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The International Wrestling Cartel returning to Franklin, PA for its historic fourth annual Night of Legends spectacular, where fans were treated to not only an exclusive Q&A and Meet & Greet session with their favorite stars, but another historic night of action blending past, present, and future.

In the main event, it was a Dream Team Explosion, as Brutus “The Barber”
Beefcake battled Greg “The Hammer” Valentine in an attempt to gain revenge for Valentine abandoning Beefcake in front of a record-setting audience as part of WrestleMania 3. Brother Bruti was able to survive Valentine’s figure-four, and the involvement of Valentine’s manager “Mouth of the South”
Jimmy Hart to score a victory. While Beefcake did not get to perform one of his trademark haircuts, Beefcake still came out on the winning end.


The re-united Demolition, Ax & Smash also emerged victorious as they defeated the impressive-as-ever Powers of Pain, The Warlord & The Barbarian, although not in the fashion they had hoped. It was only after the involvement of the cane of the Powers of Pain’s manager, the dubious alleged mayor of “Parts Unknown” Mayor Mystery, that Ax & Smash were awarded the bout via disqualification. And for the crooked Mayor, Demolition had a special trick up their sleeve in the form of a tough young woman named Temptress, who gave the Mayor more than he could handle.

“The Madman from the Sudan” Abdullah the Butcher continued his decades-long reign of terror against the youngest NWA World champion in history “Wildfire” Tommy Rich. Action never even entered the ring, as Abdullah and Rich brawled all the way around ringside, fighting over Abdullah’s deadly fork. After referee Bobby Williams was knocked out in the choas, officials had no choice but to throw the match out and declare it a no-contest. With both athletes still fighting and bleeding profusely, Abdullah’s handler Lord Zoltan became involved until Venango County’s own Lumberjack Leroux emerged to even the odds. Once order was finally restored, promoter Norm Connors promised the four would meet again next year in a tag team encounter.

Michael “The Bomber” Façade was able to gain a small measure of revenge for the attempted “hit” on his career at the hands of the Gambino Family, as Façade joined forces with his much-respected trainers and mentors Shirley Doe & Super Hentai to defeat Marshall “The Bull” Gambino, “DeeeLicious”
Jimmy DeMarco, and Vendetta. To ensure The Family did not use their street-gang mentality to attempt to seriously injure anyone else on our roster, a special troubleshooting referee was recruited: One half of Babyface Fire Shiima Xion, who didn’t hesitate to give DeMarco a taste of From Lust To Dust when DeMarco overstepped his bounds.

John McChesney’s final opportunity to enter Super Indy 7 had an enormous roadblock in it in the form of the legendary Jake “The Snake” Roberts. The master of mind games was at the top of his game, intimidating McChesney from even before the opening bell with both his icy-cold evil sneer and ominous reptile-filled bag. It was a human game of chess as McChesney desperately tried to overcome the psychological games of the Snake, but it was lights out for McChesney’s Super Indy aspirations with the DDT. Afterwards, the Snake celebrated by giving the Fabulous One an up-close-and-personal look at his newest slithering friend.

Ricky Reyes was finally able to avenge being screwed twice out of the IWC Title last year by defeating the man responsible for masterminding those plots, former 4-time IWC champion Dennis Gregory. Despite the loss, Gregory remained overly-confident that he would regain the IWC Title from The Sandman on April 25. Reyes, however, made it clear that if Gregory does indeed defeat “The Hardcore Icon”, then Reyes himself will be next in line as #1 Contender.

Sexual Harassment continued their winning ways and focus toward the tag team titles by defeating the seemingly mis-matched team of upstart Johnny Gargano and “The Baddest Man in IWC” Ray Rowe. Rowe & Gargano functioned well as a team, however Rowe’s previous tag partner J-Rocc, still jealous and enraged over having the spotlight not all on himself, distracted Rowe long enough for Harassment to finish Gargano with the Rose Creeper. An enraged Rowe vowed revenge, even taking out frustrations on partner Gargano.

Later that night, after J-Rocc had disrespectfully interrupted an interview with Venango county’s own Lumberjack Leroux, leading to an impromptu match, Ray Rowe struck back swiftly and effectively. With J-Rocc’s back turned, Rowe emerged with a steel chair, splitting the back of J-Rocc’s head wide open. Leroux was able to pick up the win, but the real story surrounded the escalating violence between the former Cleveland Mafia as the implosion of that team continues to bring casualties.

Former World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental and Tag Team champion Marty Jannetty bested former Million Dollar Champion Virgil.

“M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross saw his Super Indy dreams shattered upon losing to “Balls Hot” Troy Lords in a special contest which saw the loser eliminated from the Super Indy Tournament before the tournament even takes place. Lords was able to keep his dream alive, however with two tournament spots now wide open, there’s no telling who will step up to the plate to enter the competition.

One half of the tag team champions Jason Gory kicked off our pre-show bonus matches in style with a thrilling victory over CJ Sensation with his breathtaking 450 splash