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World Wrestling Network (WWN) now proudly enters the iPPV era with Dragon Gate USA (DGUSA), EVOLVE and Full Impact Pro (FIP) under its umbrella. WWNLive.com will be your destination for the finest wrestling and quality streams on the Internet. 
WWN was founded in 2001 by Sal Hamaoui and was immediately at the forefront of Internet streaming and VOD platforms. In 2003, WWN moved its efforts to DVD production and replication with the once acclaimed Ring Of Honor series and currently with DGUSA, EVOLVE, Full Impact Pro and SHIMMER. WWN has returned to streaming video, this time with live iPPV and Video On Demand. WWN will strive to deliver the highest quality streams.

“This is the culmination of 10 years of work,” Hamaoui said. “We have dedicated countless hours in recent months to perfecting the iPPV platform and now we are finally ready to unveil WWNLive.com. It is obvious that iPPV is the next step for broadcasting an event and WWNLive.com will be at the forefront.”
WWNLive.com will offer a live broadcast of the event and then have it available within 24 hours on VOD for the buyer to watch anytime for the next 30 days. All live broadcasts will also have a live support staff if you are in need of assistance.
WWN also has a special promotion with Dragon Gate USA. If you purchase a DGUSA live iPPV, you will receive $5 off the DVD of the event (cannot be combined with other offers or sales).
If you are interested in broadcasting your wrestling, MMA, boxing or any type of event live worldwide on live iPPV please email [email protected] for all the info. WWNLive.com is prepared to handle all facets of production including cameras, sound, lighting and even post-producing the DVD.
If you have a wrestling website you can make money with our affiliate program. Please check the www.WWNLive.com “Affiliate” section for all the information.
The current schedule for live iPPV on www.WWNLive.com is:
-April 2nd – Dragon Gate USA
-Apil 19th – EVOLVE
-June 3rd – Dragon Gate USA
-June 5th – Dragon Gate USA
-September 10th – Dragon Gate USA
-September 11th – Dragon Gate USA
Hamaoui is available for interviews to discuss the launch of WWNLive.com, WWN, DGUSA, FIP and EVOLVE. Make sure to point your browser to www.WWNLive.com for the best wrestling and quality.