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HoosierHoosier Pro Wrestling “AGRESSION” results from April 5, 2014

HPW Wrestling returned to the HPW Arena last night with an excellent pro wrestling show from top to bottom before the loyal HPW fans who support us each month!

HPW Wrestling
HPW Arena
Columbus, IN
JD Marioni pinned The Convict  w/Niki
The High Rollers beat Cooter and Stompin Steve when Cooter turned on Stompin Steve and Steve
was beaten down till the save was made.
8 Bit Punks kept the HPW Tag Belts defeating Troy Van Zant and Bobby Black
JKO Jr pinned TJ Kemp Jr
Donny Idol beat TJ Kemp when Kemp Jr gave Kemp a Dog Collar on a chain and Idol was hanging over the ropes
Flash Flanagan pinned Dash Venture w/ Stevie Jonak in a brawl
The Zombie Rob Ramer won by DQ over HPW Champ JKO when TJ Kemp help JKO injure the Zombie
Promoter Jerry Wilson
has signed 2 matches so far for May 3rd show
Strap on a Pole Stompin Steve vs Cooter Clampett
Dog Collar match Donny Idol vs TJ Kemp in a war to end the feud with loser eating dog food