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IHWE_Pro_ChromeIconic Heroes of Wrestling Excellence (IHWE) is proud to announce they have joined the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). This partnership will bring the legendary NWA name back to the former World Class territory of Fort Worth, Texas.

The National Wrestling Alliance began in 1948. Ninety-one men have held the NWA World Heayweight Championship. Such names as Lou Thesz, Buddy Rogers, Harley Race, Giant Baba, Dory Funk, Terry Funk, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Dan Severn, A.J. Styles, Sting, Rob Conway, Kojima, Tenzan to current champion Jax Dane have all worn The Ten Pounds of Gold.  Today, twenty-three different promotions represent the NWA and have regular events all across the United States & Internationally as well. The NWA is also a featured attraction in New Japan Pro Wrestling. In 2015, the NWA started a streaming service showcasing matches from the Paul Boesch Library.   Content from the late 60’s through 1986 can now be seen on NWAClassics.com with new content added monthly. Fans can enjoy never before seen wrestling for only $8.99 a month or $99.00 annually. For more information on the NWA visit NWARingside.com and for more info on NWAClassics visit NWAClassics.com.

IHWE is a wrestling promotion based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. For the last 17 years it has provided fans with a unique brand of professional wrestling. In 2009, IHWE founded the Southern Wrestling Hall of Fame and holds an annual induction ceremony. Names like Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, Matt Borne, Kamala, Terry Gordy & Steve Dr Death Williams are just some of the inductees. IHWE also initiated IHWE TV, a weekly episodic seasonal wrestling program on YouTube. To this date the series has been watched over 19,000 times. Season 2 begins this fall. IHWE has over 1200 Global YouTube subscribers and their digital media content is seen monthly in 60 different countries. Some names that have appeared for IHWE include Jazz, Rodney Mack, Jim Cornette, Lance Hoyt, Stan Hansen, Johnny Gargano, Kyle O’Reilly, Charlie Haas, Jimmy Jacobs, Gen Skandor Akbar, and Maniac Matt Borne. IHWE presents the ultimate hybrid of Old Style Wrestling with today’s style. For more information on IHWE, Visit IHWENow.com.

“The National Wrestling Alliance is extremely pleased that promoter David Fuller and the IHWE have joined the NWA. David’s outstanding reputation as a promoter precedes him and the NWA is very pleased to have a presence in a legendary wrestling capital-Fort Worth-again!”

R.Bruce Tharpe


National Wrestling Alliance


“As Director of Operations for the NWA and someone who has had a working relationship with IHWE and David Fuller over the past 2+ years, I am very pleased that IHWE is now a part of the NWA family. I know this promotion will continue to provide a quality wrestling product for fans in the Fort Worth/Metroplex area and will contribute to the rebuilding of the NWA brand and the restoring of its place as a major wrestling organization.”

James Beard

Director of Operations

National Wrestling Alliance

“I can’t express the excitement of working with the NWA. The NWA has such a history, especially in the south. I believe it brings IHWE full circle. We created the Southern Wrestling Hall of Fame and now we are bringing the fans of the Metroplex quality wrestling and now the NWA is helping us with more global awareness. We believe this partnership will benefit both brands.”

David Fuller


IHWE Wrestling

“As the newest member of the IHWE family, I am extremely honored to be a part of our partnership with the National Wrestling Alliance. I am a fan and historian of the legendary World Class territory and I am very proud to be bringing the tradition of the NWA back to Fort Worth.”

Michael McCurdy

Vice President

IHWE Wrestling