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Since this writer and the PWBTS.com website have always believed in helping indies, I’m asking readers to help out IWA Mid-South Wrestling to resolve a legal situation.

To explain, here’s the item sent out to websites earlier today:

As many of you may know, we had the 2004 KOTDM tournament in Oolitic, Indiana. After that show, we were no longer allowed in that building because they said they had to have the floor re-done due to us ruining the floor. After going to court over this the last couple of years, the decision came down today that we had 30 days to pay the damages for the floor.

You may ask why this took so long to settle. The building tried to get our insurance company to pay to re-do the floor and they wanted proof that we were the ones who had actually damaged it. Or if it was a small spot (thats what they claimed we did) why the whole gym floor had to be refinished. Of course, the building couldn’t give them the proof because other people had used the building after us. The insurance company denied the claim twice. After the insurance company denied the claims, the city board of directors chose to sue Ian personally (eventually gaining a judgment against him). Today he had a summons to appear in court under the terms since he hadn’t paid the judgment, that they would start to garnish Ian’s wages.

Ian tried to set up a payment plan, but was told that this had been on going for too long and he would have to make payment within 30 days, or a garnishment would began. So I thought I would explain to the judge and the attorneys how the wrestling business is a mostly cash business and that would be almost impossible to do. To Ian’s surprise, he was told that it would be perfectly legal for them to come in to any shows in the state of Indiana with sheriffs, and take all monies associated with the show.

We are not asking you to give us money, but we do have PLENTY of merchandise around here for sale. So we are going to have a sale on all merchandise we have.

The sale will be on hoodies, T-shirts, and DVDs in hopes of trying to put this issue to rest. Because if Ian can’t put this thing to rest, it could really screw up King Of The Death Matches. We now have a 9 disc dvd burner and can be shipping your order to you within 2-3 days.

The dvd sale will be (along with the one we currently have) for the people who don’t have $70- $80 to spend on the sale currently going on. Buy 2 –get one free of equal value. And of course if you don’t want to pay for shipping you can pick them up at shows. If you order in time, you can pick them up as early as Candido Cup. For those of you who might have the money , you can do the buy 2 –get 1 free up to 5 times. So you would buy 10 DVDs get 5 free (TPIs & KOTDMs count as 2.)

Hoodies we have very limited quantity. We have 9 XL and 9 2XL. The XL will be $25 and the 2X will be $30.

The 2006 TPI shirts will be $8.00 (all sizes) which we have XL, 2X, and 3X. I will be looking to see if we have any other sizes and I will post on here if we do.

For a full listing of tshirts with pictures, go to this link

Thanks for your help with this. Ian knows he will probably take some bashing for this. But right now with everything that is going on, Ian only sees one direction to turn and that is to our great fans.

For those of you that support this sale, Ian says he cannot thank you enough. He hopes to see everybody next weekend at the Candido Cup.

We will accept paypal, checks, and money orders. You may email Patti at [email protected] [email protected] and let Patti know which you would choose to do.

Also, we will have all merchandise available for this sale at our upcoming events so you can also purchase them there with money or credit card. Thank you again for your on going support.

By Bob Magee.