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We know you want to hear this week’s ClubWWI.com guest sing.  We know you want to see this week’s ClubWWI.com guest dance.  And we know you want to hear his brand new hit single, “That’s Alright, Honky Tonk Mama.”  After all, this week’s guest is the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time and the man who turned shooting into an art form, The Honky Tonk Man.


Famous for his ass-whooping list and take-no-prisoners approach to speaking his mind, Honky Tonk is never one to mince words.  When he rolled his pink Cadillac up to ClubWWI, the situation was no different.   HTM spoke frankly and openly for a 42 minute shoot interview that hits harder than a guitar to the head.
As he prepares for a Wrestling Supershow this Saturday in Montreal, Honky spoke with James Guttman about a ton of topics including The Former Intercontinental Champion Who Came Up With “Rhythm and Blues,” Rowdy Roddy “PiperNutz,” The Two People Still On His Ass-Whooping List, Pushing Elizabeth, His Pre-Honky Tonk Man Gimmicks, Vince’s Vision For Honky Tonk Merch, The Person Who Came Up With The Vote of Confidence Campaign, The People Who Played Peggy Sue, Why He Left WCW, Rockabilly, Tom Zenk, Killer Kowalski, and Much More.
At one point, James and Honky Tonk started to discuss Jake Roberts.  It was HTM knocking him in the head with a guitar that turned him babyface.  Much like Randy Savage after him, The Snake became a hero thanks to the villainous Elvis impersonator.  They discussed WrestleMania 3, the story behind that weekend, Alice Cooper, and other aspects of the feud.  When JG brought up the rumor that Honky had accidentally used a legit (non-gimmicked) guitar to knock Roberts in the head, however, the former IC Champion got a chance to clear up the falsehood of the entire story.
“That’s not true and, in fact; I attribute most of that to Mick Foley, who wrote about it in his book, and Jake, who lied about it.  Listen, believe me.  If Jake’s neck was broken or he was injured, why would he wrestle two years more before he went to have neck surgery?  If anyone out there has had neck surgery or a bad neck, they know you don’t wrestle for two years and then go have neck surgery.  But anyway, Foley put it in his book.  I called him up…”
Honky Tonk goes into detail about his conversation with Mick regarding his comments.  He speaks of Foley’s response, the way the situation was handled, Mick’s journalistic responsibility in this case, Jake’s hazy memory, and more.  This is just one topic out of many that the Honky Tonk Man discussed on ClubWWI.com.  Head over now to hear the entire thing for yourself.
And for more information on his appearance at this weekend’s Supershow, head to: www.wrestlingsupershow.com.
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