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Indy Wrestle Line–7/17 Report by Randy Klemme
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Hello everyone and welcome to the Indy Wrestle Line Independent report, I am the weekend warrior Randy Klemme
Well the toxicology reports are in and there was Steroids, testosterone, and Xanax in the body of Chris Benoit. Drugs were also found in his wife Nancy and son Daniel. Those findings will probably close the case, HOWEVER I still hold onto the fact that I personally believe Chris Benoit didn’t kill his family and there was an outside party involved. I will continue to hold onto that thought UNTIL I am proven wrong…

A quick clarification on Classic Championship Wrestling in Louisville. They DID lose their lease on their building in the Portland area of Louisville however they will be running shows the next two Saturdays and also next Tuesday in that building on Northwestern Parkway. They have NOT closed down and are looking for a new building.

A follow-up on this past weekends Hall of Fame Awards banquet in New Albany, I understand their were 6 wrestlers and 10 fans that showed up for the event. While I still say an Indiana Independent Wrestling Hall of Fame is a GREAT idea….this didn’t come off too well due to poor publicity and the makeup of the event.

Jim in Maryland called and asked if Bo Bo Brazil, Jr and Sabu ever wrestled each other similar to the big feuds that Bo Bo Brazil and the Sheik had many years ago. Jim, I remember those feuds that stretched from Cobo Hall in Detroit to the Kiel in St Louis and the Chicago Stadium…..BUT I don’t think that Bo Jr and Sabu have worked against one another. Maybe someone can shed some more light on that subject. Keep in mind that Bo Jr is NOT a blood relative of Bo Bo Brazil.

Now let’s get to some more results from this past weekend….

USWF action from McKinney, Kentucky on Saturday night

“The Black Redneck” Kliff Hanger and Joey Knight won by pin over Matt Sharp and Kevin Grace

Lincoln Walker pinned The Dream Weaver

Country Cuzzin’ Jed and Flapjack won by pin over The Fat -N- Furious

The Masked Superstar and The Zodiac won the USWF Tag Team Titles by pin over

Rated-X and Dustin P.

And “Smooth” Johnny Spade won by DQ over USWF Champion “The Big Dawg” Cujo

AAW action from Berwyn, Illinois Saturday night

Derek St. Holmes d. Tony Rican via submission

American History Next (Steve Stone & Brandon Blaze) d. Kris Hybrid and Bonebreaker Brooks

Krotch won the 20 man battle royal

Charlie Manson Jr d. Tyme Paige and Samuray Del Sol in a three way dance

Marek Brave d. Mason Graves

Northstar Express and Arik Canon w/ Jimmy Jacobs d. Dan Lawrence, Ryan Boz, and Shane Holister

Eric Priest d. Joey Mercury to retain the AAW Heritage Title

The Phoenix Twins d. Absolute Answer

Silas Young d. Zach Gowen

Jerry Lynn d. Krotch to retain the AAW Heavyweight title

Christian York d. Truth Martini

and JJ Inc- Tyler Black/Chandler McClure d. Danny Daniels/Jayson Reign in a Berwyn Street Fight.


Don’t forget if you would like to get in touch with me in regards to wrestling questions or comments you can find me on myspace at myspace.com/rklemme or you can e-mail me at [email protected] or better yet leave them after the tone at the end of this report on the Indy Wrestle Line on option #2…
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So until next time this is the weekend warrior Randy Klemme….have a great day!