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SATURDAY NOVEMBER 10th, 2007 – Court Time Sports Center
95 Enterprise St. – Elizabeth, PA 15037 – BELLTIME: 7:30 PM
Ringside Tickets: $20 – General Admission: $15 | Kids Under 10 GA: $7

First Ever IWC Womens Match
Daizee Haze vs. the debuting Sara Del Rey
For the first time ever, 2 of the top women wrestlers in the country will do battle one-on-one in an IWC ring! Daizee Haze is well known to IWC fans as the “translator” and manager of former IWC Super Indy Champion Delirious, but she is also a very well traveled wrestler. Using the Heart Punch, Daizee Cutter, and a brutal missile dropkick as some of her signature moves, she held the IWA Mid-South Women’s Title at one point in time. She’s competed for TNA, Ring of Honor, IWA Mid-South, Chikara Pro Wrestling, and even IWC in a mixed tag match in July 2005. That was the first time women had ever competed in IWC, and how appropriate is it that one of those women are involved in the firstt one-on-one womens match in IWC. Her opponent on November 10th is the current SHIMMER Women Atheletes Champion, “The American Angel” Sara Del Rey. A trainee of “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, Del Rey began her career in California and quickly gained a reputation across the country of being one of the top female wrestlers in the world. She’s competed for virtually every company in the Southern California area, Ring of Honor, and Chikara, where she recently defeated Daizee in an incredible 2 out of 3 falls match. She became the first Shimmer Champion in June by defeating Cindy Rogers, Alicia, Sarah Stock, and Lacey in one weekend. These women have wrestled each other many times, and if their previous encounters are any indication, this match will be the perfect way to introduce today’s womens wrestling to IWC fans!PLUS!
IWC World Heavyweight Title Match:
Dennis Gregory defends against Chris Hero
IWC World Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory will defend his title on November 10th against Chris Hero! Oddly enough, even though Hero has been competing for IWC since its second ever event (under different promotion) in April of 2001, this will be his first ever shot at the IWC World Heavyweight Title. Hero has wrestled all over the country, has held countless titles from California to Philadelphia, including holding three different tag team titles at one time with partner Claudio Castagnoli. Back in July, Hero was brought back to IWC by Dennis Gregory after a year of inactivity in the company, to take out Jon Bolen. After Gregory brutally attacked Hero’s friend and Kings of Wrestling partner “Sweet N Sour” Larry Sweeney, Hero went after Gregory and the two brawled out into the crowd. Hero demanded a title match, but Gregory refused. He had title matches with Abyss and Sterling James Keenan lined up, and then in October, Hero was unable to make it to IWC. In stepped Claudio Castagnoli, Hero’s frequent tag partner. His best attempts to take out Gregory failed, as Denny was able to roll up Claudio to win. But Gregory can’t run anymore. The match has been signed, and Dennis Gregory vs. Chris Hero will happen at November Pain 3!

IWC Super Indy Title Match:
“Fabulous” John McChesney defends against “Balls Hot” Troy Lords
The history between these two men has been well-documented. It all started as a few friendly contests for the IWC Super Indy Title. At A New Beginning in January 2006, Lords took McChesney to the 20-minute time limit. The next year, they met once again at A New Beginning Too. Once again, Lords took McChesney to the 20-minute time limit. However, IWC Promoter Norm Connors refused to let the match end like that. He gave them five more minutes, and Lords was able to pick up the win and his first IWC Super Indy Title win. The then-fan-favorite McChesney became irate, and this loss began his descent into madness. His obsession with the gold became obvious, as he demanded shot after shot at the belt. February 2007, he lost once again to Lords with no time limit. March 2007, he lost to Lords with the stipulation being, he would never get another shot one-on-one with Lords. May 2007, Super Indy Second Chance title match, McChesney pins Lords, but is subsequently eliminated by Jason Gory, pinning the champion but not winning the belt. July 2007, McChesney gets a shot at the new champion “Sweet N Sour” Larry Sweeney and Dennis Gregory helps him win the belt. McChesney joins the War Machine and the rest, they say, is history. Now, Lords is back on the title hunt, and he has proven that he can pin McChesney on several occasions, especially when the pressure is on. Will McChesney be able to pull out the win? Or will we be crowning Troy Lords as the new 2-time Super Indy Champion?

Non Title Tag Team Street Fight :
The Gambino Brothers vs. BabyFace Fire
Originally, this was scheduled to be a six-man tag with the Gambinos & their cousin Jimmy DeMarco taking on BabyFace Fire and a partner of their choosing. However, due to recent actions by The Family members Marshall & Viki Gambino, DeMarco, and Flexor, IWC officials are changing things up. As seen on IWCwrestling.com, they attacked Jason Gory and several Halloween partygoers in Gory’s home. The attack was sickening and disgusting, and left Gory bloody and out of sorts after several tazer shots. The war between these two teams has been brewing for several months now, with the Gambinos executing several despicable acts against the former champions. IWC officials have signed it, and now the Gambino Brothers will now take on BabyFace Fire in a non-title street fight! We’ve seen the Gambinos in street fights before, and they’ve even won the IWC Tag Team Titles with this stipulation. We haven’t seen BFF in a street fight before, but they are out for blood and will stop at nothing to get revenge for the recent attacks on them! This is a volatile situation, and it seems these two teams will stop at nothing to destroy each other!

Winner Receives a Super Indy Title Shot on December 8th:
Davey Richards vs. “Sweet N Sour” Larry Sweeney vs. “Da Good Guy” Azrieal
On November 10th, 2007, IWC fans will be treated to a rarely-seen occurrence in an IWC ring: the Three-Way Dance! On the rare occasion that the singles three-way dance is broken out in IWC, it results in one of the best matches of the year, and gives IWC fans a chance to see 3 of the best singles talents in America live and in person, three of which might not have been seen in the same ring together, or wrestling each other at the same time. This time, three stars of IWC rings that we’re pretty sure have never been in the same ring at the same time will do battle with one goal in mind: a shot at the IWC Super Indy Title on December 8th! If the title shot wasn’t enough, it’s on IWC’s biggest show yet, the 2nd day of A Call To Arms 4, IWC’s 100th Show Celebration! The three men competing will be former IWC Super Indy Champion “Sweet N Sour” Larry Sweeney, IWC newcomer Davey Richards, and Super Indy VI semi-finalist “Da Good Guy” Azrieal! Azrieal has come so close to that Super Indy Title shot without actually getting a shot at the title. Sweeney, on the other hand, has held the gold. He’s been the champion in the past. The Super Indy VI champion went through three men in the tournament to win the belt. But, his title reign was cut short by John McChesney and the War Machine. Sweeney never fully got his revenge on McChesney, and intends to do anything he can to get his hands on the champ. Then there’s Davey Richards, the wild card in the match. Neither man has really been able to scout Richards in IWC, because he’s not a regular IWC competitor. He’s had one match in the company, a Super Indy Title shot against McChesney at Revengeance 4! in October. War Machine member Sebastian Dark ran to the ring and helped McChesney win the match. Richards isn’t going to take this loss lying down. He hopes to score the win to get some revenge on McChesney by defeating two of IWC’s top Super Indy division stars!

Winner Becomes Top Contender to the IWC World Heavyweight Title After December:
“The Baddest Man in IWC” Raymond Rowe vs. “The Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes
At No Excuses 3, “The Baddest Man in IWC” Raymond Rowe took on former IWC World Heavyweight Champion “The Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes. Reyes was a dominant IWC Champion for 8 months after these two first met in the semi-finals of the IWC World Heavyweight Title Tournament at Boiling Point 2. Reyes was able to make Rowe pass out following a dragon sleeper, but Rowe was already in bad shape after the Unholy Alliance knocked him out with an alcohol-soaked rag in the opening round. When they met on August 4th, Rowe wasn’t at 100% once again. After being out for 3 weeks with broken ribs, Rowe made his return to the ring for the first time since taking on Samoa Joe. It was an incredible contest between Rowe and Reyes, and some have called it the best match of the evening. Rowe picked up the win with several consecutive powerbombs. Then, they had a rematch at Revengeance 4! on October 13th. Reyes brought an unrelenting fight to Rowe, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Reyes used his mixed martial arts training and was able to floor Rowe with several brutal elbow and knee strikes before referee Bobby Williams finally brought an end to the match. This time, there’s a prize on the line that both men desire: becoming the top contender to the IWC World Heavyweight Title. Rowe has been on a tear through 2007 and some say he would have won the title at Boiling Point 2 if it weren’t for the Unholy Alliance. Reyes practically had the title stolen from him by the War Machine and Dennis Gregory. Rowe has proven he can pin the former champion. Reyes did the unthinkable and knocked Rowe out with strikes. Who will be in line for a title shot after November Pain 3?!

Super Hentai & Delirious vs. “The Shooter” Brent Albright & Sebastian Dark
IWCwrestling.com has documented in the past the mutual admiration and friendship between Super Hentai and Delirious. Back when Hentai and Delirious were breaking into the wrestling business, they were both at a wrestling camp in Florida for the legendary Dory Funk, Jr. During the camp, they struck up a friendship. Rumor has it, Hentai was a big influence on the odd star from the Edge of Sanity. They kept in touch over the years and their friendship was renewed when Delirious made his IWC debut in July of 2005. However, Hentai was on a dark road with the Unholy Alliance by that point. He ended up outcasting many of his old friends. But when he was unceremoniously ousted from the group as they became the War Machine in August, Hentai had no friends to turn to… except Delirious. Hentai teamed with Delirious’ friend & translator Daizee Haze at Ellsworth Basebrawl 2007 against Alex Payne & Ernie Osirus, and the duo even came out on top. Now, Hentai needs his friend once again. After Hentai lost to Brent Albright, Sebstian Dark hit the ring and both men laid the boots to Hentai. It wasn’t until Troy Lords hit the ring that they scattered. However, obvious ill will still held between Hentai & Lords, and they attacked each other before the War Machine attacked them. Lords and Hentai refused to team with one another , as they both feel they can’t trust the other. However, Hentai’s friend Delirious stepped up, wanting to take his frustrations out on behalf of his friend, and himself, as he’s been having problems with Albright in other promotions recently.

Open Contract:
Justin Idol vs. ???
It’s been building for months, and IWC fans witnessed what could very well be the end of Sexual Harassment at the October 13th Revengeance show. Justin Idol & Eric Xtasy seemingly had the tag team titles won. But another distraction, this time as a result of Marshall Gambino’s “Action Jackson”, as he now calls it, caused a distraction that allowed the champions to retain, and solidified Sexual Harassment’s reputation of coming up a little short in big matches. Ever since they made their debut in IWC, Sexual Harassment has done a great job in entertaining the fans with their unique brand of tag team wrestling. But as the losses piled up, Justin Idol has become more and more frustrated. “We should be tag team champions by now, bottom line,” Idol said in an interview conducted earlier today. From the onset of the interview, it was clear Idol had a lot to get off of his chest. A major revelation was brought to light, and its one that is a surprise to even the closest IWC observers. At the August 4th show at Court Time Sports Center, Shiima Xion was injured at the hands of The Gambino Brothers. Earlier in the evening, a very serious Justin Idol took control of the 3 way tag team match, and scored the pin for Sexual Harassment, winning out over Facade & Gargano and the Hollywood Balds. Justin was trying to send a message to Eric that is was time to be serious. Instead of planning their future, Eric was too concerned with the after party. Justin was furious. With August 18th fast approaching, Jason Gory had no partner for the big event in Newville, PA. When promoter Norm Connors made that announcement to the IWC wrestlers, Eric Xtasy politicked to get Sexual Harassment into the match in Newville. But Justin Idol had something else in mind. Instead of teaming with his usual partner, he chose to fill the void left by Shiima Xion, and team with Jason Gory. Although they came up short in their bid to win the tag team titles, their outing as a duo will be remembered. One would expect Eric Xtasy to be furious that Justin would pick another man over himself. But he was nonplussed, and quickly signed on for a tag team title match with the Gambino Brothers for October. All of this brought us to Revengeance, and another loss for the team. And Justin has reached his limit. “I did what I had to do”. Justin Idol has signed an open contract for a singles match for IWC’s November Pain 3 on November 10th at Court Time Sports Center. To date, promoter Norm Connors has not filled the contract, but has indicated he will let everyone know as soon as the contract is signed. The agreement to a singles match in November, much to the chagrin of the fans, could spell the end of an era in the Pittsburgh independent wrestling scene. The agreement could spell the end of Sexual Harassment.

PLUS Eric Xtasy has decided to bring back the All Male Revue! After Justin Idol decided to go it alone at November Pain 3, “The Sexual Icon” was beside himself and decided to go back to what he knows!

And all the fun and surprises you’ve come to expect from IWC!!!
Tickets to November Pain 3 and other IWC live events are already on sale, including:

A Call To Arms 4: Night One – December 7th, 2007 – Elizabeth, PA
Featuring: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels, and Low Ki vs. “Fabulous” John McChesney!

A Call To Arms 4: Night Two – December 8th, 2007 – Elizabeth, PA
Featuring: Samoa Joe vs. Raymond Rowe 2, the IWC return of The Sandman, and much more!

A New Beginning 2008 – January 19th, 2008 – Elizabeth, PA

Accept No Limitations 4 – February 16th, 2008 – Elizabeth, PA

Tickets can be reserved safely and security online using your credit or debit card by visiting IWCwrestling.com, or by calling 412-542-5170!
The International Wrestling Cartel has been western-Pennsylvania’s largest and most exciting wrestling promotion for almost 6 years, and has grown large enough to warrant a weekly local TV show as well as VHS & DVD distribution deals with ROHwrestling.com and smartmarkvideo.com . Using a healthy dose of established talent like “The Shooter” Brent Albright, AJ Styles, Ricky Reyes, Delirious, and Low Ki (aka TNA’s Senshi), along with an impressive array of fast-rising local talent such as Sterling James Keenan, The Gambino Brothers Moving Company, Jason Gory, Shiima Xion, and “Fabulous” John McChesney, IWC has grown to become one of the most successful indy promotions today. For more information go to www.IWCwrestling.com.