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It’s Sunday and welcome to your Independent Wrestling News update on the Indy Wrestle Line, I am the weekend warrior Randy Klemme.

Well as we do every Sunday, let’s send out a couple of quick birthday shoutouts…Top Rope Troy Miller celebrates a birthday on Tuesday this week…and also WWE Referee Jack Doan celebrates on Tuesday. A big Happy Birthday to both of those gentlemen….

Coming up today in Indy Pro Wrestling….There is a big memorial fundraiser show in South Bend, Indiana to benefit the family of Nick Polizzotto. The music starts at around 1:30 at Chet Wagoner Field, 3301 Riverside Dr, in South Bend. Wrestling will follow. There are a lot of indy stars on the show this afternoon including Alex Shelley, Shark Boy Chris Sabin, Josh Abercrombie and Jimmy Jacobs. Proceeds of the event will go to Nick’s family….Adult tickets are $10 Children 6-12 $5.…

Also Live Action Wrestling will be having a show this afternoon at the Slovenian Society Center, in Euclid, OH. Belltime there is 3pm. Ricky Morton, Tracy Smothers, Zach Gowen and M-Dog 20 Matt Cross are all on that card.

The biggest indy news today…Drake Younger won the Tournament of Death at the CZW show in Smyrna, Deleware yesterday….Younger defeated Brain Damage in an Ultraviolent Divide & Conquer, 200 Lighttube Deathmatch. Apparently the object of the match was to leave the ring, get through a band of lumberjacks to the ring truck. Get the trophy and take it back to the ring through the lumberjacks to be announced as the winner. From the accounts of the show, Drake suffered a severe chest wound in the match.

In the other matches during the show….
Andy Sumner & Drew Gulak won over CZW World Tag Team Champions Ruckus & Sabian (with Chrissy Rivera) in a non-title match.

Danny Havoc pinned Jr. Heavyweight Champion Vortekz in a non-title match with a Death Valley Drive off the ladder through a log cabin in a Light Tubes, Ladders, & Log Cabin Match

Insane Lane defeated Freakshow by submission with a modified Crossface using a tack bat in a Home Run Derby Match

DJ Hyde (with Maven Bentley) pinned Mad Man Pondo after delivering the Shadow Driver to Pondo through a third panel of glass in a Shattered Dreams Match

UVU Champion Brain Damage (with Maven Bentley) pinned Iron Man Champion Toby Klein (with Billy Graham) in a Fans Bring the Weapons and Barbed Wire Boards match

Drake Younger pinned Dustin Lee after delivering the Drake’s Landing “vertaebreaker” through a table that had been propped up in the corner in a Tables, Light Tubes, and Chairs match

In a No Ropes, Barbed Wire Match Necro Butcher pinned Zandig

In a weed whacker elimination match Drake Younger defeated Danny Havoc and DJ Hyde

In a Fans Bring the Weapons and Whatever’s Left Brain Damage defeated Insane Lane and Necro Butcher

CJ O’Doyle pinned Greg Excellent

And Ryan McBride defeated Andrew Steel and Christian Hane in a three-way….


It was a big night at the EWF in Marion, Indiana as they crowned new tag team champions…

Gregory Iron beat Matt Justice

Dark Lion beat Buddy Stevens

Metal Master beat Sami Callihan

Big Ric Cannon beat Jordan Ice

Wildman Rogers w/ General Lee beat Frank Stein

Cupid Valentino & Andy Santos beat EWF Tag Team Champions Locked N’ Loaded to win the titles

And in the main event EWF Heavyweight Champion Osyris beat Brandon Day

This coming week, EWF will have two big events. EWF will be at the “3rd Friday” Celebration in Downtown Marion at 7 PM bell time. The event will take place on Washington Street between 28th & 32nd street in Marion, IN. The event is absolutely FREE… Then, next Saturday, they will be back at the EWF Arena on 3400 S. Adams St in Marion, IN with a 7 PM Bell Time. Tickets are $8 and are available at the door or online. For more information you can always visit them online at ewfarena.com.

In Richmond, Kentucky Friday night it was a big night of action with Mountain Wrestling Association….

MWA Kentucky Title Match–(Champion) “Mr. Extreme” Tommy Gunn
had a Time Limit Draw with Chad “Machine Gun” Allegra

“Hosscat” Big Henry and The Patriot won by pin over “Iron Fitness” (“Ironman” Cody Mathews and “Mr. Physical” Mike Strong)

MWA Tag Team Title Match–(Challengers) “Steele Smooth” (“Big” Al Steele and Chucky Smooth) WON the MWA Tag Team Title from “Done Deal” (Dick Dalton and Kasey Kaos) (Chucky Smooth pinned Dick Dalton)

3-Way Dance–“Driller” Eddie Browning defeated “Playboy” Scott Hayes and Ryan Stone

Samoa Joe AND “Wildcat” Chris Harris won by DQ over (MWA Heavyweight Champion) “Honest Donnie Green and Larry D.

Izzy Fareal, Kelly Charles and Chad Allegra won by pin over
“The Fat-N’-The Furious” (Jack Black and Vito Andretti) and Stewie Backlund (Izzy pinned Stewie Backlund)

Friday night’s Gen-X Wrestling action at the Carl D. Perkins Center in Morehead, Kentucky–

NWA National Title Match–(Champion) Chance Prophet won by pin over “The Driller” Eddie Browning.

Izzy Fareal won by pin over Lincoln Walker

Gen-X Tag Team Title Match–(Champions) “The Wrecking Crew” Kelly Charles and Shayne Parker won by pin over “Florida’s Own” Gator and Hurricane(Kelly Charles pinned Gator)

Gen-X Heavyweight Title Match–The Prophet with Miss Jesse Bell won by DQ over(Gen-X Champion) Vic The Bruiser

Gen-X Breaker Title Match–(Champion) Jay-Ten Lyons won by pin over (Challenger) K-Lo

Gen-X Wrestling is back in action next Saturday at the Estill County Fair Barn in Irvine, Kentucky with an 8pm Belltime…

Don’t forget, if you would like to get in touch with me in regards to questions or comments you can find me on myspace at myspace.com/rklemme or you can e-mail me at [email protected]

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So until next time this is the weekend warrior Randy Klemme….have a great week!