Guest Booker with “Playboy” Gary Hart

Gary Hart


Reviewed by Brad Dykens

This edition of Guest Booker from is special for many reasons, but also for one very heart-breaking reason. The subject of this excellent shoot interview is the legendary “Playboy” Gary Hart, a veteran of the professional wrestling world and a true master at his craft. Not long after this interview was filmed, Gary Hart suddenly and tragically passed away at his home in Euless, Texas after returning from his meeting with Sean Oliver and an autograph session in Allentown, Pennsylvania. So it was with bitter sweet pleasure that Mr. Hart left behind this wonderful DVD to remind us how valuable he was to the history of the wrestling industry.KC’s director Sean Oliver sat down with Gary Hart to analyze and rebook the action-packed wrestling product in the famous World Class Championship Wrestling territory, made famous by the efforts of legendary von Erich family and the behind-the-scenes efforts of booker Gary Hart. Viewers will also treated to several hilariously entertaining road stories, including one wild account of the infamous “Mabel” rib being played on “Spoiler” Don Jardine.

As is the custom with all the Guest Booker DVD’s, Gary Hart was given a list of wrestlers to fill out his roster, along with a second list of wrestlers that he could borrow from other territories like the Carolinas. Gary set out to book seven months of wrestling shows, building towards the huge Star Wars show on Thanksgiving night. Hart was given the task of coming up with programs for guys such as each of the Von Erich brothers, the Fabulous Freebirds, Bruiser Brody, Blackjack Mulligan, the Rock’N’ Roll Express, the Road Warriors, Chris Adams, Brian Adias, the Great Kabuki, One Man Gang, Abdullah the Butcher, and many others.

This offering is perhaps the most compelling of all the Guest Booker DVD’s. I found myself completely hypnotized as I watched and listened to the brilliant mind of Gary Hart unravel before my very eyes, creating one fascinating storyline scenario after another. I felt so blessed to have the opportunity to experience such a modest legend such as Gary Hart sharing himself so candidly with the fans so close to his unexpected passing. You owe it to yourself to check out Guest Booker, with “Playboy” Gary Hart.

Reviewed by Brad Dykens ([email protected])