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Indy Wrestle Line–7/8 Report by Randy Klemme
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Hello everyone and welcome to the Indy Wrestle Line Independent report for a Sunday, I am the weekend warrior Randy Klemme

Apparently there is some heat going on between two indy organizations in northwest Indiana, which has now caused a familiar local indy wrestler to pull out of a tournament.

“Pure Dynamite” Billy Roc has cancelled his appearance in the August 3rd Fight Sports Midwest tournament where he was scheduled to take on Bryan Danielson. From some of the accounts Billy has said that he was told that if he appeared on the FSM show he would not be allowed to compete in the IWA MidSouth TPI tournament coming up later this year. Roc cancellation is apparently due to some heat between IWA MidSouth and Fight Sports Midwest over a mutual building being used in Midlothian, Illinois. Ian Rotten has since claimed in a post on his website that FSM uses many of the talent that IWA MidSouth has “founded and developed“? The question is, is Ian saying that he FOUND Billy Roc? What happened to being trained by Dory Funk, at WCWO and the many other trainers he has had over the past several years. It sounds like Ian is trying to put Billy in the middle of the situation and not trying to look like the bad guy in the whole situation. One thing Ian is right about and that is a “gentleman’s” agreement in wrestling to not run a building someone is already running WITHOUT calling the original group first. Ian of all people should know there is no respect anymore when it comes to promoters and buildings. I know that first hand from trying to run shows in my hometown. HOPEFULLY IWA MidSouth and Fight Sports Midwest can work things out in the end. What are your thoughts on the whole situation. Should Indy wrestlers have the right to work where they want WITHOUT being threatened to be pulled off of shows? Should indy organizations have exclusive contracts and pay their wrestlers properly for not working other shows? I am interested in hearing your thoughts…just leave them after the tone at the end of this report….
It is really sad to see the name of my friend Johnny Grunge being brought up and also raked through the mud along with the Benoit investigation. Those close to him knew what was going on in his personal life and he was trying to clean himself up. Johnny even talked to a minister at one of the fair booths when he appeared with RWF in Cayuga, Indiana in 2005. The minister gave him a small bible and Johnny took it back with him to the locker room, looked at it and then put it in his bag. Now he is bring drug into the Benoit investigation because of his connection with Dr Astin as authorities are now saying that Grunge introduced Benoit to the Doctor. I am sure Johnny’s name will not be the only name brought out in the investigation. Soon we will be hearing the names of Eddy Guerrero, Curt Hennig and I am sure many others that had ties to Dr Astin. I am just afraid this whole thing is FAR from over.

On My MySpace page I was sent a real nice video that I have posted about many of our fallen wrestlers over the last several years. It is a rough, put together piece and I am not sure who the creator was, but it is interesting to watch. It is on my MySpace page at myspace.com/rklemme .

I had a caller asking about an update on Shawn Cook. I have not yet had a chance to talk to him personally yet, but would like to soon. From what I have been told, Shawn is doing well and is progressing with life. From what I hear, September is the earliest goal for a return to wrestling. When I talk to him more I will pass it along.

Thanks to Jim in Western Maryland for calling and letting us know about a friend of his who appeared on Smackdown this week. His friend is Drew Hankinson and appeared as Festus. Drew and his tag partner Ray Gordy have been working as the Dalton’s in OVW and are ready to head up to Smackdown. People might remember Drew Hankinson as the “other” Kane a couple of years ago. Thanks again to Jim and great to hear from you…

As for our weekly birthday shout outs….Underground Championship Wrestling Star Hardcore Harry celebrates a birthday on Monday….along with women’s Indy Star Liz Savage and indy wrestler Wildman Rogers celebrates a birthday on Thursday ofd this week. So a big happy birthday to those three people….

Still getting some calls in regards to Derby City Wrestling in the Louisville area….Derby City Wrestling can be seen Saturday nights on WYCS Channel 24 starting at 10pm in Louisville. DCW can also be found on the Lounet. Derby City Wrestling has TV tapings every Thursday night at the Davis Arena, starting at 7:30pm.

Speaking of the Louisville area, if anyone knows about a “Hall of Fame” show coming next weekend to the new Albany area, please leave any info after this report….

Well it is now results time!!!

In Marion, EWF action at the EWF Arena

Dark Lion beat Snake

Camron Star beat EWF Ladies Champion Destinee Blade to win the title

Wildman Rogers beat Cupid Valentino

Bob defeated Andrew Troyae

Just Justin beat Jake Omen

and it was EWF Midwestern Champion Nate Pheonix over Justin Dean w/ Justin Tyme

The next EWF show is next Saturday with a 7:30 belltime at the EWF Arena

EWF announced Saturday night that at their big show on Saturday, August 18th, not only will former WWE Superstar RIKISHI will be making his EWF debut, but they have also now signed TNA Star Traci Brooks to appear on the same show


At the Fountain Square Salvation Army in Indianapolis, Insanity Pro Wrestling was in action

The Mavericks beat Thunder Dragons

Botch won over PT Hussla

Osyris defeated Ryan Rich

Faith In Nothing (Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing) beat Hex Gage & Dave Davidson

Diehard was victorious over Jake Crist, Louis Linaris, & Dustin Rayz in a 4 way

Jon Moxley beat IPW Mid-American Champion Billy Roc to win the title

Scotty Vortekz defeated IPW Jr Heavyweight Champion Dave Crist to win the title

and it was Grand Champion Carlton Kaz over Indiana Kidd

It was announdced for the Saturday August 4th show, IPW will have former Ring of Honor World Champion Bryan Danielson and the Kings of Wrestling, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli on the card in Indianapolis


Northern Wrestling Federation action from Saturday at the Community Center in Buford, Ohio

The Hippies defeated The Zodiacs.

Muldoon defeated Stewie Backlund

NWF Tag Team Champions The Thugs defeated Christopher Michael Lotus & Horatio Sanchez.

Tri-State Champion Ice defeated The Genuine Superstar Anthony Bryant.

And it was The Crybaby & Benjamin Kimera wrestled Freaks & Geeks to a No Contest.

On Friday, NWF action was at BoneKrusher’s in Cincinnati…

Stewie Backlund defeated T-Money.

Clutch McAllister defeated Nasty Russ by DQ
NWF Tri-State Champion Ice defeated The Warlock.

Roger Ruffen & Muldoon defeated Freaks & Geeks
Benjamin Kimera & The Crybaby wrestled The Hippies to a No Contest
The Zodiacs defeated Tiny Tim & Danny “Monte” Montgomery.

And Unified Champion Christopher Michael Lotus defeated The Genuine Superstar Anthony Bryant in a No DQ match

NWF is back in action next Friday, July 13th at the Clinton County Fairgrounds in Wilmington, Ohio and on Saturday the 14th at the UAW Hall in Fairfield, Ohio. Both shows have an 8pm belltime…

Thanks to Big Lee, we have results from Coliseum Championship Wrestling this past Wednesday at the Freedom Festival in Evansville…..

Death Psi defeated Dr. Blue

“CCW Lightweight Champion” JP Lightning pinned Double R in a non-title match

“The Killa” Billy Hardaway defeated Tommy Danger

and it was “Simply Marvelous” Mitch Ryder and “The Texas Hangman” Lonestar defeating Pothead Just John and KC Blade


Also want to mention that Bad to the Bone Wrestling will be in action this week. On Monday and Tuesday nights this week they will be at the Hardin County Fair in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Belltimes both nights are at 8pm
Don’t forget if you would like to get in touch with me in regards to wrestling questions or comments you can find me on myspace at myspace.com/rklemme or you can e-mail me at [email protected] or better yet leave them after the tone at the end of this report on the Indy Wrestle Line on option #2…

So until next time this is the weekend warrior Randy Klemme….have a great day!