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Indy Wrestle LineIndy Wrestle Line 11/19 Independent Report
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Hello everyone and welcome to your Indy Wrestle Line Independent report I am the Weekend Warrior Randy Klemme.


Still getting feedback from the Roddy Piper appearance with EWF this past Saturday in Marion, Indiana. Jeff in Indianapolis called and said he was there and thought Piper was either drunk or on some type of drugs. He added he was very disappointed with Piper leaving. Thanks for the call Jeff. It is just a shame when a legendary wrestler pulls a stunt like this. It should be said most of the legends DO NOT act like that, but you know it only takes one like Piper to think twice about going to show with a famous wrestler on it.

I had a chance over the weekend to catch the “newly” edited edition of the CNN documentary on pro wrestling. CNN dubbed in Cena saying “Absolutely Not” when asked if he ever took steroids, but they certainly left in the other comments he made that were somewhat taken out of context. You can still go to the CNN Feedback site and leave your opinions on the show. Wrestling fans everywhere need to show CNN that while they use pro wrestling for great ratings on their shows, pro wrestling fans are not stupid and should not be treated that way. CNN would never cover pro wrestling in any other fashion except with something negative. Wonder if they have ever thought of covering some of the good things that pro wrestlers actually do and some of the organizations they work with like Hulk Hogan working with Special Olympics….John Cena and his activity with a variety of charities including Make A Wish…..if it’s not a negative with pro wrestling, you will NEVER see it covered in the main stream medium.

Don’t forget Wednesday’s big show in Lafayette, Indiana. NWA-Indiana’s show has been moved from Reihle Brothers to the Lyn Treece Boys & Girls Club, 1529 N 10th Street in Lafayette, Indiana. This will be the LAST NWA-Indiana show as they will soon be closing their doors, which is very sad news for Indiana independent wrestling as NWA-Indiana put on one of the best shows in the state. Wednesday’s show will mark the return of the Legendary “Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant.


The results continue to come in from this past weekend

AWA-Supreme action from Madison, Indiana Saturday night

“Custom Made” (Eric Draven and Nic Noble) won by DQ over “The Dysfunctional Family” (Ricky Ruckus and John Stratlin)

“Prime Time Outlaws” (Roger Blade and Chuck McRoberts) won by pin over The Jones Brothers

Insane Wayne and The Amazing Pooky fought to a double disqualification

SCW Tag Team Titles and SCW Mid-American Title were on the line when Eric Draven, Nic Noble and Damien Divine won by pin over Chris Blayze, Karma and Rickey Ruckus which means the NEW Supreme Tag Team Champions are “Custom Made” (Eric Draven and Nic Noble) and the NEW Supreme Mid-American Champion is Damien Divine

Apollo won by pin over Billy Maverick to become the NEW SCW Heavyweight Champion


TSW was in action Saturday night in Winslow, Indiana
Nick Skitz defeated Drale Owens

Joey O’Riely defeated Mark Aberline to become the new Cruiserweight Champion

Dave Lee defeated Oblivion

The Fireman and The Outdoorsman Defeated the Blaze Brothers to remain the World Tag Team Champions

Bareback Jack defeated The Southern Heavyweight Champion William Livingston by DQ

Aaron Christopher defeated Chris Phoenix in a last man standing match

and Chris Phoenix came back to win the main event a battle royal and become the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Title.


Northern Wrestling Federation was in Buford, Ohio Saturday night

Austin Meddler defeated Zodiac #1.

Naveah defeated Amanda in the Ladies Match.

NWF Tag Team Champions The Thugs defeated Ice & Horatio Sanchez.

Benjamin Kimera defeated Jesse Hyde

Pompano Joe won a Triple Threat Match over The Crybaby & Dr. Melvin Winkleman

Brian Jennings defeated Jon Moxley.

Unified Champion Christopher Michael Lotus defeated Anthony Bryant.

and Roger Ruffen & NWF Champion Ryan Stone defeated Tiny Tim & Stewie Backlund


Mountain Wrestling Association from the Estil Street Jubilee on Saturday night

Tuffy won by pin over Ronnie Green

Big Henry won by pin over Bobby Blade

MWA Tag Team Champions Rob Valor and Johnny Mo’ Money won by pin over Mean Gene, Kasey Kaos and “Mr. Everything” Maxx Sledd

In a Gauntlet-style match

Eddie Browning beat Ice Train

Eddie Browning beat Al Steele

Eddie Browning beat Kyle Maggard

Eddie Browning beat Kelly Charles

Scott Hayes beat Eddie Browning making him the #1 Contender for the MWA Heavyweight Title

and MWA Champion Donnie Green won by pin over Larry D. in a steel cage match


Ultimate Championship Wrestling from Gordonsville, Tennessee Saturday night

Stevie King won by pin over Arabian Assassin #2

Richard Lowe defeated Derrick Neal

UCW Champion Justin Sane won by pin over Jeff Crowe

UCW Champion Justin Sane won by pin over Farron Foxx

Justin Sane won by pin over Farron Foxx in a Loser leaves UCW match

and in the main event, UCW Tag Team Champions The Arabian Assassins #1 & #2 won by DQ over Gypsy Joe and Stevie King


CIW Wrestling from Pittsford, Michigan on Saturday

Spiderman defeated Kris Korvis

Shomari defeated PJ Flowers

Shomari defeated Commissioner Tim

Big Chuck Wagon defeated Margera

Jack Thriller defeated Gutter

Conrad Kennedy III defeated “Explicit” Xavier Justice, 2 falls to 1, to retain the CIW United States Title in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match

and Nitro & The Warrior defeated Pat Tanaka & Shomari & CIW World Heavyweight Champion Dave DuPonte in a 3 on 2 handicap match


Mountain Wrestling Association from Richmond, Kentucky on Friday night

Kelly Charles won by pin over Mean Gene

Stewie Backlund won by pin over The Patriot

MWA Tag Team Champions Rob Valor and Johnny Mo’ Money won by pin over Ray Steele and Kyle Maggard

Lord Humongous and Ryan Stone won by pin over Scott Hayes and Tuffy

Eddie Browning and Larry D. won by pin over Colt Steele and Izzy 4Real

and MWA Heavyweight Champion Donnie Green won by DQ over Roger Ruffen


Don’t forget, if you would like to leave me a wrestling question or comment, you can do so after the tone at the end of this report or you can drop me an e-mail at [email protected]. Also check out my MySpace page at www.theweekendwarrior.tk

So until next time, this is the weekend warrior Randy Klemme, get out and support independent professional wrestling