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A lot of WWE’s older talent is deciding to walk away from the company, as they don’t support the company’s decision to solely push the  younger talent. Matt Hardy and MVP have already left, is Christian next?

For some reason or the other, Vince McMahon doesn’t view Christian as someone that can main event for his company. Many fans find this hard to believe as Edge, who has a similar style of wrestling and working the mic as his close friend,Christian, is a main event performer for the company. It’s pretty obvious to everyone that Christian would make an excellent addition to the main event roster and would only make it more entertaining. The Toronto native has even shown that he’s more than capable of competing with the big boys.

Matt Hardy, who left the company a few months back, left the company because he knew that he wasn’t going to be getting anywhere. He knew that WWE was not going to be pushing him anytime soon, so he asked for his release. At first, the company didn’t allow it, but after weeks of taking jabs at WWE on Twitter, Matt Hardy was granted his release.

MVP took a similar route and started bashing WWE’s method of only pushing the younger talent and neglecting the older wrestlers. MVP clearly had very good mic skills and was getting better in the ring with every match. It was pretty evident that he could’ve been the company’s next big star. However, know we’ll never know how far he truly could’ve gone as WWE dropped the ball with him.

From a career standpoint, Christian probably knows that he’s not going to be getting a push into the main event scene. If WWE really wanted him in the main event, Christian wouldn’t have been wandering around in the mid-card. If he decides to stay, it’s probably because he prefers the nice paychecks in comparison to TNA.

MVP and Matt Hardy were smart and left the company before it was too late. Christian needs to buckle down and really think about if it’s worth staying in WWE any longer.


Author: Pavitar Sidhu

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