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Fans, wrestlers, promoters… here is your chance to promote your wrestling-related event and speak directly to the Online World of Wrestling community via our official radio show, OWW Radio, hosted by Alan Wojcik every Tuesday night at www.owwradio.com and www.wildtalkradio.com

Feel free to call in to promote yourself, an upcoming wrestling event, a fan convention, a book, a dvd, any wrestling-related product, or just to talk about the week in wrestling.  What did you think of RAW, SmackDown!, NXT, iMPACT, ROH, the most recent PPV, or any indy show you attend?  Have your voice heard and express your opinions to the world.  Talk about what’s going on in the world of professional wrestling today.  Even if you’re a former wrestler and you just want to say hi to the fans.  We want you to be on board, so if you if you miss this week, then no big deal; the invitation extends to next week, and the week after, and the week after.  We go LIVE every week!  Consider this an open invitation that doesn’t expire.  Join us LIVE on OWW Radio with Alan Wojcik (pronounced Woah-Jek)..  Continue reading to find out how.

We encourage people from all across to the wrestling globe to participate in our radio show by calling in to speak with host Alan Wojcik as well as any number of insiders and correspondents that happen to be on the air at the time.  Your call-in options are:

By Telephone – LIVE, 267-297-1397 (Long Distance May Apply)

By Skype – call “Sir Rockin” who is our technical producer.

You also have a 24/7 email option: [email protected]

IMPORTANT NOTE: The show goes LIVE every Tuesday night at 9PM EST and runs for two sometimes three hours.  So be sure to call within that timeframe.  You can make contact via email 24 hours a day, so if you’re schedule conflicts then send us an email.

If you’re rather be a scheduled guest on OWW Radio, contact Alan at [email protected]

Our recent guests include:
Dutch Mantell
Jim Cornette
Nikki Roxx
Lance Hoyt
Booker T
Jerry Lynn
Bruno Lauer

Traci Brooks
Cheerleader Melissa
Kayfabe Commentaries’ Sean Oliver
Superstar Sean Davis
Lucha Libre USA heel RJ Brewer
“King of Old School” Steve Corino
Lucha Libre USA’s Marco Corleone
Backseat Boy Johnny Kashamere
“Native American” Tatanka
Bruno Sassi
Jimmy Rave
Big Vision Entertainment’s Kevin Kleinrock
Bill Apter

And many more!