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Latest “Timeline: History of WWE” Focuses on 1983

 Kayfabe Commentaries’ open ended DVD series, “Timeline: The History of WWE” adds to the compendium as it has shone it’s detailed spotlight on the pivotal year of 1983.  Prior to the national takeover of 1984, Vince K McMahon established himself as the federation’s new owner, having purchased it from his father.  And 1983 is the year that Vince begins to mold the federation in his design.

The series has thus far chronicled 1987, 2000, and now 1983. Topics covered in the current edition include Jimmy Snuka, Bob Backlund, the IC Title, Rocky Johnson, Nancy Argentina’s death, Eddie Gilbert’s car wreck, the West Coast invasion, USA Network, company merchandising and much more.
The DVD has gone onsale at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.