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Sunset Flip Presents
How To Destroy A Tag Team Division

By Jim Boy Star

This week I want to take a look at ways to destroy a tag team divison. Many people may say the easy answer is have David Otunga and John Cena win the titles. While I agree, that is a good argument, there are other factors because, let’s face it, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre were miles better but still not helping the tag team division.

To examine how to destroy a tag team division, it helps to find out what makes a great tag team division. To me, a tag team divison relies on a few factors: A real team holds the titles, a variety of real teams to challenge for the titles, and some great matches and moves performed by most teams in the tag team division.

John Cena and David Otunga winning the tag team titles are Bragging Rights is a perfect example of how not to book the tag team titles.

One of the main factors that destroys a tag team division is the tag team champions are a thrown together tag team and they win the titles. WWE has done this far too much in the past 3 years. What makes last night’s situation worse, is a thrown together team, more or less, beat another thrown together team.

If there is a tag team that has been dominating the division, how does it look good when the established team loses their belts to an unestablished team. It does not look good is the answer.

Another way to destroy a tag team divison is to have tag teams, in general, lose in handicap matches. Being in an established tag team should mean that these two men are so tough, beating them as only one person should be next to impossible. Some may argue the Cena/Otunga title win could be considered an handicap match win and I would agree. Cena did all the work and once again the two people looked terrible. No one benefited from the situation, except maybe John Cena.

The lack of credible challengers also hurts the tag team divison. For example, remember when the Usos got a tag team title shot against the Hart Dynasty? Some people do not realize until that title match, the Usos did not even have a tag team win under their belt with exception to a 6 person tag team match. So why should they have even gotten a tag team title shot? Of course, the same can be said about the Otunga/Cena win as well.

Ironically, the three reasons I wrote today were all used when David Otunga and John Cena won the tag team titles. Will things get better? Probably not. In fact, I see getting much worse. Other ways to kill a tag team division include the incredibly idiotic “Freebird rule”, which is when a person who did not win a title can defend it (that doesn’t even sound like it makes sense). I could see Nexus doing that stupid rule.

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Jim Boy Star

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