FIP Third Anniversary Show

*** FIP DVD Reviews by Brad Dykens ***
September 28, 2007 – Brooksville, Florida

INTRODUCTION: It’s been three years since Full Impact Pro launched itself into the independent wrestling universe, and my goodness, they have improved by leaps and bounds! The first two shows featured a 16-man tournament highlighted by Homicide capturing the FIP championship in the finals. The FIP crew has evolved in all aspects of the production process, to include top stars from all over the world participating in some of the best independent wrestling matches ever experienced by fans across the globe. Full Impact Pro DVD’s are edited together by some of the most creative people in that field.

The YRR (Chasyn Rance & Sal Rinauro & Kenny King & Jason Blade & Lacey & Rain) + Seth Delay: The YRR introduced each other and endeared themselves to the crowd like only the YRR can do. To quote Kenny King: “you all stink! every last one of you!” Seth Delay, complete with orange Jeff Hardy arm-band, interrupted and pointed out that the YRR are never ready for action. Seth challenged any member of the YRR to face him right then and there. Rain and Lacey both raised their hand to volunteer, but “The Natural” Kenny King was chosen to face young Seth Delay in one-on-one action – sort of.

Kenny King w/The YRR vs. “Cool” Seth Delay: My sweethearts, Rain and Lacey, left to get the party started inside the air-conditioned limousine in the parking lot. It was dejavu all over again, as outside interference from the three male YRR members led to a victory for Kenny King over “Cool” Seth. The popular masked Jigsaw hit the ring to help Delay out of the ring and challenged YRR member Jason Blade to a match.

Jason Blade w/The YRR vs. Jigsaw: The spicy YRR groupies, Rain and Lacey, abandoned their own private limo party and wandered back out to ringside to support Jason Blade. You could probably guess that Jason Blade picked up the victory after sneaky outside interference by the YRR members. The YRR ganged up on Jigsaw after the match until Black Market hit the ring to make the save! Joey Machete cut a promo hyping the Cage of Pain II match to take place the following night where the YRR will face Black Market and the Heartbreak Express. Black Market jumped out of the ring and chased the YRR away like a bunch of sissies, leaving Rain and Lacey standing in the middle of the ring – looking OH SO GOOD!

Lacey w/Rain vs. Daizee Haze vs. Sara Del Rey: Lacey picked up the live microphone and started ranting about how she and Rain were the best wrestler’s ever. Daizee Haze popped out from behind the curtain sporting a grin of disbelief over Lacey’s claim of superiority. SHIMMER champion Sara Del Rey came out and put an end to the best wrestler ever debate – and set up a triple threat match (SHIMMER title not on the line). I’m so proud when I see women’s wrestling prominently featured on male-dominated independent wrestling shows. Lacey took Sara out with a Lung-blower, while Rain pushed Daizee off the top rope – allowing Lacey to score the pin on the Haze to win! BIG NIGHT FOR THE YRR!

Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Crist) vs. Hallowicked & Scott Commodity: At first glance, one might file the team of Hallowicked and Commodity under cannon-fodder, but once I got a good look at them I concluded that they could make a pretty good tag team if they got the right push. The one obvious thing they have in common is their green attire. This hard-fought match ended with a victory for the rising stars known as Irish Airborne.

Necro Butcher (w/Dave Prazak & Mr. Milo Beasley) vs. Gran Akuma: I’m so amazed at how long the Mr. Milo Beasley gimmick has lasted without any sort of evolution or change. For those who are not aware, Milo Beasley is a Florida independent wrestler named Naphtali, acting as Dave Prazak’s wheel-chair bound Vice President of DP Associates. Miracles have been known to happen during matches involving DP Associates, where Beasley will suddenly jump out of his wheel chair to interfere on behalf of what ever DP Associate is in peril. The match was No Holds Barred, because when does Necro Butcher ever wrestle without those stipulations? The vicious Necro Butcher finished off Gran Akuma with a Tiger-driver onto a folding chair. Necro continued the assault with a post-match beating on Akuma until Delirious hit the ring to have a brawl with Necro. Larry Sweeney attacked Delirious from behind, and Dave Prazak revealed that Sweeney was the newest member of DP Associates!

Delirious vs. “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney (w/Dave Prazak & Mr. Milo Beasley): Larry Sweeney is such a great in-ring competitor, I don’t know why Ring of Honor only uses him as a mouth-piece for Sweet & Sour Inc. – at least we get to see him get down and dirty in the F-I-P. Both of these guys are such seasoned performers, and should be super stars in WWE or TNA at some point in the future. Necro Butcher re-appeared and cracked Delirious with a chair, leading to a tainted victory for DP Associate’s newest member, “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney!

NOTES: Up until now, it’s been a GOOD NIGHT to be a HEEL! Delirious received a standing ovation upon his exit as he shouted threats into the camera promising revenge on Necro Butcher.

Erick Stevens (c) vs. Jack Evans: Erick Stevens represented the state of Florida in this important defense of the Florida Heritage title against fellow fan-favorite, Jack Evans. It was a strong match from both wrestlers, but it ended up being yet another successful title defense for Erick Stevens, who gains a ton of added momentum every time he wrestles.

BxB Hulk & Yamato vs. Roderick Strong & Jay Briscoe: The only thing that could have made this more special was if the younger Briscoe, Mark, was able to compete along side his brother – but he was out of action with one of his many unfortunate head injuries. What a treat to see Dragon Gate stars BxB Hulk and Yamoto wrestling in an American promotion. I’ve seen Yamoto on a number of occassions, but this would be my first exposure to the popular Japanese sensation known as BxB Hulk. As it turns out, Hulk has a rare quality not possessed by many Japanese wrestlers – a unique charisma which could transition into any form of entertainment. Roderick Strong was made an “honorary Briscoe” for the night, but the FIP Tag Team titles were not on the line. After a great match (which should have ended the show), BxB Hulk & Yamoto scored the victory. After the match, Larry Sweeney attacked FIP champion Roderick Strong and declared that he was coming after the belt!

Black Market (Joey Machete & Shawn Murphy) vs. The YRR (Sal Rinauro & Chasyn Rance w/Rain & Lacey): This match started out as a two-on-two, but Kenny King & Jason Blade almost immediately hit the ring to help their fellow YRR buddies. Since it was Anything Goes, the Heartbreak Express also hit the ring carrying weapons to even the odds and side with Black Market. Rain and Lacey retreated back to the limo to avoid getting caught in the carnage that was about to happen. A chaotic brawl broke out, for the sole purpose of hyping the Cage of Pain II match the following night in Crystal River. Rain and Lacey did eventually reappear in the entrance way to support their hunky YRR meal ticket; the YRR somehow defied the odds and stole a victory over their violent adversaries. After the match, a bloodied Superstar Sean promised to KILL each and every member of the YRR, including their hussies, the following night at the Cage of Pain II!!!

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