FIP Dangerous Intentions 2008

*** FIP DVD Reviews by Brad Dykens ***
April 26, 2008 – Crystal River, Florida

DVD KICKOFF: The DVD started with highlights from the 3/29 (Super Card of Honor III) Ring of Honor show where Roderick Strong got into a huge brawl with Erick Stevens, and with the help of No Remorse Corps members, Davey Richards and Rocky Romero, managed to shave the Mo-hawk off of Erick Stevens’ head!

Chasyn “Not Cocky” Rance vs. Jigsaw: Chasyn Rance strutted out to the ring with a sweet piece of eye-candy on his arm, looking confident in his abilities. Jigsaw recently lost a bit of his “coolness,” since voluntarily unmasking a few months ago. Jigsaw fought hard and picked up a rare singles victory, but the YRR hit the ring for a post match beat-down. Jay Briscoe hit the ring in an attempt to help Jigsaw, but the YRR started to take him down too. Austin Aries then showed up and the YRR quickly retreated as the odds suddenly became closer to even. Aries formed an alliance with Briscoe and challenged the YRR to an FIP World Tag Team title match later tonight! It should also be noted that Dave Prazak was absent on commentary, so different people joined Lenny Leonard throughout the night. Erick Stevens joined in on commentary for this match and talked about his feud with Roderick Strong.

Rex Starling (w/Heartbreak Enterprises & Baby Doll) vs. Chris Jones: The Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil Davis) came out from behind the curtain with their jobber-turned-star clients of Rex Starling and Damien Wayne. Superstar Sean is the obvious mouthpiece of this faction, while Fabulous Phil is the tough enforcer. Sean said his boys showed what they could do in tag team competition last month, so tonight they will show what they can do in singles matches. Sean Davis said he had a surprise, a legend in professional wrestling, and brought out the “perfect 10” – Baby Doll!! I expected Baby Doll to come out in an elegant evening gown or something, but instead she came out in a red FIP t-shirt and blue jeans. And the gimmick dies. Still it’s nice to see Baby Doll looking so good and smiling. Tyler Black joined Lenny Leonard on commentary for the match and complained about the YRR. Heartbreak Enterprise is going to be one of those heel factions that wins all of their matches by cheating with no exceptions. They will cheat to win for six months and then get beated by the top babyface team in the Cage of Pain. Rex Starling picked up a victory after some interference and distraction from the entourage at ringside.

Damien Wayne (w/Heartbreak Enterprises & Baby Doll) vs. Seth Delay: Tyler Black stuck around on commentary for this match too, and made numerous references to the Age of the Fall. He also bragged about being 21 and not knowing anything about Baby Doll. After some predictable outside interference, Damien Wayne picked up the victory and got a hug from – oh so irresistible – Baby Doll!

FIP World Heavyweight champion Roderick Strong: Roderick Strong talked about the friendship he had with Erick Stevens that started seven years ago. Roderick professed his love for the FIP championship belt, and said he always told Erick Stevens not to make him choose between their friendship and the FIP belt. Roderick said he took Stevens’ Mo-hawk to take his pride, because that is what Stevens did when he took the FIP title away from him. Roderick said everything that he has done to Stevens won’t compare to what he’s going to do tonight. Roderick finished by saying “in the end, only the strong survive.”

Sal Rinauro vs. Delirious: Believe it or not, Sal Rinauro came out by himself instead of bringing backup in the form of the YRR like he usually does. Delirious is back in his green and black gear doing the lizard-man gimmick that has slightly faded from the ROH realm. Superstar Sean Davis of Heartbreak Enterprises joined Lenny Leonard on commentary for the rest of the night. Rinauro didn’t appreciate the heckling from the fans, and threatened to throw the Florida Heritage title in the river and leave Florida forever! Rinauro also said he would use either the FIP belt or the mask of Delirious as toilet paper by the end of the night. Eventually the YRR showed up to assist their stable-mate, as he was having a hard time with dealing with his unorthodox opponent. Delirious locked in the Cobra-stretch and had the match won, but three members of the YRR got involved and before you could say “spoiled rotten,” Sal Rinauro had kicked Delirious in the head and scored the 1-2-3 to retain the Florida Heritage title!

Black Market (Joey Machete & Shawn Murphy) vs. The Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis & Jon Davis): Black Market came out to the FIP mobile studio to cut a promo on the Dark City Fight Club, and also made it clear that they weren’t finished with the Heartbreak Express either. The issue between Black Market and the Fight Club started when Chavis & Davis showed up at FIP events wearing masks and attacked Murphy & Machete. The Fight Club attacked Black Market from behind and the match – I mean, FIGHT – began! Sean Davis stayed on commentary and took every opportunity to insult and degrade the Black Market. There was no referee, so I guess it wasn’t an official match. Chavis & Davis doused Joey Machete with gasoline and threatened to set him on fire, but a bunch of babyface wrestlers hit the ring to save Machete’s life!

Tyler Black vs. Davey Richards: Davey Richards hit the ring to the tune of “Running with the Devil” and was immediately heckled by a fan who not-so-politely asked Richards to “get off the roids!” It’s really funny that the Age of the Fall are babyface in Full Impact Pro when they are such major heels in Ring of Honor. Tyler Black seems to be carrying the banner for the Age of the Fall by himself, and the heat magnet Jimmy Jacobs is nowhere to be found. The announcers compared Tyler Black to C.M. Punk – big shoes to fill! Davey Richards is one of those wrestlers that always wrestles a great match, but can never seem to any of the important matches. Tyler Black has a feud brewing with the YRR, after he unceremoniously ripped Rain and Lacey from the YRR back into the AOTF where they belong. After the match, the YRR hit the ring and put the boots to Black until Austin Aries and Jay Briscoe hit the ring to fight the YRR. How unusual that they would help Tyler Black, considering the Briscoes and Aries have been feuding with the Age of the Fall in Ring of Honor. The all-out brawl morphed into the scheduled tag team match without missing a beat.

The YRR (Kenny King & Jason Blade w/Chasyn Rance) vs. Jay Briscoe & Austin Aries: They explained that Mark Briscoe was out of action after being stabbed by Jimmy Jacobs during an ROH angle. Aries & Briscoe looked like they were on their way to winning the FIP Tag Team titles, but the YRR hung in there and miraculously escaped with their championships in tact. The YRR managed to out-smart their opponents, but did not directly cheat to win like they usually do.

Tyler Black of the Age of the Fall: Tyler Black came out to address the YRR attacking him after his match and challenged the YRR to face him and Jimmy Jacobs at the next Full Impact Pro event in Crystal River.

Roderick Strong vs. Erick Stevens: Erick Stevens came out with his new haircut that makes him look 95% less interesting than he did when he had the Mo-hawk. Stevens immediately attacked FIP World champion Roderick Strong before either man could be introduced to the fans. These guys had an amazing match at Redefined, and now they were taking it up a notch with an even more violent stipulation. I could only imagine how ruthless Strong could be in the confines of a Last Man Standing match, but Stevens has the intensity to give the champion the fight of his life. The fight started on the floor, crawled over to the merchandise table, and eventually landed at the concession stand. Finally they made their way towards the ring, where Strong picked up a guard rail and threw it at Stevens – that is one weapon that is hard to defend! They slipped into the ring, and Erick Stevens mounted a brief comeback. A few minutes later, Strong set up a pattern of folding chairs at ringside and used a Half-nelson Back-breaker off the ring apron to destroy Erick Stevens, who somehow managed to get up before the ten-count and continue the match! He should have been DEAD! Stevens got a burst of energy and hit his trademark finishing sequence, but Strong made it to his feet before the ten-count. Announcer Sean Davis put the match over as the greatest thing he’s ever seen in professional wrestling. Strong hit a Superplex off the top rope, followed by a Gut-buster, Yakuza-kick, and a Gibson-driver. Stevens beat the ten-count, but was knocked down once more with another Running Yakuza-kick. Stevens got up, only to be taken down by a third Running Yakuza kick. Stevens refused to stay down, and received a fourth vicious Yakuza-kick to the head! Insanity began to set in. A fifth Yakuza kick seemed to energize Stevens. Strong put a chair against Stevens’ face and delivered one final Yakuza kick to the chair, finally knocking the challenger down for the ten-count and allowing Roderick Strong to leave with his FIP World Heavyweight championship!

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