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History of the Hair Match

HairLuchas de Apuestas (literally translated from Spanish to gambling fights) are matches where both wrestlers wager something specific (the mask or hair) on the outcome. The loser of the match then loses the item, being forced to take off the mask or be shaved bald. It is also possible for a wrestler to put someone else’s item on the line, with the same stipulation applying in the event of a loss.

In matches where hair is on the line, generally the heel wrestler loses the match, as it is designed to humiliate the heel wrestler. Among notable wrestlers who have lost such matches, Gorgeous George, Adrian Adonis, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Molly Holly, and CM Punk were all heels when on the losing end of hair vs. hair matches. [Courtesy of wikipedia.com]

Date Event Winners Losers
11/07/1962 Olympic Auditorium The Destroyer Gorgeous George
1972 [INSERT] Mr Wrestling II Tim Woods
August 1977 Memphis Jerry Lawler Bill Dundee
August 1977 Memphis Jerry Lawler Bill Dundee
06/17/1983 WCCW Star Wars Buddy Roberts Iceman Parsons
05/05/1985 WCCW Kerry von Erich One Man Gang
October 1985 WCCW von Erich Brothers The Dynamic Duo
07/05/1986 NWA Great American Bash Jimmy Valiant Shaska Whatley
07/26/1986 NWA Great American Bash Paul Jones Jimmy Valiant
11/27/1986 NWA Starrcade Jimmy Valiant Paul Jones
03/29/1987 WWF WrestleMania III Roddy Piper Adrian Adonis
April 1987 Memphis Austin Idol Jerry Lawler
01/07/1989 WWF SNME Brutus Beefcake “Outlaw” Ron Bass
11/06/1994 AAA When Worlds Collide Santo and Octagon La Pareja del Terror
05/27/1994 AAA TrippleMania II Konnan Jake Roberts
08/30/1998 WWF SummerSlam X-Pac Jeff Jarrett
July 2000 WCW Nitro Vince Russo Ric Flair
05/19/2002 WWE Judgement Day Edge Kurt Angle
08/04/2003 WWE RAW Chris Jericho Kevin Nash
09/17/2003 TNA Pay Per View Shane Douglas Raven
03/14/2004 WWE Wrestlemania 20 Victoria Molly Holly
10/19/2004 WWE Taboo Tuesday Eugene Eric Bischoff
07/16/2006 TNA Victory Road Raven Larry Zbyszko
12/30/2006 NWS Brutus Beefcake Salvatore Sincere
04/01/2007 WrestleMania 23 Bobby Lashley Umaga
04/25/2010 WWE Extreme Rules CM Punk Rey Mysterio, Jr.
04/17/2011 TNA Lockdown Mickie James Madison Rayne
01/05/2013 DMW New Year’s Evilution The Riv Levi Shapiro

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