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DGUSA/EVOLVE Alerts – 6/29 Edition


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EVOLVE 14 last night delivered an unreal main event, two hard-fought Style Battle matches, a shocking ending and great matches from the opening bell to the main event.

The ramifications will be felt tonight when EVOLVE 15: Gargano vs. Taylor takes place in St. Petersburg, FL. Watch it on live iPPV at WWNLive.com

We have a must see rematch just signed for tonight, a potential twist to the Open The Freedom Gate Title Match, an updated lineup for tonight, EVOLVE 16 on Saturday night news, two backstage Book It Cams from last night and more. Let’s get to it….

June 29th: In major breaking news, the rematch of last night’s buzzworthy El Generico vs. Samuray Del Sol main event has been signed for TONIGHT in St. Petersburg at EVOLVE 15. Del Sol took Generico to the limit in an amazing display of athleticism last night. After the match, Generico offered Del Sol a rematch anytime he wanted.

Del Sol asked for one tonight. The match has been set and Generico vs. Del Sol II will take place tonight on live iPPV. It is rare that you see a two match series  on back-to-back nights like this.

June 29th: There was also an incident last night between El Generico and Christina Von Eerie, representing Akira Tozawa and Mad Blankey. We’ll have more on this next week. We hope you will watch it and judge for yourself. Last night’s EVOLVE 14 iPPV should be at www.WWNLive.com

On Demand by the time you read this.

June 29th: The main event tonight features Johnny Gargano vs. Chuck Taylor for the Open The Freedom Gate Title. These two have been the best of friends, but now they are the worst of enemies. We hope you will take a few minutes of watch this incredible look at their relationship:

Gargano vs. Taylor History Leading To Title Match On June 29th

Gargano vs. Taylor History Leading To Title Match

June 29th: Last night Johnny Gargano suffered a back injury at the hands of Tony  Nese in the Four Way Freestyle. Nese hit Gargano from behind. As you may know, Gargano missed time earlier this year with a back injury. We received word this morning that Gargano spent the night icing his back. He assures everyone that he  will wrestle tonight and defend the Open The Freedom Gate Title against Chuck Taylor.

Could Gargano be digging himself in a hole that will cost him the championship?

The Book It Cam captured this footage last night with Gargano, Taylor, Kevin Sullivan, Bill Alfonso and Fidel Sierra moments after the Four Way Freestyle:

Book it cam: Gargano injured?

Book it cam: Gargano injured?

June 29th: Tony Nese has challenged Johnny Gargano to a match tomorrow night at EVOLVE 16 in Jacksonville, FL. We will have more on this on the live iPPV tonight.

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June 29th: Style Battle kicked off last night and produced two highly competitive bouts. We give you a taste of the action with this Book It Cam:

Book it cam from right now!

Book It Cam: Jon Davis Watches Fox vs. Fish

June 29th: Here is the update lineup and all the info for tonight including another new match and updated Records:

EVOLVE 15: Gargano vs. Taylor

Florida Underground Wrestling Presents Legends Of The Bayfront Friday, June 29th The Wildwood Recreation Center

1000 28th Street South

St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Doors: 7pm

FUW Belltime: 7:30pm

EVOLVE Will Follow FUW Show (Approximately 8:45-9:00pm) Tickets will be available at the door tonight!!!

Order the live iPPV and see both FUW and EVOLVE by clicking here!!! jCi3Gs075xUnlPp4grOAWr2JNk0_wV8SDRmkLjiIQd3vltA1eCCEtr4_LzjwtVjlOEBw==]

This is a double header with EVOLVE and Florida Underground Wrestling

FUW will present a full show at 7:30pm. After FUW, there will be the Legends Of The Bayfront ceremony. EVOLVE will then follow. You get it all for one ticket or  iPPV price.

EVOLVE Lineup:

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match

Johnny Gargano defends vs. Chuck Taylor

JUST SIGNED: The Rematch

El Generico (2-2) vs. Samuray Del Sol (0-3) Style Battle Tournament Match AR Fox (4-2) vs. Jon Davis (2-3) Style Battle Tournament Match Bobby Fish (4-4) vs. Tommy Taylor (0-1)

Special Attraction Match

Cheech (1-0) vs. Colt Cabana (0-1)

Six Way Freestyle

Alex Reynolds (3-1) vs. John Silver (2-1) vs. Jake Manning (1-2) vs. Lince Dorado

(0-1) vs. Caleb Konley (2-1) vs. Scott Reed (0-1)

JUST SIGNED: Special Challenge Match

Tony Nese (1-3) vs. Mike Cruz (0-2)

FUW Lineup:

FUW will be honoring Florida Wrestling Legends. Appearing in front of the live crowd will be Barry Darsow, Ron Simmons, Fidel Sierra, Kevin Sullivan, Ron Bass, Bugsy  Mcgraw, Mike Graham, Gerald Brisco, Bob Cook, Tyree Pride and many, many more Florida Wrestling Legends.

FUW Main Event

FUW Heavyweight Title Match

Bruce Santee (if sill champion) vs. A Mystery Opponent NWA National Championship Match Kahagas (if still champion) vs. Wes Brisco FUW Tag Team Title Match James Boys (if still champions) vs. Michael Zaki & Francisco Ciatso FUW Flash Title – Six Man Madness Lince Dorado (if still champion) vs. Sideshow vs. Maxwell Chicago vs. Dakota Darsow vs. Wayne Wonder vs. James Alexander SPECIAL PRE SHOW MATCH ONLY FOR THOSE IN ATTENDANCE Rocky Santiago & Threat vs. Steelhorse Vachon & Romeo Razel

June 29th: Thank you for reading. Please check the main page of DGUSA.tv

for all the info on how to take advantage of the new Weekly Special where you can save an additional $5 on DVD 2 & 3 Pack Deals. We’ll be back tomorrow with all the latest breaking news going into Saturday’s EVOLVE event in Jacksonville.