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Kevin Steen is IWS Champ!

DING! DONG! The Witch is DEAD!


If the Wizard of Oz has taught me nothing, it taught me that sometimes you can kill the bad guy with a bucket of water. Sometimes, you need to drop a house on him. Last night, Kevin Steen dropped a house on PCP Crazy F’N Manny to become the IWS Champion for the second time.

IWS Praise the Violence
Saturday, January 26th, 2008
The Medley, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Attendance: 509

Results Quick and Dirty

Lufisto pinned Sexxxy Eddy at 10:47.

2.0 (Jagged and Shane Matthews) Beat Twiggy and Vanessa Kraven at 9:02 double-pinning Vanessa Kraven.

Gauntlet Match
Rules were: 4 Wrestlers in the ring at once, new wrestler introduced every time an old one was eliminated.
#1 Fred la Merveille
#2 EXesS
#3 Kid Kamikaze
#4 Green Phantom

Kid Kamikaze tapped to EXesS at 6:05

#5 Santino Italiano (Joey Soprano’s nephew)

Santino pinned by the Green Phantom at 10:53.

#6 Paranoid Jake Matthews

Paranoid Jake Matthews and the Green Phantom eliminated by double count-out after 14:37.

#7 Samson
#8 Jimmy K

Fred La Merveille pinned by Samson at 19:58.

#9 (and last) Superstar Shayne Hawke

Shayne Hawke pinned by Samson at 30:10.
Samson pinned by Jimmy K at 30:51.
EXesS pinned by Jimmy K at 32:58.
Jimmy K won the Gauntlet at 32:58 and earns an IWS Title Mtach in 2008.

The Super Smash Brothers retained their IWS Tag Team Title match at 15:19 after pinning Cloudy of Up in Smoke with a Spike Piledriver before his partner Cloudy or the Untouchables (Jimmy Stone and Dan Paysan) could interfere.

Kenny the Bastard tapped to Beef Wellinton at 13:43.

Kevin Steen pinned Franky the Mobster at 10:49 in a Fatal Four-Way match also involving Sylvain Grenier.

Kevin Steen pinned Manny at 9:49 to become the new IWS Champion.


Detailed Results for Praise the Violence

Praise the Violence started with Sexxxy Eddy unveiling his new look for the IWS fans. Shaved bald, Stone Cold Sexxxy Eddy had a vicious look to complement his new vicious streak. Always looking to push the envelope, Eddy had the crowd convinced that he was going to break wresting (and social) boundaries once again, by fingering his valet Hottie Hollie live on stage, until he gave the audience the finger instead.

Speaking of Hottie Hollie, I have to compliment her dedication to her craft. I have never seen a valet wiggle their ass for the crowd while simultaneously choking a wrestler on the ropes as Hollie did to Lufisto during the match. Probably a good point to drop in my contractually obligated plug for Hollie’s extremely NSFW site: http://www.hottiehollie.com

It was Lufisto who broke the boundaries, yanking Eddy’s thong to give the Medley a full moon (and her a two count), following that up with knife-edged chops to Eddy’s ass.

Things IWS refs have to do that refs in other feds never even have to think of (#198 in a series): Pull up Eddy’s thong for him.

Lufisto, enraged that Eddy and Hollie cost her the IWS Title at Season’s Beatings 2007, beat Eddy from pillar to post, winning with a reverse rana variant plus a bridge at 10:47. After the match Lufisto grabbed Hollie and spanked her, only to be interrupted by Eddy who broke a chair over Lufisto’s head. With Lufisto KO’d, Eddy kissed Hollie better and then carried her to the back.

Like Lufisto, Twiggy came to the Medley with a grudge. He almost equaled her success when Vanessa Kraven power bombed Shane Matthews and Twiggy followed up with a top rope senton. Unfortunately, Jagged yanked IWS ref Yan out of the ring before he could count the inevitable three. 2.0’s Plan B was stolen directly from Jesse Ventura, “Always CHEAT!” 2.0 isolated Vanessa Kraven by handcuffing Twiigy to the ropes. After two spike pile drivers, 2.0 double-pinned Vanessa Kraven at 9:02.

Jimmy K survived a furious onslaught by an alliance of convenience between Samson, Shayne Hawke and EXesS to win the gauntlet and earn a shot at the IWS title some time in 2008. Jimmy K pinned both EXesS and Samson in turn, taking advantage of Samson’s treacherous sneak attack on Hawke. The gauntlet also saw the return of Paranoid Jake Matthews who destroyed Fred’s groin with a shovel shot before brawling to a count-out with the Green Phantom. Santino Italiano, who lost a match to make the IWS roster at Season’s Beatings 2007, was entered into the gauntlet by his uncle Joey Soprano only to get killed by the Green Phantom with a Phantom Menace through a table.

We had originally announced the gauntlet as being a ten man gauntlet. The tenth man was supposed to be a wrestler managed by Joey Soprano. According to the Parmesan Pimp, he was planning on filling that slot with Santino Italiano, but to Joey’s disgust, Santino was knocked so loopy by the Green Phantom that he was unable to reenter the match.

This just in: Stupefied is not right in the head in a really fun way. It seemed like every time you turned around during the IWS Tag Team Title match, Stupefied was jumping off something usually in some wacky corkscrew with multiple rotations. This kept Up in Smoke and the Untouchables off balance for most of the match and finally led to a spike pile driver on Cloudy for the win at 15:19.

Described by IWS Announcer as a “Blood Relatives Match”, the brawl between Kenny the Bastard confirmed a few things: just as Damian said in December, Kenny is the most underrated wrestler on the IWS roster, and Beef Wellington has become an evil conniving son-of-a-bitch. Kenny had a fighting chance to win the match, especially when he stretched Beef out with Beef’s head on the apron and his legs on the ring barrier and then crushed Beef’s ribs with a double foot stomp from the top, but Beef has not just turned mean, he’s turned smart. When Beef was trying to suplex Kenny into the ring from the Medley stage onto two chairs, Beef used the momentum of Kenny’s block to plant Kenny on his face on the stage. This gave Beef the opening to power bomb Kenny from the stage halfway across the ring into two chairs in an absolutely SICK spot.

Beef could have pinned Kenny right there and then, but chose to pull Kenny up at two so that he could try and turn Kenny’s skull into a bowling ball by gouging out Kenny’s eyeballs with is thumbs. Kenny tapped at 13:43, in time to save his eyeballs, but not in time to save his sight. He was, at the very least temporarily blinded thanks to Beef’s corneal massage.

Fred had to limp out from the back to help Kenny get out of the ring and has acted as Kenny’s seeing-eye clown ever since. In talking to Fred, Kenny has started to regain his sight and hopefully will be fully recovered by February 16th, when at Violent Valentine Kenny is scheduled to face Damian in the God of War’s retirement match.

It is almost comical how the first thing that every one who was at Praise the Violence says is some variation of a compliment about how physical and good Sylvain Grenier was. Sly fought like a man who understood that the IWS title is the most important title in Canada and one of the most important on the independent wrestling scene. As did Max Boyer and Franky the Mobster, but if wrestling is the physical manifestation of desire… well, no one wanted to win this physically gruelling match more than Quebec’s Wrestling Godzilla, Kevin Steen who won the match by reversing Franky’s choke slam power bomb into a pin at 10:49.

As soon as he was announced as the winner, Kevin Steen grabbed the mike to say, “I am pretty sure that I just tore my right knee, but I don’t care. So someone tell Manny, that piece of fucking shit, to get out here and let’s do this.”

This brought the wrath of 2.0 down on Kevin Steen’s head as Jagged and Shane Matthews softened up Mr. Wrestling for “Uncle Manny” before the official bell. Let’s be clear, the title match was in no way shape and form a wrestling match. It was a brutal hardcore brawl in which both men used everything close to hand from ring barriers to chairs to ladders. The turning point in the match came when Manny orchestrated the IWS ring boys to haul four tables under the balcony. Unfortunately for Manny, he made the huge tactical mistake of climbing out on to the balcony in an attempt to suplex Kevin Steen off the balcony through the tables, but Kevin blocked the suplex attempt and pushed Manny off the balcony.

After dragging Manny back to the ring, Steen tried to finish him off with a package pile driver, but Manny had just enough strength to kick out. At this point, Manny loyalist and long time IWS DJ Stab Tony tried to save Manny’s belt by playing Jimmy K’s music and entrance video in the hopes of distracting Steen. But Mr. Wrestling stayed on target and won the IWS title with a second Package Pile Driver at 9:49.

Of course, the match was about Kevin Steen getting revenge on Manny as much as it was taking the IWS title and Kevin Steen satisfied himself on that score by absolutely crushing Manny’s skull with a chair-shot.

After Kevin Steen won the belt, Max Boyer came out to complain that it should have been him that beat Manny and had both belts. Max challenged Kevin to a match for the IWS title at the next show. Kevin responded, “Hey, I would be happy to face you any time Max, but I already promised a friend of mine that he could have first shot at this belt when I won it. You see, next month at Violent Valentine, for the first time in two years, I am going to face my best opponent, El Generico. And you know what Max? Let me have my moment!”

The IWS is having a Kevin Steen moment.


The IWS presents: Violent Valentine, Saturday, February 16th, 2008 at Bogey’s World Bar & Billiard, 3250 Cremazie Est (corner of Cremazie and St-Michel near the St-Michel metro), Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 7:30 pm, show starts at 9:00 pm, tickets are $20 for VIP, $15 for Regular. 18+, card and times subject to change. For more information go to www.syndicatewrestling.com or e-mail [email protected] . Matches announced:
IWS Champion Kevin Steen vs. El Generico
Damian vs. Kenny the Bastard in Damian’s Retirement Match (if Kenny can go.)

The IWS presents: Know Your Enemies, Saturday, March 22nd, 2008 at Bogey’s World Bar & Billiard, 3250 Cremazie Est (corner of Cremazie and St-Michel near the St-Michel metro), Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 7:30 pm, show starts at 9:00 pm, tickets are $20 for VIP, $15 for Regular. 18+, card and times subject to change. For more information go to www.syndicatewrestling.com or e-mail [email protected] .

The IWS presents: Scarred For Life, Saturday, April 26th, 2008 at Bogey’s World Bar & Billiard, 3250 Cremazie Est (corner of Cremazie and St-Michel near the St-Michel metro), Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 7:30 pm, show starts at 9:00 pm, tickets are $20 for VIP, $15 for Regular. 18+, card and times subject to change. For more information go to www.syndicatewrestling.com or e-mail [email protected] .


Our DVDs for each show are released through www.smartmarkvideo.com. Our biggest recent release is Un F’N Sanctioned 2007 featuring then NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage – http://www.smartmarkvideo.com/main/index.php?app=ccp0&ns=prodshow&ref=iwsdvd0054&sid=3kk04hkib65w02eal6b66a85q4734bui . Our best-selling DVD from last year is Un F’N Sanctioned 2006 featuring Sabu’s last match in the indies before his re-debut on Raw (two nights later) as well as the crazy hardcore Fans Bring the Weapons match – http://www.smartmarkvideo.com/main/index.php?app=ccp0&ns=prodshow&ref=iwsdvd0043


IWS fans in Germany can now pick some of our best shows from a fed almost as crazy and blood-thirsty as us: wXw. With our permission, they are making available the following shows to German (and European) fans:
Un F’N Sanctioned 2003 Medley show
Un F’N Sanctioned 2005 Medley show
Un F’N Sanctioned 2006 Medley show
Un F’N Sanctioned 2007 Medley show
Blood, Sweat and Beers 2007 Medley show
Scarred for Life 2005 Steen vs. Damian
Blood, Sweat and Beers 2005 Steen vs. Damian II
Summer Slaughter 2007 Steen vs. Damian III
Hardcore Heat 2006 Steen vs. Viking

For more details contact: [email protected]


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