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Indy Wrestle Line 11/25 Independent Report
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Hello everyone and welcome to your Indy Wrestle Line Independent report I am the Weekend Warrior Randy Klemme.


Just a quick note, that former AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkle is now recupperating at home following his heart surgery a couple of weeks ago….

Thanks to Big Jim in Western Maryland for leaving some comments and questions on the hotline and I am going to try and answer them the best I can. First off NWA-Indiana has had a very successful run over the last couple of years with shows in Lafayette, Indiana. I had the privilege of going through wrestling school with the two owners as well as several of the guys that worked their shows and I wish I had lived closer to Lafayette to attend more of their shows. From what I hear there are a couple of reasons why they are closing down….the biggest is the place where they held their shows was recently sold and the new owners required “over 21” crowds only. Reihle Brothers was a great venue and NWA-Indiana drew some great crowds in that building…..the other reason is more personal and maybe the owners will release a statement about that sometime in the future. Both of the owners are quite busy in their personal lives. One of them was in a serious boating accident several months ago and there was question as to whether he was going to be able to wrestle again, but recently marked his return to the ring. It just takes alot of time to run a successful promotion and Guy and Shawn were quite successful at it. As for their organizations belts, I am sure they will be with the owners for a keepsake…

Jim, I have searched everywhere for a USA wrestling promotion in Kentucky, but there is not one listed with that exact name with the Kentucky Athletic Commission. I have not heard of a Brian Von Erich, and if he claims his dad was Waldo Von Erich, he would be close to 50 years old. Maybe a caller can lend a hand in Kentucky and give us more information….

and as for the People’s Court episode this week with the grandson of Haystacks Calhoun, I only heard about it, but didn’t get a chance to see it. By the way, Bruno Sammartino is not the only person that got big Haystacks off his feet…Bulldog Bob Brower also body slammed him as well…

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but I will keep digging….

and To the freak….the only other “working hotline” in Indianapolis at the moment other than ours is Diamond Dan’s at 335-4688


Results from this weekends shows

Top Notch Wrestling was at the TNW Gym Saturday night in Fortville with former WWE Superstar U-Gene Dinsmore on the card

Gary Cherry won a battle royal to become the #1 contender for the Hoosierweight Championship.

Ms. Oolah defeated Camron Star

Joe Dirt defeated Louis Linaris, Jamie Crisis & Justin Andrews in a fatal 4 way to become the NEW TNW Cruiserweight Champion

Tommy Gage defeated Skip Radison in a chain on a pole match to become the NEW TNW Hoosierweight Champion.

Matt Valor and Larry Bon Poffo defeated Tom and Troy VanZant via DQ to retain the TNW Tag Team Titles.

TJ Kemp defeated TJ Powers to become the NEW TNW Heavyweight Champion

and Shawn Cook and Chris Cage defeated Bobo Brazil Jr. and Eugene. in the main event….


EWF action from the EWF Arena in Marion, Indiana Saturday night

Wildman Rogers & Hank Calhoun beat Damian Michaels & Destinee Payne

Matt Cavins beat M.I.A.

Bob beat Snake

EWF Midwestern Champion Nate Phoenix defeated Craig Poling

Hillbilly Jedd & Joey Owens beat Apollo Star & Drew Johnson

Andy Santos beat General Lee

and in the main event, Osyris defeated EWF Heayweight Champion Big Ric Cannon by Count Out


Northern Wrestling Federation action from Saturday night at the National Guard Armory in Walton, Kentucky

The Crybaby pinned Austin Meddler

Dr. Melvin Winkleman defeated Zodiac #2.

Muldoon defeated Anthony Bryant

Unified Champion Christopher Michael Lotus defeated Zodiac #1.

Brian Jennings defeated Benjamin Kimera

The Hippies & Sin D defeated The Thugs & InGe

Roger Ruffen & NWF Champion Ryan Stone wrestled Snap or Tap (Stewie Backlund & Tiny Tim) to a No Contest

and Tri-State Champion Ice defeated Jon Moxley in a Stretcher Match.


Hardcore Championship Wrestling and Appalachian Wrestling Federation action from the National Guard Armory in Jackson, Kentucky Saturday night

The Canadian Playa and Johnny Jordan went to a time limit draw

HCW International Champion J.R. Roc defeated The Chosen One in a street fight

Tony Bryant defeated Brandon Taylor

AWF Champion Shawn Christopher and HCW Champion The American Eagle battled to a double count out

and the Chosen One won the “Thanksgiving Thunder Battle Royal”


Midwest Wrestling Association from the Estil Street Jubilee Saturday night in Mt Sterling, Kentucky

Cody Mathews defeated Kelly Charles

Tommy Gunn defeated Tuffy

Larry D. defeated Scott Hayes

and Donnie Green, Ronnie Green & Bobby Green Defeated Chucky Smooth, Al Steele & Ray Steele


All American Wrestling action from Carbondale, Illinois Saturday night

Austin Aries d. Silas Young

Shane Hollister & Absolute Answer d. Old School Wrecking Crew

American History Next d. Tony Rican & Cadillac Jones

The Phoenix Twins d. DP Associates

Eric Priest d. Jimmy Jacobs

Jerry Lynn d. Keith Walker

Murder City Machine Guns d. Michigan Invasion

and it was Danny Daniels d. Tyler Black


Central Pro Wrestling results from Decatur, Illinois Saturday night

Chaz Wesson pinned Wayne Shocker

Paige Adams pinned Elektra Fine in a loser gets pied match

Hardcore KC pinned Shane Rich to become the first CPW Light Heavyweight Champ

Mississippi Madman beat Sage Ramsey by DQ

Issan Hadeev & Sean Vincent pinned Jason Lyte & Donovan Cain to become the first CPW Tag Champs

and Ali Stevens beat Cameron Cage by KO to become the first CPW Heavyweight Champ


Adrenaline Rush Wrestling action from Saturday night

Devon Fury def. Dave Allen by DQ

Kimberly Kash def. Dyamond

Zain Ramsey & Brian Nelson def. Gunz & Michael Nubsworth

Jay Jensen def. Ace Martino

Rex Hart def. Jacknife

Buff Kahlua def. Kenny Couragous

and Machine, Kenny Kage & Seth McGavin def. Cyanide and the Street Punks

Results from Thanksgiving night’s XCW Midwest action in New Albany thanks to Big Lee

Cody Hawk pinned The Prophet

2 Tuff Tony defeated Chris Michaels

JC Ice defeated Todd Morton by disqualification

BJ Whitmer defeated Bull Pain by reverse disqualification

and in the MAIN EVENT: TAG TEAM ELEMINATION: THE WINNER GETS FINAL SPOT IN XCW MID-WEST HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE TOURNAMENT ON DECEMBER 11TH: Mitch Ryder, The Phophet, and 2 Tuff Tony defeated Todd Morton, Cody Hawk, and Chris Michaels
with The Prophet being the SURVIVOR


Don’t forget, if you would like to leave me a wrestling question or comment, you can do so after the tone at the end of this report or you can drop me an e-mail at [email protected]. Also check out my MySpace page at www.theweekendwarrior.tk

So until next time, this is the weekend warrior Randy Klemme, get out and support independent professional wrestling