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June 30th - Philadelphia, PA

IWA May Be Going Out of Business; DVD Sale Information

Ian announced at the shows in Joliet, IL on 10/13 that IWA Mid-South is likely to close its doors on December 7th and go out of business. Fans have been talking on our message board the last few days about what it would take to save IWA Mid-South. This is the update I received from Ian today.

I have spoken to Ian today a few times and have told him how our fans want to know how dire the situation is in terms of seeing an actual number. We have crunched the numbers of what we need to come up with right away to have any sort of a chance at fighting this thing. Ian has been told that a check is on its way from Big Vision for what is due on the deal made for Kings of Extreme. We have heard that before in the past so hopefully since we desperately need it, it is actually on its way. IF the Big Vision check comes this week as promised, we would still need to make AT LEAST $4000 by the end of the week JUST to have a fighting chance at this thing. We would still need QOTDM, DDTTDM and Simply the Best to draw well enough to make money at the gate to be able to keep fighting. Ian has told me that he will have me make an announcement on Monday as to whether or not December 7th will be the last show.

Ian is doing everything he can to try to save IWA. Smart Mark Video is tapped and can’t help any more than they already have. Ian has gotten booked onto several shows where he is going to try to wrestle on 8 shows in 10 days at the end of the month in order and hope and pray that he does well on gimmick sales at those shows. Hopefully he can stay healthy enough to keep up with that kind of a schedule even though he hasn’t done that many shows in such a short amount of time in several years.

Now onto the sale information in order to try to raise this money.

If you spend $100 (5 DVDs), you get $25 off so it would be $75 (plus $8.40 shipping).

For those that can’t afford to spend $83.40, we will also be doing the following sale:

If you buy the 2007 TPI DVD, you get a free $20 DVD…so that would be $40 plus $5 shipping.

You can go to www.paypal.com and make a payment to [email protected] to participate in this sale.

Again, we need to raise $4000 by week’s end just to have a fighting chance at staying in business (and that amount needs to have the Big Vision check get in this week as promised as well). That is the bare minimum as it would not leave any money for advertising but it would at least give us a chance to make money on the next few shows and try to start righting the ship without having all the money coming in for those shows going to paying off other debts.

We will make an announcement on Monday to let everyone know if December 7th will be the end of the road.

You can also make a check or money order payable to MICKIE KNUCKLES and send it to:

IWA Mid-South
PO BOX 21476
Louisville, KY 40221-0476