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IWC A New Beginning Wooo
Results featuring “Nature Boy” Ric Flair
by Joe Dombrowski –

IWC: A New Beginning Woooooo!

A record crowd flocked to the Court Time Sports Center to pay tribute to an incomparable legend and to see IWC’s finest bring in the future with the first IWC live event of 2009

After greeting hundreds upon hundreds of his fans for nearly three hours, the guest of honor, 16 time World Heavyweight Champion “Nature Boy” Ric Flair hit the ring to address his fans. After some complimentary words for the Pittsburgh Steelers and a mysterious female driver named “Tina”, Flair showed his respect and appreciation to not only the fans, but also the entire roster, praising their constant hard work. Ric Flair was truly all class and seemed to enjoy his return to Pittsburgh. After a classy, glowing endorsement for professional wrestling’s next generation, Flair’s legacy only continues to grow proving now more than ever that diamonds are forever… and so is Ric Flair.

From a legendary performer to a legendary beating, The Hollywood Balds survived, not a wrestling match, but a mugging, to defeat Mickey & Marshall Gambino. The brothers Gambino took Vendetta out early, seemingly breaking his back, and focusing all of their anger onto their cousin Jimmy DeMarco. DeMarco literally fought for his life, as The Gambinos refused to attempts pins, instead focusing on attempting to maim their own family member. Yet after three broken tables, four steel chairs, a ladder, and six badly injured bodies, Vendetta & DeMarco were miraculously left standing, leaving Dr. DeeeLicious with some choice words for promoter Norm Connors.

Connors claimed last month he “groomed’ Ray Rowe for the IWC Championship. Well, tonight, on arguably his biggest night as a promoter in his 15 year career, Connors literally gave Rowe the championship in his match with reigning titleholder Shiima Xion. After both referees had been knocked out, it seemed Norm was prepared to take charge himself. However, shockingly he attacked Shiima with the ring bell hammer, and claimed Shiima and DeMarco NEVER deserved to be competing in the finals of the IWC Championship and that it was supposed to be Ray Rowe. Rowe is the champion, but certainly not in a way he should be proud of, as on both he and Norm’s respective biggest nights, they each tarnish their reputations.

Despite over 200 fan requests for stipulation suggestions in the Dennis Gregory vs. John McChesney match, Gregory flat our refused to agree to ANY of them, instead demanding that he meet The Fabulous One one-on-one in a straight wrestling match. McChesney obliged, however in a show of hypocrisy, Gregory then in turn attempted to get his hands on any possible weapon he can find. Gregory ended up stealing a victory, but his actions in refusing to adhere to any stipulations prove what we’ve all thought… Dennis Gregory realizes John McChesney may be the only man in IWC good enough to beat him. This issue is far from over, as McChesney continues to attempt to prove the follower was always better than the leader.

New IWC Tag Team Champions were crowned as Irish Airborne defeated Sexual Harassment. Airborne were about to be the victims of a referee oversight for the second month in a row, as once again one of the brothers Crist had their feet in the ropes to break a pin. Once the referee was alerted, and the match restarted. Airborne used a cheap roll up with a pull of the tights. Airborne were almost cheated by one referee oversight, but weren’t afraid to use another to further their own personal gain.

Sweet & Sour Larry Sweeney hit the ring to boast about his accomplishments, including two Super Indy Title reigns, and demanded a Super Indy Qualifying Match right there and then. As luck would have it, a surprise was scheduled for the show and it was one Sweeney will never forget… former TNA X Division Champion “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. Not only did Daniels compete, but he emerged victorious over Sweeney with the BME – Best Moonsault Ever – apparently qualifying for Super Indy VIII this spring, and further driving a wrench in the plans of the man from Texarkana.

Current Super Indy Champion Delirious & personal interpreter Daizee Haze found themselves on the losing end in a mixed tag match-up against top Super Indy contender “New Horror” Sami Callihan and his partner, former WCW Cruiserweight Champion and “Scream Queen” Daffney. Rather than pin the champion, Callihan took the short route, sneaking up behind Daizee and suplexing her on the head before pinning her. Sami scored a big-time win but effectively made his score with Delirious personal.

A rematch of sorts from one-year ago as, only for the second time, IWC hosted a chaotic ten-man tag. Super Hentai performed in superhuman Herculean-like fashion, including moonsaulting off of a 15-foot balcony, in an attempt to lead teammates Michael “The Bomber” Façade, Logan Shulo, Jason Gory, and Dean Radford to victory. However, Jimmy Vega$ was able to avenge his pinfall loss of the prior ten-man and roll up the man who rolled up him a year ago, a gutsy yet hurt and fatigued Super Hentai in order to lead his team of Shane Taylor, Sebastian Dark, Kato, and CJ Sensation to victory, thus ensuring the re-hiring of the controversial Sensation.

In addition, four young men from North Carolina competed in a special attraction tag encounter. “Asian Sensation” Mike Lee & Charlie Dreamer emerged victorious over Caleb Konley & “Manscout” Jake Manning in a contest that admirably showcased four future stars merely beginning the long journey of their careers.