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Hello everyone and welcome to your Indy Wrestle Line Independent report I am the Weekend Warrior Randy Klemme.

We continue to get results in from this past weekend….

On Saturday, Hoosier Pro Wrestling was at the Bartholemew County 4-H Fairgrounds in Columbus, Indiana in front of 229 fans…

Bad Boy Bobby Black pinned Pit Bull Rodney

Big Jon Wall pinned Dave Bain

Syndrome & Fuji Brown NC Diceman hit the ring and destroyed both of them

Troy Van Zant battled brother Tom Van Zant to a Double DQ

Donnie Idol pinned Mr. Big

Amber Monroe pinned She Nay Nay in a Loser Leaves Town Match

Ox Harley & Cousin Cooter beat the Soul Shooters to become the new HPW Tag Champions

and Diceman Ronnie Vegas pinned Pastor Pain

HPW Returns to the HPW Arena September 1st


Total All Star Wrestling was in Scottsburg Saturday at the National Guard Armory

Spider Murphy won by pin over Guido Andretti

“The Bad Boys” (East Side Brawler & Enforcer) won by pin over TAW Hardcore Champion Slugger Robert

Steve Marino and Kamala, Jr. wrestled to a Double Count Out

NWA Tennessee Champion Vic The Bruiser won by DQ over Randy Royal

TAW United States Champion Kliff Hanger won by Referee Reversing Decision over K-Lo

and Chet Robbins defeated Steve Robinson by submission in a wrestler vs boxer match

TAW returns to Scottsburg on Saturday, September 8th.


Mountain Wrestling Association from this past Saturday in Mt Sterling, Kentucky

Tuffy defeated Kasey Kaos

Chris Hayes defeated Eddie Browning

Cody Mathews, Mike Strong, Kasey Kaos and Maxx Sledd defeated Bobby Blade, “Big” Al Steele, Chucky Smooth and Kelly Charles

and it was “Dirty” Chris Hayes and Rob Valor defeating Larry D. and Eddie Browning


United States Wrestling Federation from Saturday night in McKinney, Kentucky

Country Cuzzin’ Jed and The Dream Weaver was stopped by the referee

Joey Knight won by pin over Lincoln Walker

USWF Tag Team Champions The Masked Superstar and The Zodiac won by pin over Dustin P. and The Scorpio

Vito Andretti won by pin over Damian Adams

Mason Raige won by DQ over Jack Black

and Rated-X, “Smooth” Johnny Spade and Miss Holly Wood won by pin over USWF National Champion Cujo, “Maniac” Michael Payne and “The Criminal” Felony Foxx

The next USWF Show is Saturday, September 8th, at the Old McKinney Gym in McKinney, Kentucky


Applachian Wrestling Federation was in Williamsburg, Kentucky on Friday

Jamie Baker defeated David Runyon

Gorgeous JC defeated Johnny Jordan

Billy Maverick defeated Tiny Tim

Allen and Wes Lynch defeated Scotty Ray and Justin Grunge

and AWF Heavyweight Champion Shawn Christopher defeated Ricky Morton


Appalachian Wrestling Federation action from last Thursday in Frenchburg, Kentucky

Gorgeous JC defeated The Black Demon and Bubba E. Lee

Tiny Tim defeated Joey Bravo

Allen and Wes Lynch took on Scotty Ray and Justin Grunge and ended in a Double Count Out

The Zodiac defeated Christopher Michael Lotus

Jamie Baker defeated Tracy Smothers

AWF Heavyweight Champion Shawn Christopher defeated Ro-Z by DQ


Mountain Wrestling Association from Hopkinsville, Kentucky last Wednesday

MWA Kentucky Champion Tommy Gunn defeated Eddie Browning

Bobby Blade defeated Cody Mathews

Kelly Charles defeated Larry D.

MWA Heavyweight Champion Donnie Green defeated The Patriot

and it was Bobby Blade, Kelly Charles and Eddie Browning defeating Cody Mathews, Tommy Gunn and Larry D.


Don’t forget, if you would like to leave me a wrestling question or comment, you can do so after the tone at the end of this report or you can drop me an e-mail at [email protected]. Also check out my MySpace page at www.theweekendwarrior.tk

So until next time, this is the weekend warrior Randy Klemme, get out and support independent professional wrestling