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The dust has settled and the smoke has cleared on a very newsworthy No Holds Barred event from a sold out Wyvern Hall in Sittingbourne, Kent, UK and on Sunday March 31st we return to Sittingbourne for another action packed night as we present: HIGH STAKES a night where we can guarantee that one way or another history will be made as fans will either bear witness to the crowning of a new British Heavyweight Champion (and the 1st ever American to hold that prestigious gold) or see the last ever match in the UK of one of the most popular visitors to these shores Colt ‘Boom Boom’ Cabana.

Sha Samuels vs Colt Cabana

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The stakes have never been higher as in the evenings main event we will see the longest reigning Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion in history put his gold on the line against the number one contender to his gold: the globetrotting Chicago native, Colt ‘Boom Boom’ Cabana.
But this is not just any match, as Cabana has personally laid out the stipulation that should he fail in his quest to hold Revolution Pro gold then he will NEVER return to the UK again.

Believe us when we say that this is a huge deal, for the UK to Cabana is a special place. A country that helped shape him into the wrestler he is today and a country where he has shared so many good times and great memories over the years. A loss here would be heartbreaking for Cabana & as a man of his word this would be the very last opportunity you will get to see him live in the UK.

Sha Samuels has been perhaps the most dominant champion in British wrestling history surpassing the title reigns of both Dave Mastiff and Martin Stone to become the longest reigning Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion in history. He has defeated every single person to be put in front of him and had made the statement time and time again that ‘there’s nobody left’. However that all changed at No Holds Barred as Colt Cabana earnt himself a return ticket to the UK and the title of number one contender by outlasting T-Bone, Dave Mastiff & Rampage Brown in a contest that many people gave him little chance in and now he looks to become the 1st ever American to hold European wrestling’s number one prize.

All Sha Samuels has ever wanted is the recognition he feels he deserves. He wants to be talked about as an all time great and he wants to make history and victory here would do just that as it would take him into an unprecedented 23rd month as champion and banish one the most popular performers on the planet from ever competing on these shores on an independent level again.

Two very contrasting styles this match, this match is as intriguing as they come and could well go down as a contest that they talk about for years to come. An all time classic.

Don’t pass up you opportunity to witness history and be there live in Sittingbourne, Sunday March 31st!

The Return of The Prince

Whenever you get the opportunity to see British Cruiserweight Champion and Current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Prince Devitt wrestle live you should take it! March 31st will mark the return to Revolution Pro Wrestling of arguably the best Junior Heavyweight in the world as one of Irelands greatest exports is all set to make the second defence of his British Cruiserweight gold which he holds so dear.

The next contest signed for Sunday March 31st’s High Stakes is a big one as the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship will be on the line in a huge 3 Way Dance featuring 3 of the very best performers in the world today as reigning and defending champion Prince Devitt will put his gold on the line against best friends, tag team partners but on this night opponents: Zack Sabre Jr and former champion, the man he beat for the gold, ‘Party’ Marty Scurll.

Many people assumed it would be Mark Haskins who would receive the shot at championship gold due to his victory over El Ligero at No Holds Barred, however it was deemed by matchmakers that the most impressive of the three matches that involved wrestlers eligible for Cruiserweight Gold was Zack Sabre Jr. as he defeated MK McKinnan in a match that is being hailed as an early match of the year contender.

It was after that contest that Sabre expressed his desire to RevPro matchmakers to make 2013 the year he finally won singles gold and with such an emphatic statement he was lined up to challenge Devitt on Sunday March 31st however with a twist .

On that same night, after Scurll took care of business against Rockstar Spud and finally ended what had been a tumultuous 12 months of his career he went to officials and asked to evoke the rematch clause in his contract for the championship he lost this past November to Devitt and with his tag team partner Sabre already lined up to challenge officials saw the opportunity to put together this tantalising contest.

When Devitt won RevPro Gold he stated that he would be a fighting champion and do the belt, the company and the fans proud and that’s exactly what he has done and that’s exactly what he intends to do again come Sunday March 31st.

Everything that can be said about these 3 men has been said. This is quite simply put, 3 of the best wrestlers in the entire world, in the same ring, at the same time fighting over the most prestigious cruiserweight gold in the whole of Europe. With the stakes this high and the eyes of the wrestling world firmly upon Sittingbourne, you can expect magic to happen.

The next contest signed for Sunday March 31st’s High Stakes in just 4 weeks time is one that has the potential to steal the show as in a cruiserweight contenders match you will see ‘The Star Attraction’ Mark Haskins go up against one of the most spectacular wrestlers ever to grace a Rev Pro ring, ‘The Ariel Assassin’ Will Ospreay.

This match up was put together after Rev Pro Officials deemed it would be Zack Sarbe Jr. & Marty Scurll who would get the shot at Prince Devitt’s Cruiserweight Championship at High Stakes. As Sabre was the most impressive en route to victory at Februarys No Escape and Scurll has yet to receive his championship rematch.

Both Haskins and Ospreay were the victors in the other cruiserweight matches on that show thus it was deemed that the pair faceoff in a championship eliminator match where the winner will earn themselves a future shot at the Cruiserweight Champion whomever that may be coming out of the huge High Stakes event.

Haskins is said to be furious at this turn of events having been very vocal over recent months over the fact that he hasn’t been granted the opportunities that others have received and he feels he has deserved. But the message from Rev Pro Matchmakers couldn’t be more clear. ‘Do your talking in the ring, win impressively and you will get your title match’.

Ospreay exploded onto the Rev Pro scene defeating Wild Boar after a highlight reel display of offence that has to be seen to be believed. Ospreay is capable of things that have previously only been seen in computer games, he is spectacular in every sense of the word. The potential shown by the ‘Ariel Assassin’ is limitless but the belief is for Ospreay to fulfil that potential he will need to keep a level head, learn from each and every outing and continue to test himself against the best competition in the world. There is no doubt that in Haskins he faces a step up in competition; a former 1 half of the British Tag Team Champions and former Cruiserweight Champion, a man who has competed across the globe against the very best and is in the form of his career Haskins will provide the ultimate test.

If Ospreay passes that test here he could be fast tracked to a championship match and his ascent to the top could come a whole lot quicker than anyone could have possibly have predicted. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for the young high flyer and you can bet that he is going to do everything he can to make the most of it.

With a chance to compete for Cruiserweight Gold on the line in this one the stakes are indeed high and you can be sure that both men with one goal in mind will be going all out to impress matchmakers en route to victory. This match could most certainly be a show stealer… DON’T MISS IT!  T

he next contest signed for Sunday March 31st’s High Stakes has the potential to produce something special as ‘Xtreme’ Dean Allmark will make his long awaited return to Sittingbourne when he goes one on one with a man whom he is no stranger with, a man who impressed in his Revolution Pro Wrestling debut at February’s No Holds Barred: Rampage Brown.

The pair have traded victories over All Star Wrestling’s Heavyweight Gold, and every time they go up against each other they steal the show. On Sunday March 31st they will compete in their most high profile contest to date as the wrestling world will be watching as we pick up the pace en route to York Hall where we will present When Thunder Strikes. Add this to the fact that there will be huge ramifications in the Revolution Pro singles rankings and this contest is a must win for both men who will be looking to create a lasting impression.

This contest is so interesting due to the unique contrast in styles between Allmark and Brown and on Sunday March 31st, will the speed and experience of Allmark be enough or will the pure brute strength and technical prowess of Rampage be too much for the Stoke native?

A very intriguing bout and a contest which promises to be a true example of pro wrestling at its best!

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The next contest signed for High Stakes in just two weeks time on Sunday March 31st will see the Undisputed British Tag Team Championships on the line as reigning champions Martin Kirby & Kris Travis, Project Ego, will put their gold on the line against the current reigning Zero 1 Zero 1 NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Champions Tag Team Champions: Sean Maxer & Jordan Devlin, The Hangovers.

Kirby and Travis claim they are on the verge of cleaning out the tag team division having in their words defeated every team there is to beat. So Revolution Pro matchmakers looked for a team with all the credentials to match up with the most dominant team British wrestling has seen for a long while and in The Hangovers they have believe they have found that team.

What makes this contest even more interesting is the fact that the winning team here will be guaranteed a slot on Saturday June 15th’s When Thunder Strikes live from the historic York Hall, Bethnal Green where they will defend the most prestigious tag team gold in the whole of Europe.

Over the years Sittingbourne has been home to some of the most exciting tag team matches ever seen on these shores and Sunday March 31st looks to be no different as this first time contest has the potential to go down as an all time classic.

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The final match signed for next Sundays High Stakes match is one that has been brewing for a while as ‘The Human Hate Machine’ Dave Mastiff will go one on one with former two time British Heavyweight Champion Andy Boy Simmonz in a singles contest which thanks to recent actions of Simmonz has the potential to be an all out war as business has most definitely been made personal.

This contest came about after Simmonz , the first man to hold British Heavyweight Gold on two separate occasions had seemingly taken a step away from active competition – taking up a position at the announce table alongside Oliver Bennett and focussing instead on bringing new talent through at RevPro’s Portsmouth School of Wrestling. However before long it became apparent that the Portsmouth Powerhouse had different intentions as he introduced Revolution Pro Wrestling to a man whom he declared as the future of the heavyweight division, Big Van Walter.

It would appear that as time progressed Simmonz through Walter was goading mastiff into a physical altercation; however every time Mastiff and Walter were about to lock horns Simmonz would pull his charge away further infuriating ‘Big Bad’ & leaving matchmakers desperate to put together a contest between Walter & Mastiff, however every attempt to put together that match was met by resistance from Walters advisor Simmonz. Just when it would seem that things were never going to get physical, they did from an unlikely source.

At No Holds Barred, Mastiff was in the middle of competing for the right to earn a shot at the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship at next Sundays event and was putting in a good account for himself after laying out the competition he was the only man standing in the middle of the ring, until Andy Boy Simmonz taking advantage of the No DQ stipulation in the match, left his announce position and threw Mastiff over the top rope, eliminating him from the contest, taking away his chance to once more be called champion and making something that up until the point had been business, very, very personal.

Mastiff demanded the contest and Simmonz accepted straight away. What this means is anyone’s guess. But Simmonz credentials speak for themselves and he will not back down from any challenge. Could it be that Walter was just a means for Simmonz to thrust himself back into spotlight? Is this the last we’ve seen of the big Austrian?

Does Andy Boy Simmonz have a desire to become British Heavyweight Champion for a record breaking 3rd time? Does Dave Mastiff care the answer to any of these questions?

Either way one thing’s for sure and that’s come Sunday March 31st Andy Boy Simmonz will be face to face with one very angry, very motivated Human Hate Machine.

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Therefore the current card for Revolution Pro Wrestling HIGH STAKES looks as follows:

Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship: Cabana Wins Or Never Comes Back To The UK
– Sha Samuels © vs Colt ‘Boom Boom’ Cabana

Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship
– Prince Devitt © vs ‘Party’ Marty Scurll vs Zack Sabre Jr.

Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship
– Project Ego © (Martin Kriby & Kris Travis) vs The Hangovers (Jordan Devlin & Sean Maxer)

Cruiserweight Contenders Match
– ‘The Star Attraction’ Mark Haskins vs ‘The Ariel Assassin’ Will Ospreay

Challenge Match
– ‘Xtreme’ Dean Allmark vs Rampage Brown

Singles Grudge Match:
– Andy Boy Simmonz vs Dave Mastiff