johnny Killgore.
another squash.

5:MATCH: Joey Duex vs Grinder
Joey Duex won

6: MATCH: Binski Street Fight for the HIW Title: “Hardcore” Joe Binski vs Priest/13 Match went all over the building ( a hockey rink) and eventually ended in a no contest when Joe Binski drove off with Priest/13 in the back of a truck (Not sure if this happened as it was outside and the announcer was calling it from outside.

7. MATCH: Team No Remorse(Razorblade and Thomas Idol) vs The Draven brothers( Nick Draven and ted Draven) w/ Bombshell Half Way through Thomas Idol Said he could handle it and Razorblade went to the back.
The Dravens finished Thomas idol with a doomsday device type manuever.
After the match Thomas Idol and Razorblade argued in the ring until Thomas idol attacked Razorblade.

8. MAIN EVENT: 6-man tag: The Counter Culture (Outrage and Chris Anarchy) w/ Man Killa B and V.K. Grimes vs The Anti Deathmatch Brigade (Chaos, Guzmania and Ricky Flash) w/ Lil K The anti death match brigade brought out anti deathmatch weapon such as socks with balled up socks in them, a cane with real wire on it (not barbed wire just some wire).

V.K. Grimes didnt come out when his music played.
The Counter Culture and the Anti Death Match brigade until halfway throught the match when V.K. Grimes showed up with a shopping cart full of weapons. He used a lighttube on Chaos as the ref stopped the match.
Doc Fairday declared the match would go on as a 6-man tag deathmatch action broke out as they all had a brawl all overthe ring and into the crowd. Near the end Thomas Idol showed up and helped the anti deathmatch brigade. He pulls Ricky Flash over outrage for the win.