FIP – Heatstroke 2008 (DVD Review)

*** FIP DVD Reviews by Brad Dykens ***
Date: August 23, 2008 – Crystal River, Florida

Heartbreak Enterprises (Sean Davis & Phil Davis & Baby Doll & Damien Wayne & Rex Sterling): Heartbreak Enterprises came out to the interview area with “The Perfect 10” Baby Doll and Superstar Sean screamed “SHOW SOME RESPECT!” Sean was three times more loud and obnoxious than usual, and that’s pretty bad considering he has always been extremely loud and obnoxious. Sean began screaming about his desire for World domination, then pulled out a Japanese flag and proclaimed that Japan was the greatest country in the world! Sean predicted that Go Shiozaki would win the FIP World title tonight and Damien Wayne & Rex Sterling would soon be the FIP Tag Team champions. Sean proclaimed that tonight would be HIS NIGHT!

Damien Wayne & Rex Sterling w/Heartbreak Enterprises & Baby Doll vs. The British Lions (Tommy Taylor & Chris Gray): The British Lions were fresh off a stint in the WWE developmental program, where they were never given a chance to appear on WWE television before their recent releases set them free. This is their debut with FIP and I would consider it a major travesty if they lost to a couple of jobbers like Wayne & Sterling, but I was very afraid because they were getting pushed in the Heartbreak Enterprises storyline. My fears were realized when Sean Davis distracted the referee allowing Phil Davis to jump in and knock Chris Gray out cold with a set of brass knux! Sean held Tommy Taylor’s leg while the referee counted 1-2-3 giving the victory to the jobbers! Now that the Lions have paid their dues, they can become a serious member of the FIP tag team division.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Lorelei Lee: The physically fit Lorelei Lee has slightly toned down her Country Girl gimmick. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; Mercedes Martinez is one of the top five female wrestlers in North America. I would have considered it an insult if Martinez jobbed to Lee. Martinez won with a Fishermens-buster and shook Lee’s hand after the match.

The YRR (Chasyn Rance & Sal Rinauro & Kenny King & Jason Blade & Cat): It was time for the YRR portion of the show, as Sal Rinauro, Chasyn Rance, Kenny King, Jason Blade, and one slut (Cat), hit the ring to the most irritating entrance music ever. Rinauro, King, and Blade had their title belts while Rance had the slut. Rinauro was wearing a Larry Bird Celtics jersey, but he was wearing it backwards so it said “Bird 33” on the front. Rinauro complained about being treated with disrespect and hate. Rinauro talked about his challenger and pretended to forget his name..

Sal Rinauro (c) w/The YRR vs. Chris Jones: Dave Prazak commented that Chris Jones looks like a wellness policy violation. After some YRR shenanigans, Sal Rinauro scored the victory and retained his FIP Florida Heritage championship!

Chasyn Rance w/The YRR vs. Shawn Osborne: Chasyn Rance got on the microphone and bragged about the YRR’s success until his opponent, Shawn Osborne, hit the ring and the match began! The match was really short, and the YRR once again took their place in the winners circle. After the match, Jason Blade excused his stablemates except for Cat and issued an open challenge to anyone in the back!

Jason Blade w/Cat vs. Austin Aries: The music of Austin Aries played and the former Ring of Honor champion answered the challenge! Jason Blade expected someone with fewer credentials. Blade put up a good fight and looked good, but didn’t stand a chance against a super star like Austin Aries!

Black Market (Joey Machete & Shawn Murphy) vs. The Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis & Jon Davis): It is now time for the hardcore portion of the show. Weapons used included a kendo stick, a chain, steel chairs, beer cans, and a table. Everyone bled except for Jon Davis. Shawn Murphy ended up handcuffed to the corner, leaving Machete alone to battle both members of the Fight Club. Mercedes Martinez came out to route for Black Market, but then turned on them, aligning with the Fight Club and helping them defeat Black Market!

Roderick Strong vs. Kenny King: When Roderick Strong lost the FIP title to Erick Stevens last month, he went from being a captivating heel to a boring babyface with no intrigue. Strong said he may not be best friends with Stevens, but after their match last month, he respects him. Strong challenged the YRR to send someone out to face him, and since Kenny King is the only member who hasn’t wrestled tonight, he answered the call. Thankfully Kenny King is the only member of the YRR who can fight his own battles without outside interference from his brethren. King forced Strong to work for it, and Strong was successful as he made good on his mission to rebound from losing his title.

Tyler Black (w/Mr. Milo Beasley & Leva) vs. Necro Butcher: Tyler Black came out first with the wheel-chair bound Mr. Milo Beasley and the Gothic-hot Leva. Black said Jimmy Jacobs gave him a homework assignment, ordering him to take out Necro Butcher. I thought Tyler Black was babyface, but I guess this has to do with Necro Butcher leaving the Age of the Fall in Ring of Honor. Are you ready for some more hardcore action? After a long chaotic match, the referee was knocked silly just when Butcher had the match won. Black recovered and had the match won, but the referee was still down. Leva tried to wake him up and push him back in the ring. Necro picked up a chair and whacked Black on the backside. Necro planted Black with a Tiger-driver on top of a folding chair, but Black miraculously kicked out! I’d just like to say Leva is a hottie. Butcher went in for the kill with a Death Valley Driver, but Milo Beasley grabbed his ankle. Leva crawled in the ring to check on Beasley so Butcher grabbed her by the throat and threatened to drop her on the chair. Tyler Black came to the rescue and hit Gods Last Gift on top of the chair for the win! That was very long for a hardcore match. I wouldn’t want to be either of those guys when they crawl out of bed the next morning.

Erick Stevens (c) vs. Go Shiozaki w/Heartbreak Enterprises: Erick Stevens had just recaptured the FIP World title from long-time rival Roderick Strong, and this was his first opportunity to defend the title in Florida. Go Shiozaki’s FIP contract had been purchased by Heartbreak Enterprises (aka the Heartbreak Express) and he was immediately utilized in their mission to secure the FIP World Heavyweight title. The outfit that manager Superstar Sean wore to the ring is just hilarious. The match went on for quite some time, as Stevens went from simply defending his title, to desperately struggling to survive the battle. The finish was pretty intense, which is not unusual for a well-booked FIP main event. I don’t think anybody expected a title change this quickly, so it was a big surprise when the Japanese challenger dethroned the champion and brought the FIP championship into the Heartbreak Enterprises mix.

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