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Indy Wrestle LineIndy Wrestle Line 10/8 Independent Report
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 Hello everyone and welcome to your Indy Wrestle Line Independent report I am the Weekend Warrior Randy Klemme.

Well at first this started out as a normal report, but as I was putting it together I kept getting e-mails and messages regarding Saturday night’s WCWA Dream Reunion that went on in Kokomo, Indiana. Some of the stories that I have been told are unbelievable at times, but from what I have been able to put together, Promoter Rob Reeder still owes literally thousands of dollars to wrestlers and the building along with several others just to break even on the show.

From some of the reports I have received from the wrestlers and fans from the show, the promoter could not pay for the building completely so the building has held the ring and all of the custom made title belts. MOST of the wrestlers were not paid and I am told that a number of the “legends” that were promoted, didn’t even appear at the show including Jerry Lawler, Jim Cornette, Scott Norton, Brian Christopher, Jerry Saggs and several others. Dr Death Steve Williams was cancelled off the show last week when it was learned there was no plan to buy him a plane ticket to the show. I have been told most of the “legends” that did show were either stiffed on their pay or only received a portion. I do know that at least five of the legends received their money when they asked for it at the beginning of the night after hearing what was all taking place. Reports are that Jim Neidhart, Tommy Rich and Greg Valentine were three that were very upset. Some even told me they had heard that one of the legends was in possession of a handgun, to show how serious the situation was. Supposedly the night got so bad Saturday for Promoter Rob Reeder, he locked himself into a room surrounded by police.

From a fans perspective, they didn’t receive everything as promoted for their $80 ticket price. The best part from the fans point of view…They were treated to an excellent main event for the evening between The Midnight Express and the Rock n Roll Express with Baby Doll involved in the match.

It is inconceivable how a promoter could put on such an event and doesn’t have enough money to pay for the talent on the show, let alone the building. I was told in one e-mail that Reeder even took money from the personal merchandise sales of two of the local wrestlers to help pay some of the bills.

There were airplane flights not paid for as well as hotel rooms, meals, transportation and more for those coming from outside of the area.

As of 4pm Sunday the WCWA Message Board was taken down from the website due to all of the complaints on the show and YES I have made an attempt to contact Rob Reeder direct by e-mail to try and be fair for his side of the story and as of doing this report I have just received an e-mail from the WCWA office wanting to tell their side of the story. We will have that on our next update if it is available.

The bottem line is that the “Legends” were treated like crap with a lack of respect…..the local indy guys were forced to show up at 7am on the day of the show when the show started later that night…and the fans were disrespected by not getting what was promoted for the show.

While the idea of a “Legends” show is a great idea, Kokomo, Indiana may not have been the town to have it in due to it’s size and market area.

This is just another BLACK EYE for Indiana Professional Wrestling that we will have to overcome and hopefully Mr Reeder will not be permitted to running shows any longer, IF he gets his ring back
Now to a better subject——

We have more results from this past weekend’s shows around Indiana and the midwest…

First we go to Indianapolis where Insanity Pro Wrestling was in action

Sami Callihan beat Louis Linaris

The Mavericks beat “Sweet” Lou Roberts & Dustin Rayz

Osyris beat PT Hustla

JC Bailey beat xOMGx

Billy Roc defeated Mid-American Champion Jon Moxley to
recapture the title in a 30 Man Ironman Falls Count Anywhere match

Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Crist) beat The Hybrid

Joey “Don’t Call Me Indiana Kidd” Owens beat Ryan Rich

Team Chaos (Chuck Taylor, Hex Gage, & Ricochet) beat Naptown Dragons (Drake Younger, Diehard, & Scotty Vortekz)

and Dave Davidson beat Grand Champion Carlton Kaz by DQ in a non title match

IPW is back in action on November 3rd at the Fountain Square Salvation Army in Indianapolis….
Juggalo Championship Wrestling from Evansville Saturday night

Gangrel b The Model

Bloody Brothers b Altar Boys

Luke Hawx b Bobby Valentino

Scott Hall b Jake Roberts

Bull Pain b Nosawa

2 Tuff Tony b 2 Cold Scorpio

Mad Man Pondo b U-Gene

and Corporal Robinson b Tracy Smothers…Smothers was managed by Lord Humongous, who was Sid Vicious in overalls and a Jason hockey mask.
The Northern Wrestling Federation was in Wilmington, Ohio Sunday afternoon

Ice, Stewie Backlund, & Austin Meddler defeated The Zodiacs & The Warlock.

Aaron Williams defeated Jarred West.

The American Eagle defeated Dr. Melvin Winkleman.

Brian Jennings defeated The Crybaby

Unified Champion Christopher Michael Lotus wrestled Benjamin Kimera to a No Contest

NWF Tag Team Champions The Thugs & InGe defeated The Hippies

Chad 2 Badd Allegra defeated Anthony Bryant

and it was Muldoon, Wildcat Chris Harris, and The Monster Abyss defeating Roger Ruffen, Ryan Stone, and Jon Moxley

Also the NWF had a second show on Saturday night in Bedford, Kentucky…

Stewie Backlund defeated InGe.

Austin Meddler pinned Danny “Monte” Montgomery.

Unified Champion Christopher Michael Lotus defeated The Warlock.

Chad 2 Badd Allegra defeated The Genunine Superstar Anthony Bryant by DQ.

Backlund, Meddler, Lotus, & Allegra defeated InGe, Montgomery, Warlock, and Bryant in an 8 Man Tag team match
Ultimate Championship Wrestling results from Franklin, Kentucky saw

The Arabian Assassin #1 won by pin over Kid Dynamite

Stevie King won by pin over The Arabian Assassin #2

UCW Southern States Champion Justin Sane won by pin over Otis Bass

Kory Williams won by Count Out over UCW Heavyweight Champion Jeff Crowe

and Derrick Neal won over Richard Lowe in a best two out of three falls match
Please keep an upcoming show in the back of your mind. It is for a very worth cause. Pro Wrestling International is doing a show for the Timmy Foundation this Sunday at the K of C Hall at 71st and Keystone in Indianapolis. Belltime is at 2pm and all money will be going to the charity. There will be some top talent on this special Sunday afternoon show. For more information you can go to indypwi.com for all of the details….
Don’t forget, if you would like to leave me a wrestling question or comment, you can do so after the tone at the end of this report or you can drop me an e-mail at [email protected]. Also check out my MySpace page at www.theweekendwarrior.tk

So until next time, this is the weekend warrior Randy Klemme, get out and support independent professional wrestling