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–Press Release for 4/9/09

ISPW returned in a big way this past Saturday night in Freehold, NJ on the eve of WrestleMania 25. When the show ended, a new ISPW World Heavyweight Champion was crowned in one of the most controversial finishes in the history of professional wrestling.

The show opened in a very special way as ISPW owner Tommy Fierro came out and announced that the ISPW Hall of Fame would be debuting that night. Fierro went on to give a heartfelt speech inducting his long time friend and five-time ISPW World Heavyweight Champion, Ace Darling, as the first inductee. Darling received not only a standing ovation from the audience, but from also the entire locker room who emptied out to pay their respects to him.

Darling, who later would be the special referee in the TLC match, was interrupted by Danny Inferno. Inferno went on to bash Darling, telling him he was yesterday’s news. This brought out Inferno’s opponent for later that evening, Judas Young. Young went on to talk about how it was guys like Darling that paved the way for him and Inferno and how dare he disrespect him during this important time of honor. The two were going back and forth on the microphone as Darling expressed to both how this moment was about him and not them. Darling said he would see both men later for the main event.

In the first match of the evening, Bonecrusher Sampson defeated Julio Dinero after Dinero was distracted by his valet, Miss Michelle.

Backstage after the match, Dinero was screaming at Miss Michelle when Flash entered the room to check on Michelle. Dinero lashed into Flash about sticking his nose in his business and the two almost came to blows. Flash warned Dinero not to speak to a woman that way and if he did it again the two were going to have a problem. Once Flash exited the room, Dinero continued to verbally assault Michelle.

The second match pitted The Logan Brothers against Danny Doring & Christian York. The Logans came out on top in this one after Doring was pinned. After the match, York viciously attacked Doring and left him laying. Afterwards, Doring challenged York to a one on one match when ISPW returns to Freehold, NJ on May 30th.

Crowbar was up next against Rick Fuller. These two had a great back and forth battle that saw Fuller score the pin after the Blackhole Slam. After the match, Crowbar went on a tirade talking about how he should have listened to “Him.” Crowbar then challenged Fuller to a rematch on May 30th, expressing to Fuller that he could defeat him. Crowbar continued talking about “Him” and how “He” isn’t going to be happy. Very strange.

The debut of “Late Night with Nicky Benz,” an interview segment, saw ISPW General Manager, Nicholas Nice, as it’s inaugural guest. Nice talked about how he became the GM of ISPW and how he’s chosen someone in the locker room to be the franchise player of ISPW. Nice called out Nunzio. Nice went on to tell Nunzio that he wanted to change his image a little bit and transform him into what he feels would make him the main event player in ISPW. Nunzio said he’s had a successful career in the wrestling business and how he isn’t going to change for anyone, especially someone like Nice.

Upset that Nunzio wasn’t going to do what he wanted him to, Nice went on to say how Nunzio has never said “no” to Paul Heyman or Vince McMahon, and how he isn’t going to say no to him either. He said that Nunzio was dressed as Dracula and an Elf in the WWE. He told Nunzio he’s going to do what he tells him to do. He then slapped Nunzio in the face. Nunzio grabbed Nice and was about to get some revenge when H.C. Loc ran in from behind and attacked Nunzio. This lead right into their match.

Nunzio defeated H.C. Loc after Nice’s interference back fired. Loc was holding Nunzio for Nice to hit him. As Nice took a swing, Nunzio moved out of the way and Loc was hit instead. Nunzio then went on to score the victory. Afterwards, Nice kept asking Nunzio if he wanted to get “hardcore” with him. Nice told Nunzio that he has someone he can get hardcore with at ISPW’s next show. Nice says Nunzio will be wrestling former WWE Superstar Hardcore Holly on May 30th!

Flash scored one of the biggest victories of his career against a former member of the Hart Foundation, “Dangerous” Danny Davis, after a spinebuster.

Josh Daniels, who was scheduled to wrestle against Michael Modest, came out next, awaiting the arrival of his opponent. Nice returned to the ring and made an announcement that due to travel problems, Modest was unable to make it to the show. He said how he had a big surprise for everyone though, and announced Josh’s new opponent to the crowd. A very familiar song then played over the loud speaker. As WWE’s “Priceless” song rang aloud, out came former Legacy member, Manu! Daniels took his frustrations out on his opponent and went on to make Manu tap out in six minutes.

The main event pitted Danny Inferno against Judas Young in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match to crown a new ISPW World Heavyweight Champion. In typical ladder rules, the first person to climb the ladder and retrieve the title would become the new champion. For the first time ever in the history of professional wrestling, a wrestler not involved in the actual match climbed the ladder and captured the championship. This led to the ultimate cliffhanger ending of ISPW’s return show leading into their next event on May 30th at the ISPW Arena, the 3-2 Count Athletic Training Facility.

Inferno and Young put on one of the greatest and intense matches in the history of independent wrestling this past Saturday night. They beat the living hell out of each other and left a part of their souls in the ring. Young was busted open by a ladder which lead to him receiving ten stitches following their match. This heated rivalry between Inferno and Young was far from settled this past weekend, especially with the shocking outcome of the match.

At the finish of the match, special guest referee Ace Darling was knocked out and the match was left without a referee. When another referee ran out to take Darling’s place, “Dangerous” Danny Davis ran out behind him and laid him out just as he was about to enter the ring. Davis took the referee’s shirt off and put it on himself. Davis came into the ring and became the new official of the match.

Young then climbed the ladder, and just when he was about to grab the championship, Davis knocked over the ladder and Young went crashing down. The ladder was then set back up and Davis began helping Inferno up the ladder. It appeared as though Davis came out to help Inferno win the title. As Davis was assisting Inferno up the ladder, he began waving to the locker room for someone to come out. Josh Daniels came running down to the ring and powerbomed Inferno off of the ladder.

With everyone down now, Daniels and Davis climbed the ladder simutaneously assuring that only Josh grab the title to become the new ISPW World Heavyweight Champion. The two celebrated while both Inferno and Young were left for dead. Josh Daniels robbed the two men out of a title that they had just battled it out for like two warriors for the previous thirty-minutes.

ISPW General Manager, Nicholas Nice, has signed a huge match for ISPW’s return date in Freehold, NJ on May 30th. It will be a Three Way Dance for the ISPW World Heavyweight Championship with Josh Daniels defending the title against both Danny Inferno and Judas Young. Nice has yet to announce if there will be any special stipulations added to this match as of press time, but insures that the ISPW World Heavyweight title will go to the rightful owner on May 30th.

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Tickets are currently available for ISPW’s return show in Freehold, NJ on May 30th at the 3-2 Count Athletic Training Facility featuring Hardcore Holly vs. Nunzio, Triple Threat Match for the ISPW World Heavyweight Championship with Josh Daniels (with “Dangerous” Danny Davis) defending the title against both Judas Young and Danny Inferno, Crowbar vs. Rick Fuller in a return match, Christian York against Danny Doring, Julio Dinero (with Miss Michelle) against Rob Eckos, and more. Tickets are available now by calling (732) 409-1132. Credit card orders are welcomed for immediate delivery.

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