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New Day 2

At tonight’s big WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view the New Day took full advantage of their opportunity to grab tag team gold by defeating the reigning champions, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.

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WWE tag team title match: The New Day vs. WWE tag team champions Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

A new day is upon WWE’s tag team division as Big E & Kofi Kingston used their unwavering positivity, and some help from their New Day cohort Xavier Woods, to unseat WWE Tag Team Champions Tyson Kidd & Cesaro in a thrilling tag team showdown at Extreme Rules.

“New Day Sucks!” chants rang throughout the Allstate Arena, but the Chicago crowd’s rowdy reaction couldn’t slow down the spirited trio, who remained undeterred en route to claiming the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Both teams were very evenly matched, with Cesaro and Big E representing the power and Kidd and Kingston showcasing the speed for their respective sides. The latter began the match-up before quickly turning the action over to their larger tag team partners, with The Swiss Superman showing off superhuman strength by catching the 285-pound Big E in mid-air before slamming him to the mat.

The pace of the contest remained measured as both sides seemed to be feeling each other out. However, The King of Swing and The Dreadlocked Dynamo soon kicked things into overdrive, putting on an athletic showcase. The action quickly intensified with The New Day looking to be on the verge of victory with their signature Big Ending-second rope slam maneuver, before Cesaro jumped in for the save.

Kingston attempted to finish off the champions once and for all with a Trouble in Paradise on his Canadian adversary, only to have it reversed into The Sharpshooter. Luckily for the high-flying Superstar, Big E came in for the save, sending Kidd halfway across the ring with an explosive belly-to-belly suplex.

Just when it seemed like the titleholders had the battle won with their popular Swing-dropkick combination, a frantic Woods got up on the ring apron to grab the referee’s attention.  A slap from Natalya, followed by a kick from Kidd, knocked Woods to the ground, but it was too late. A running Big E sent the Hart Dungeon graduate flying off the ring apron, before Kingston rolled up Cesaro (with the help of a handful of tights) for the victory.

Have no fear WWE Universe, the new WWE Tag Team Champions are here!

Winners and new WWE tag team champions: The New Day