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YouSHOOT Live with Dixie Carter
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Reviewed By: Brad Dykens

Several months ago when an email landed in my inbox from Sean Oliver, hyping a recently inked deal he made with TNA President Dixie Carter to not only sit down and participate in a YouSHOOT taping, but to do it LIVE in front of an audeince, a few things ran through my mind; 1) What the fudge, 2) Holy shampoo, and 3) This will never happen in a million years. I honestly thought the deal would fall through, Dixie would cite a scheduling conflict and the whole thing would just never happen. To my surprise, Miss Carter did honor her commitment and she placed her beautiful southern butt in the hotseat and showed the world just how big her grapefruits really are – much bigger than Vince McMahon’s might I add.

Before we begin, let’s back up and take a look at the situation. So the President of the most critisized company in the history of professional wrestling has agreed to sit in front of a live audience and take no-holds-barred questions from anybody brave enough to ask them. KC director Sean Oliver used questions submitted via email, via video, and via the live podium. Now you had to know the most outrageous ballsy questions would come from the email inbox, the stupid questions would come from the shameless video people, and the softballs would be thrown by the people attending live. Finally the average smark, not unlike myself, can finally give ol’ Dixie a piece of their mind and show her how to run her company properly. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be the public lynching I might have expected. On the other hand, it was a respectful meeting of the minds, and Dixie handled everything like a pro.

Here is a quick run-down of some of the more interesting topics covered during this 90 minute unedited session; experiencing the von Erichs in Texas, does TNA make a profit, keeping up with corporate and technology, wanting to be the #1 wrestling company, justifying the ratings, feedback from fans, why watch TNA over WWE, watching WWE and having production envy, who she wants from WWE, what’s missing from TNA, TNA magazine, has a wrestler ever hit on her, possible brand split (like RAW & SmackDown! for example), debuting ReAction, will she be apart of TNA forever, will TNA go public, how much to sell to Vince, what if TNA goes under, the iMPACT Zone, addessing shortage of wrestling on iMPACT, pacing the TV show, giving away big matches on free TV, a live question from Bill Apter, reaction to fans calling current TNA the second coming of WCW, Jim Ross & Mike Tenay, the Ultimate Warrior, Bill Goldberg, TNA Knockouts, websites, newsletters and lots more!

Of course there was a billion and a half questions about why Vince Russo has a job with TNA. Dixie actually justifies this quite well, and assuming she is telling the truth, the fans should feel pretty ashamed of themselves. The shock and awe question of the night came via video when Jim Cornette‘s face popped up on the screen. The audience gasped with anticipation. Cornette claimed he was appointed by Kayfabe Commentaries to ask about Vince Russo. Dixie giggled and said she was sure they had to twist his arm, too. Cornette, to his credit, posed his question and added some comments in the most intellectually responsible fashion possible. Like I said, Dixie answered fairly and gave no sign that TNA’s support of Russo would end any time in the near future.

Dixie Carter is the perfect figurehead from TNA. She may not make the smartest decisions in the office, but she sure knows how to handle an audience. She can take a question and either answer it, deflect it, or flat out aviod it – and you wouldn’t realize it until later on. She knows how to turn you into a believer. One of the more frustrating things about Dixie is that she is completely oblivious to the ratings problem on SpikeTV. Regardless, this is a fascinating look into the brain of TNA’s leader. If you’re not interested in her brain, then just hit the mute button and admire her amazing physical beauty.

If you’re not a fan of Kayfabe Commentaries, then become one now and head over to their website at and pick out a couple of amazing DVD’s from their growing collection.

Reviewed by Alan Wojcik of &

Some of the most outspoken characters in professional wrestling have sat down with Sean Oliver for the Kayfabe Commentaries YouShoot DVD series. These people have faced off with emails and videos from people who never faced off with the interview subject, so their questions were brash and they oozed confidence. Well they have met their match in TNA Wrestling President & creator of Tri-Fecta Entertainment Mrs. Dixie Carter. Mrs. Carter and Mr. Oliver attended a “Legends of the Ring” fanfest based in the northeast a few months back and did a LIVE taping. Here is the chapter listing: The Company Line, Meet the Press, The Bookermen, Wellness, WCW 2010, Talent & Potpourri.

Mr. Oliver is correct that no other major company head has ever taken questions in this format (Gabe Sapolsky did a well done post-ROH DVD soliloquy with the company available on the link below.) Let me start by saying I thought it was a great idea hearing Mrs. Carter would be doing the DVD. But since she is not the creative director of the promotion (Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo & others handle that) it seems awkward when the questions came up about creative, but she does a good job of answering them. One thing that has bothered me for years covering TNA (since day one in 2002) is Mrs. Carter is not the SOLE head of TNA and people treat her like that. People do not like to be reminded that Jeff and Jerry Jarrett (with help from Bob Ryder & Jeremy Borash) founded the promotion while Mrs. Carter and Tri-Fecta Entertainment did promotional work for NWA:TNA in 2002. Before people write me, none of this is a personal attack against Mrs. Carter. I have met & spoken with her at nearly every Orlando based TV & PPV event from 2004-07 and she is a nice person. She is correct in that she will talk to every single fan in attendance. She will go out of her way to speak with fans with special needs; Mrs. Carter will see they receive t-shirts, DVD’s, and photo opportunities with the talent.

Let me break down some of the email, video and in-person questions that got my attention. A question was asked about why the promotion exited Nashville in 2004 and Mrs. Carter gives a decent answer but ask anyone who attended the Asylum events from 2002-04 (me included) and you will get a different answer why they felt TNA exited to Florida. Mrs. Carter takes the “fans hiding behind the keyboard are morons” stance on a few questions. Mrs. Carter is asked in an e-mail why the Impact zone fans are treated like extras and she dances around it knowing there is YouTube footage of the fans being lectured on what TNA would like them to do. No one corrects a fan email saying that a first time AJ StylesJeff Hardy match should have been on PPV not free TV, when it was on PPV from TNA’s 2nd anniversary show.

Media writers Bill Apter (, Brady Hicks (Pro Wrestling Illustrated) and former talent Jim Cornette get in questions which are thought provoking; Cornette said he was appointed by the fans and KayFabe Commentaries to ask about Vince Russo’s involvement in TNA. Mrs. Carter gives a decent answer on the “Fire Russo” chants that have rained down in the Impact Zone while throwing some former creative people under the bus. I was totally surprised NO ONE asked her what was the office reaction when the Nielsen ratings reached 0.5 or asked her about an alleged affair that cost a big named wrestler/agent his job. The in-person questions seem like they were screened unlike the other YouShoot DVD guests who received the most outlandish material. Now it could have been screened or the normally outlandish question askers could have just been scared to death to face off with Mrs. Carter. You would want to address those emails to the Kayfabe Commentaries office.

Readers may be asking, “hey Alan where are your questions on these DVD’s you review?” Honestly I think me asking questions would eschew my reviews. If you have questions or comments for me, ask them weekly on Online World of Wrestling Radio ( which airs Tuesday 9pm EST on Wild Talk Radio ( or email [email protected].

Listed on for upcoming releases include YouShoot the Lost Questions with Jim Cornette, Timeline History of the WWE 1988 with “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan plus you can submit questions for YouShoot with former WWE/WCW/TNA star Sean Waltman. Questions need to be submitted by September 7th to [email protected] . You can also write to [email protected] if you would like to be part of a “wrestling reality” event with the one and only Iron Sheik.

Monday Night Mayhem DVD Review
“YouShoot LIVE: Dixie Carter”

Produced By Kayfabe Commentaries & Legends of the Ring

Written By: “Wild” Bill Brown


Content: 8.8

This one of a kind exclusive comes at you this time from Kayfabe Commentaries, as Sean Oliver & his camera crew set up a studio shoot interview with none other than the President of TNA Wrestling, Dixie Carter. Not only is this a monumental occasion to witness the most powerful person running Total Nonstop Action get sizzled in the hot seat with the most challenging questions, but once again a one of a kind first takes place. A live audience not only are viewers, but are allowed to take to the podium and ask their very own questions live & in person straight to the boss. A unique concept, one that has the ability to get a little crazy: see for yourself when Dixie Carter allows the wrestling fans, the media, & Sean Oliver put her through the wringer.


Audio/Video: 9.0

Shot with at least three cameras, once again a fantastic job by the crew here. Clear Dolby Surround in two channels and fantastic video shooting, all that needs to be shown to a viewer at home is emphasized & displayed nicely.


Special Features

As is customary with some other “YouShoot” victims, this time around due to the nature of this presentation & the live audience, as well as the type of person that is being interviewed, Sean & the crew didn’t try for fun & games with the TNA President. No “Ho-Bag” or “F*ck, Marry, Kill” type of games here. While always fun to watch, it is certainly understandable to focus on questions pertaining to the wrestling business in a very serious manner to get honest & understanding answers.


What’s On The DVD?

For over an hour & a half, Dixie will answer any question thrown at her in a live setting. While some topics are certainly tiptoed around nicely, such as the constant criticism to producer Vince Russo or the answers to the Wellness Policy of TNA, she does indeed offer some form of answers to anything thrown at her. Not only that, but some questions brought her way were answered more strongly than expected and should satisfy the viewing audience. And as is customary with “YouShoot,” some of the personalities in the business will have questions, and a very close former backstage producer and now company enemy has a serious video question that will get answered from his former boss. The audience will speak, Dixie will tell, and the questions will be constant. Dixie’s past will be shared, the involvement of Panda Energy & Spike TV, as well as the talent both with or not with TNA will be mentioned here. Are the newsletters & reporters too hard on TNA? What are Dixie’s responses to all of this, along with the rumbles that have gone on in the company? Additional topics covered in the DVD include: Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle (then & now), the six-sided ring, Bubba the Love Sponge, Vince McMahon, mistakes of WCW, the independent contractors argument, & the booking of TNA. So much more is asked, and Dixie now has to answer to all of us.


Overall Recommendation:

As nervous as Dixie Carter looked in the beginning and the fact that she made mention that she does not care for the video cameras, by the end of what she called privately as an “interrogation process,” she comes off looking very professional & openly honest about the matters at hand in the world of professional wrestling, as well as her own company. You will not by referring to anything on here as “tawdry,” and quite honestly should be pretty satisfied by how everything went down. This fine video production by Kayfabe Commentaries is definitely worth checking out.


Final Thoughts:

One thing about this live “YouShoot” interview session is the fact that there are no edits & no softballs thrown out. If there is something sizzling in your own mind that you always wanted to ask, chances are those questions will be taken to task here with some form of an answer. The wrestling fans have asked the questions…It’s up to Dixie to tell us the answers.

Overall Rating: 8.9


This DVD was reviewed By “Wild” Bill Brown. Visit the official website, Facebook, & MySpace pages of The Mayhem’s official DVD reviewer at,, &