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Hall of Shame – WWE 2008

The WWE Hall of Shame 2008 was written by Craig “Hell Minister” Lindblom.

Royal Letdown

Now we all know that the Rumble is supposed to be to full of surprises, this Rumble had some great moments. Such as seeing Undertaker vs. Shawn in the beginning. Snuka and Piper showed up. Everything was looking great, and then…number 30 was to the countdown and…and…and…JOHN CENA…I THOUGHT HE WAS INJURED!!! HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE OUT FOR 6 MONTHS WOW!!! *Sigh* He ends up defeating HHH and is the winner. WWE….I get it…Cena is the guy of your company, but my neck still hurt from the last time you shoved him down my throat! I don’t want to see Cena in his 4th Main Event of Mania in a row.

No Way Out of the Midcard Jeff Hardy!

In the end of 2007, we got to see Jeff Hardy rise above HHH in convincing fashion, and he finally gets his shot at the WWE Championship in his return. He now loses to Randy Orton at the Rumble, okay that’s cool, he only risked his body for the last couple of weeks….but whatever. Now…No Way Out, Jeff Hardy is one of the contestants of the Raw Elimination Chamber. It comes down to him and the man he beat 2 months prior…Triple H! In one of the best moments of his career, Jeff takes on HHH in the final 2. He goes on to escape the first pin attempt of a Pedigree. The crowd is wild, and then, a Pedigree on a steal chair 1…come on Jeff..2…here comes the break out…3…..now way…Triple H wins his 3rd Elimination Chamber match, to go onto Maina vs. Cena vs. Orton.

ECW Championship Worthless

During the Pre-Battle Royal of Wrestlemania, Kane won to have a shot at the WWECW Champion Chavo Guerrero for the WWECW Championship itself. Chavo comes out ready for the WWECW Championships first defense at Wrestlemania. Kane comes out behind Chavo, chokeslams him instantly, and pins him. Okay now this is just a thought, but shouldn’t a championship match at Maina be at least a minute? Now, I understand Hogan won the championship against Yokazuna really quickly after the Hart match, but seriously? I mean a match with Kane vs. Chavo sounds awful, but give the title some pride..oh wait..Vince won the title…too late for that…

Colin Delany: Heel to Pink Slip

Colin Delany, the underdog of ECW, finally get s a job on ECW in his angle, and he defeats Estrada, and before this he put on one of the WWECW’s greatest matches, teaming with Dreamer and taking on the WWE’s Current Hot Tag Team Miz and Morrison in and Extreme Rules Match. But he turns on Dreamer, becoming heel in a shocker. Now for you all that don’t know, Colin is an amazing wrestler, yet we never got to see this as WWE cut him right after his heel turn, so we never got to see his potential. So there goes a lot of time put into a character, thrown right out the window due to cutting

WWE Cuts the Talent and Pushes the Fat..wait what?

In the year of 2008, WWE made a lot of unnecessary cuts, and confusing ones at that. As in the last entry you saw Colin Delany getting cut, after a great Underdog Story, and a surprising heel turn. Then later Lance Cade, who was getting a great push, siding with Main Event Heel Jericho, gets cut after a huge involvement in the Y2J vs. HBK rivalary, and Cade showed great promise like Colin. Now this would not be such an issue, if they did not keep the likes of Funaki, who is now Kung Fu Naki..oh like the song!!! Aha aha aha! And how about the midget man child Hornswoggle, that’s what I watch wrestling for a midget hiding under the ring dressed in green who likes to dance with children! Damn and all these years I thought I watched it for wrestling! I know how stupid am I?

Khali’s Kiss Cam

Okay…no. WWE…the Kiss Cam is for couples who go to the event, and love to express their love on camera. Sounds sweet…it is not for a 7 foot Punjabi Giant to kiss overweight eye sores on the screen. This all started out with Khali vs. Johnny Knoxville. His translator [probably the only great thing that came out of this] Ranjing Singh wanted to show Knoxville that Khali was indeed was able to have fun. So they pull these women out [I hope plants] who either are bad on the eyes, or just overweight, and he pauses for 43 seconds, then kisses them…okay ewww. Khali..buddy..we all know your wife is hot, you don’t need this..I don’t need this, the reader doesn’t need this! I liked it better when you would step on a guys chest and roar rather than you on a kiss cam.

La Familia

Any stable that has 3 nobody’s, a midcarder no one really cares about, a GM that really shouldn’t be a GM, and a overhyped main eventer, already tells me to say “Scrap this idea lets be smart about this.” Sadly I am not on the creative team, who’s reaction of course is “Phhhh that’s better than curing cancer!” This mockery of a stable consists of Edgeheads, Zach Ryder and Curt Hawkins [or as Shawn Michaels put it, those Edge Guys] Bam Neely [I think new Test? No? Okay] Chavo [..okay I will let it slide ya know..Im nice like that] Vickie [EXCUSE ME?] and Edge [at least its decent] Yet this group did make the “ECW Championship Worthless” [the Entry and Literally Possibly] Now this is okay, except….WWE Titles were taken away from Miz and Morrison, just to be not defended EVER! Bam Neely doing nothing, Chavo winning the ECW Title from Punk, Vicky and Edge making out, and the World Title vacant. Nothing bad there *takes anger pills* yep..nothing. [this did lead to a good match between Undertaker vs. Edge in a TLC Match though]

This ended in a failed wedding attempt [surprise surprise] between Edge and Vicky, and Edge had a 5 star match with Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell, but that went to hell when Undertaker apparently set Edge on fire at the end, which is alright, but just keep reading the Hall of Shame

World Title Frisbee

So as we all know, lately titles have been lacking in credibility, but not the “Main Titles [except WWECW of course]” But it seems that this little “shock” factor is getting retarded or at least in 2008, ya know a year of Fame…the F standing for Failure of course, but alright back to the subject. This all started on No Mercy, the Scramble. CM Punk gets pulled out of the match, and Jericho takes the belt..yes! This lead to great matches with HBK, but then loses at Cyber Sunday to Batista [snore], yet he loses it a week later in a steel cage to Jericho, but then Jericho loses it to Cena. So in less than 3 months time, the title changed hands 5 times. Its sort of like its nothing worth meaning anymore, but more like “If you win this match, you get this neat belt!” [Side Note: You realize that ECW Championship and World Heavyweight Championship, modeled after the past rival companies head titles, are the ones that lost meaning?] Of course the WWE Championship soon fell to this.

Survivor Series 2008

Wow…wow..wow. Not only was this night craptastic, but it was also the marking of a new stage of crap. When the best match of the night is the Diva’s Elimination Match, you know there is something quite wrong [even though the Diva’s are capable, and WWE gave it to them] When the survivors of a match are HBK, Khali, and Rey, this tells you that its pretty retarded, no offense, but it was rushed. So then we get HHH vs. Vladimir [suppose to be HHH vs. Jeff vs. Vladimir for the WWE Championship but Jeff was found unconscious in his hotel for an angle] So the crowd got to learn a lesson in bait and switch. Conclusion? Vicky comes out yelling..sorry..shrieking! “He’s here! He’s here!” And its….EDGE [no burns from the fire..yet his beard his quite humorous…] Edge comes down, spears HHH, but wait, Jeff Hardy! Jeff comes out, swings the chair, gets speared, and Edge wins the title. Now, there is really no point in this, as Jeff was obviously there, so why Edge? The night ends with John Cena winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Jericho, after his wonderful reign, on Cena’s first night back from his injury. Great night.