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Indy Wrestle Line 8/26 Independent Report
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Hello everyone and welcome to your Indy Wrestle Line Independent report I am the Weekend Warrior Randy Klemme.

Hopefully you had a chance to get out and enjoy an independent wrestling show in your area this weekend as there were quite a few around this weekend. We’ll be getting to the results in a couple of minutes

But first a quick note on my thoughts on CNN and Nancy Grace. I was in the radio news business for 20 years and it all boils down to ratings. Nancy Grace has turned basically into some tabloid television. Ratings are great for pro wrestling so why not exploit it and get all of the wrestling fans to watch….it is plain and simple ratings in TV means commercial revenue for the network. Glen Beck has gotten as bad but not as bad as Nancy Grace dragging Marc Mero on every show she can and her band of doctors talking steroids, painkillers and all of the dead wrestlers under the age of 40. Nancy please drop it and move on to Lindsay Lohan again or something else. We know about the deaths….we mourn the deaths and don’t need your help. Russ Ray I believe is going to talk about this subject in his segment this week on the hotline and I look forward to his spin on it…

Thanks to our Bowling Green, Kentucky caller for checking in and I look forward to hearing more about those shows….

A special birthday shoutout this weekend goes out to RUSS RAY who will be celebrating a birthday on Thursday this week…Happy Birthday RUSS!

There is one show today that I did want to mention….IPW-that’s International Pro Wrestling will have a show Sunday with a 4pm belltime at the Waterbowl in Muncie, Indiana. This is a benefit for the Open Door Homeless Shelter in Muncie. Again today’s belltime is at 4pm…

Now to the results

Independent Championship Wrestling was in action Saturday night in Oolitic, Indiana and here are the results thanks to Referee Ollie..

Ben Baker defeated Sigman

DeCap defeated The Rock n Roll Rebel

Kenny Taylor won over Blake Reed by submission

Survivor defeated Copperhead

Synn & Nightmare defeated Cosmo Chaos & Drew Miller

and it was General Lee Stone winning over Venom in the main event


Top Notch Wrestling was in action Saturday night in Fortville, Indiana

Gary Cherry pinned Xavior Xross

Brian Klass & Joe Dirt defeated Kenneth James & Big John Hurtz

Louis Linaris defeated Willie Looseagain to become the NEW TNW Cruiserweight Champion

T.J. Kemp defeated Charles

Camron Star defeated Oolah with special guest referee Whipme Spears in a TNW Ladies Championship/Hair vs. Hair match to retain the title, and to cut Oolah’s pony tail off.

Rob Kincaid & Skip Radison defeated Tommy Gage & Marc Houston

and WAR defeated TNW Midwest Champion T.J. Powers via DQ when J.T. Brannam thru powder in WAR’s eyes.


EWF was in action at the EWF Arena in Marion, Indiana Saturday night

Dark Lion beat Russ Jones

Damian Michaels beat Matt Cavins

EWF Midwestern Champion Nate Phoenix beat Adam Bueller

Craig Poling beat Wildman Rogers

EWF Heavyweight Champion Big Ric Cannon beat “Spider Man” by submission

and EWF New Era Champion Just Justin defeated Mr. Main Event


Northern Wrestling Federation was in Buford, Ohio Saturday night…

The Hippies defeated T-Money & The Genuine Superstar Anthony Bryant.

Muldoon defeated The Zodiacs in a handicap match.

Unified Champion Christopher Michael Lotus defeated Jarred West.

Jon Moxley pinned The American Eagle.

Aaron Williams defeated Nasty Russ.

Tiny Tim defeated The Crybaby.

Stewie Backlund defeated NWF Champion Ryan Stone by DQ

and Tri-State Champion Ice overcame the odds and survived the Gauntlet Style Battle Royal to retain his Tri-State title, last eliminating Jon Moxley and Anthony Bryant for the win.


Friday night the NWF was at BoneKrusher’s in Cincinnati

The Protected Ones (Roger Ruffen & Ryan Stone) defeated Freaks & Geeks (Austin Meddler & Dr. Melvin Winkleman).

Muldoon easily pinned The Warlock.

The Zodiacs defeated “Honest” Brett Michaels & Danny “Monte” Montgomery.

Jesse Hyde defeated Jon Moxley by DQ

Tiny Tim & Stewie Backlund defeated The Crybaby & Benjamin Kimera

Nasty Russ defeated Aaron Williams

and it was Ice & Pompano Joe winning a Triple Threat Tag match over Christopher Michael Lotus & Clutch McAllister and The Genuine Superstar Anthony Bryant & T-Money.
All American Pro Wrestling was in Herrin, Illinois Saturday night

Edmund McGuire rolled up Brandon Walker

Isaan Hadeev won over JT Calhoun

George “The Animal” Jr. defeated Cannonball

Mike Masters defeated Carnage

Steven Davis beat Shane Rich.

The Headliners defeated Chris Michaels and Shawn Shultz and The Phoenix Twins in a 3-way to win the AAPW tag team championships

and in the main event, Jake “The Snake” Roberts DDT’d Paul Rose for the win


Mountain Wrestling Association results from Friday night in Richmond, Kentucky thanks to Dale Bass

Tuffy defeated “Lone Wolf” Bobby Blade and Kasey Kaos

The Patriot won by pin over The Samurai Warrior

MWA Tag Team Champions Cody Mathews and “Mean” Mike Strong won by Referee Reversing the Decision over “Big” Al Steele and Chucky Smooth

MWA Heavyweight Champion Donnie Green won by pin over Kelly Charles

and it was Scott Hayes, Colt Steele and Izzy 4Real winning by pin over Tommy Gunn, Eddie Browning and Larry D


Monday we will have more weekend results so stay tuned…

Don’t forget, if you would like to leave me a wrestling question or comment, you can do so after the tone at the end of this report or you can drop me an e-mail at [email protected]. Also check out my MySpace page at www.theweekendwarrior.tk

So until next time, this is the weekend warrior Randy Klemme, get out and support independent professional wrestling