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IWF Winter Warfare Weekend Day 1
Saturday, January 19, 2008 @ IWF Centre, West Paterson, NJ

1. Travis Blake defeated Antonio Rivera.

2. IWF Junior Heavyweight Champion Chris Steeler defeated Jana by disqualification to retain the title.

3. IWF Tag Team Champions Justin Corino & Frank Scoleri wrestled Biggie Biggs & Mike Jenkins to a time-limit draw.

4. Bryan Harley & Evan Schwartz defeated Jason Roberts & Nes Lopez w/ Kristina.

5. IWF American Champion Kevin Knight defeated Cameron Matthews to retain the title.

6. IWF Heavyweight Champion Tony Torres defeated Franciz in a Body Bag Match to retain the title.

IWF Winter Warfare Weekend Day 2
Sunday, January 20, 2008 @ IWF Centre, West Paterson, NJ

1. Justin Corino defeated Mike Jenkins.

2. IWF Junior Champion Chris Steeler defeated Antonio Rivera and Jana in a Triple Threat Match.

3. Biggie Biggs defeated Frank Scoleri.

4. Franciz w/ Travis Blake defeated Dangerous Dan w/ Kevin Knight.
5. Bryan Harley & Evan Schwartz defeated Dan Marques & BPA Barry w/ Kristina.

6. BoneCrusher Sampson defeated IWF Heavyweight Champion Tony Torres by disqualification.



Independent Wrestling Federation
February Fury Weekend

Saturday, February 16, 2008, 7:30 pm
& Sunday, February 17, 2008, 4:00 pm
@ IWF Centre, 32 Willow Way, West Paterson, NJ

IWF Heavyweight Champion Tony Torres, IWF American Champion Kevin Knight, IWF Tag Team Champions Justin Corino & Frank Scoleri, IWF Junior Champion Chris Steeler, BoneCrusher Sampson, Travis Blake, Franciz, Commissioner Rich Ross, Biggie Biggs, Dangerous Dan, Antonio Rivera, Bryan Harley, Jana, Mike Jenkins, Evan Schwartz, Jason Roberts, Dan Marques, Kristina, BPA Barry, Matt Bennett & more.

For info visit www.WrestlingIWF.com


WWE Legend Honky Tonk Man Returns to IWF Wrestling School:
Pro Wrestler Clinic April 16-17 & Fans Fantasy Clinic April 18-19

(WEST PATERSON, NJ)- Independent Wrestling Federation is pleased to announce that WWE Legend Honky Tonk Man, the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time, returns as guest instructor at IWF Pro Wrestling School, 32 Willow Way, West Paterson, NJ.

Honky Tonk Man conducts a two-day Pro Wrestling Clinic on Wednesday, April 16 and Thursday, April 17, 2008, from 6:30 to 10 pm. Clinic includes seminar, in-ring drills, basics, fundamentals, promos and evaluation. Pro Clinic open to IWF students and graduates of all experience levels with a $75 fee, and indy wrestlers, managers and referees with at least one-year of experience with a $100 fee. This clinic is a must for all wrestlers and students to have an opportunity to get coached by a true living legend.

Honky Tonk Man also conducts a two-day Pro Wrestling Fan Fantasy Clinic on Friday, April 18 and Saturday, April 19, 2008, from 1 to 5 pm. Clinic includes seminar, in-ring basics, interviews, free IWF shirt, live event ticket and autographed 8×10. Fantasy Clinic open to fans and aspiring wrestlers ages 18 and older in good health with a $199 early-bird fee before April 10, or $225 fee after April 10. No experience required. Live out your dream with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the Fantasy Clinic and enter the ring with Honky Tonk Man.

This marks the fifth time Honky Tonk Man has served as guest instructor alongside 13-year pro Kevin Knight at IWF Wrestling School. Enrollment for both clinics is underway. For registration information, call 973-345-7745 or visit www.WrestlingIWF.com. Honky Tonk Man will also be featured in the Main Event at IWF Live Events Friday, April 18, 8 pm and Sunday, April 20, 4 pm in West Paterson, NJ.

Established in 1999, IWF Wrestling School trains hundreds of wrestlers and managers from 16 states and six countries that perform in bouts around the globe. IWF Commissioner Rich Ross recently joined the management team at USA Network & NBC Universal, partnering with WWE supervising Raw and ECW programming. Former WWE Diva Dawn Marie trained at IWF and had her first-ever match with us in 2001. Damian Adams is training in Ohio Valley Wrestling, while BoneCrusher Fred Sampson makes frequent appearances on Raw, SmackDown and Heat. So far, 17 home-grown IWF talents made WWE appearances.

IWF Wrestling School hosts periodic Clinics with current stars and legendary performers. In addition to Honky Tonk Man, WWE’s Steven Richards, WWE’s Nunzio, WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana, WWE Developmental Trainer Dr. Tom Prichard, WWE legend Ricky Steamboat, former UFC and WWE Champion Ken Shamrock, former WWE Diva Dawn Marie, former WWE star Tom Brandi (Sal Sincere), former ECW Champion Steve Corino, and TNA’s Simon Diamond hosted clinics.

Independent Wrestling Federation produces family-friendly live events and hosts children’s Birthday Parties. IWF Pro Wrestling School, recognized as the premiere training facility in the Northeast by countless media outlets, hosts weekly Open House Tours every Saturday and Sunday afternoon and Tuesday and Wednesday evening. For information call 973-345-7745 or visit www.WrestlingIWF.com.