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History of the Casket Match

casketThe Casket Match was a match type used in the WWE, introduced by The Undertaker. The object of the match is to completely conceal an opponent inside a casket. [Courtesy of prowrestling.wikia.com]

Date Event Winner Loser
1980 Houston Wrestling Dusty Rhodes Ivan Koloff
11/24/1992 Survivor Series The Undertaker Kamala
01/22/1994 Royal Rumble Yokozuna The Undertaker
11/23/1994 Survivor Series The Undertaker Yokozuna
07/23/1995 In Your House 2 The Undertaker Kama
08/27/1995 SummerSlam The Undertaker Kama
12/17/1995 In Your House 5 The Undertaker Mabel
05/26/1996 In Your House 8 Goldust The Undertaker
03/16/1997 Madison Square Garden Vader The Undertaker
01/18/1998 Royal Rumble Shawn Michaels The Undertaker
10/19/1998 RAW The Undertaker Kane
05/17/1999 RAW The Undertaker The Rock
09/23/1999 SmackDown Mideon & Viscera Triple H
10/28/2002 RAW Kane Triple H
09/17/2003 NWA:TNA D-Lo Brown Sonny Siaki
01/30/2005 Royal Rumble The Undertaker John Heidenreich
10/09/2005 No Mercy The Ortons The Undertaker
04/02/2006 WrestleMania 22 The Undertaker Mark Henry
03/10/2008 RAW The Undertaker Mark Henry
10/31/2008 SmackDown The Undertaker Chavo Guerrero
11/23/2008 Survivor Series The Undertaker The Big Show

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