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Nash Unhappy with Results IWS Xth Anniversary
Montreal 05/30

It seems like Kevin Nash is the only man unhappy after the crowded party at the Medley last night for the International Wrestling Syndicate’s Tenth Anniversary. Nash was all smiles backstage after tapping out to Pierre-Carl Ouellet’s arm-bar, congratulating PCO on the win and the crowd’s positive reaction to PCO. The smile never quite reached his eyes however. Once clear of PCO. PCO’s ex-tag team partner Brick Crawford and a crowd of PCO’s friends from his gym, the mask slipped. Nash’s IWS Chauffeur back to the airport, Joseph Fitzmorris, reported to me that Nash spent most of the drive snarling that no one was supposed to touch his arm (still tender from a recent staph infection.)

The main event of the IWS Tenth Anniversary started with Kevin Nash coming out to his NWO theme and announcing to the crowd, “I’m a professional wrestler, that’s what I do for a living. I’m not a shoot-fighter. I get paid to wrestle not to shoot-fight. I was paid in advance, so if anyone in the back decides to turn this into a shoot, I will roll my old, grey-haired ass out of this ring and go back to Florida.”

Meeting Nash’s demands, the match was a (highly entertaining) professional wrestling match. At the start of the match, the crowd was split,with PCO backed by a slight majority of the crowd, but as the match went on the crowd swung solidly behind PCO, especially after a grumpy Nash’s negative reaction to a “Super Shredder” chant. Nash took control of the match after using a pair of scissors to cut off one of the top turnbuckles and (eventually) dropping PCO face-first on the exposed metal. PCO immediately rolled out of the ring, coming up with a face covered in blood.

After brawling outside of the ring, Nash rolled PCO in to finish the match with a huge jack-knife power bomb. Nash seemed startled and angry when PCO kicked out of the power-bomb after one. Nash leaned into PCO with a couple of stiff punches, but was caught by surprise when PCO demonstrated some of the MMA tricks that he has picked up sparring with Steve Bosse and grabbed Nash’s bad arm for an arm-bar. Nash tapped quickly and was clutching his arm in pain even while acknowledging the crowd’s cheers after the match with his famous Wolf-Pac salute.

You can see clips from the match here:


IWS Tenth Anniversary
Results – Quick and Dirty

Saturday, May 30th
The Medley, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

IWS Tag Team Title: Champions The Untouchables (Dan Paysan and James Stone) vs. 2.0 (Jagged and Shane Matthews)
The Untouchables retained their titles in 11:30 with Dan Paysan pinning Shane Matthews after a Jimmy Stone chair-shot. Because of the loss, 2.0 can no longer team together in the IWS.

IWS Veteran Battle Royale:
More than twenty men (and one woman) from the ten years of the IWS battled in an over-the-top Battle Royale won by Damian who threw Wonder-Fred over the top rope after 14:35.

IWS Canadian Title: Canadian Champion Shayne Hawke vs. Twiggy
Shayne Hawke retained his title in 11:09 pinning Twiggy

MMA Match: EXesS vs. Heavy Maxx Fury
Maxx Fury won by submission after 9:58.

IWS Title Match: Champion Beef Wellington vs. former champions Sexxxy Eddy and Franky the Mobster
Beef Wellington retained pinning Sexxxy Eddy with his E. Coli pile driver after 11:12

Grudge Match: Kevin Nash vs. Pierre-Carl Ouellet
Kevin Nash tapped to a PCO arm-bar after 8:38

IWS Death Match: The Green Phantom vs. PCP Crazy F’N Manny
The Green Phantom pinned Manny after 13:55 of completely and clinically insane hardcore action


.IWS Tenth Anniversary Detailed Results

There is so much stress and heart-ache planning an IWS Medley that it is easy to forget until you are in the middle of one, how much damn fun they are. Last night we came within about fifty people of setting a record for a wrestling crowd at the Medley, cramming just over 700 people into a wild enthusiastic celebration of ten years of the IWS in Montreal.

Our best-ever crowd at the Medley was the Sabu show at Un F’N Sanctioned 2006 which had the advantages of a better economy, no hockey the night of the show, and we caught lightning in a bottle by featuring Sabu two days before his 2006 debut on Raw, so many people came in from out-of-town to see his last match in the indies.

It was a surreal day. We woke up to find out that there was full-page article about the Nash/PCO match in the Journal de Montreal, the biggest source of sports news on the island of Montreal. This was a translation of an article in the Ottawa Sun by Tim Baines – reprinted on SLAM! Wrestling:
The French Journal de Montreal article can be seen here:

We need to thank Tim Baines for the article, the anonymous staffer at Journal de Montreal who translated it, Kevin Nash for agreeing to the interview and especially to Kevin’s agent Bill Behrens for making the interview possible at the very last minute.

X stared with a quick=paced enjoyable match between the IWS Tag Team champions, the ersatz Italians, James Stone and Dan Paysan, the Untouchables and one of the most successful tag teams in IWS history, Jagged and Shane Mattews, 2.0. The Untouchables retained their title with a pin on Shane Matthew after James Stone clobbered Shane with a chair-shot and then used the chair to ward off Jagged from saving his partner.

With the loss, 2.0 can never tag again in the IWS. As a small consolation, Jagged and Shane are about to leave Montreal for a six-show tour of Big Japan with CHIKARA. So while they can no longer tag in Quebec, they can tag together in Japan!

We announced a 20 man over-the-top Battle Royale of IWS veterans from the tn years of the IWS. There were some that questioned whether we could come up with 20 IWS veterans. In fact, we ended up with 27 men and one woman entered in the match. IWS ring announcer, “Iron” Mike Paterson started the match by announcing that he was going to win the match because his brother, IWS President Nic Paterson had promised him the win. The other entrants were less than impressed with this announcement (especially since most of them were lured to the Medley with similar promises) and eliminated Mike first.

The remainder of the eliminations in order:
2. Former IWS colour commentator Peter Lasalle
3. Former IWS Commissioner and Manager Joseph Fitzmorris
4. Former IWS Technical Director Little Brown Joe (with an impressive back-flip out of the ring
5. From the very first IWS show The Insurance Policy
6. John Fury
7. Alex Silva
8. Former IWS Valet D-Vyne
9. Former IWS Champion TNT
10. Pauly Platinum
11. Carl Choquette (of Above Standards)
12. Lex Lerman
13. The fire-breathing Firestorm
14. Malice (of Evilicious)
15. The Latino Kid
16. Latino Mysterio (hurled from the ring by Tomassino like a javelin)
17. Former IWS Manager The Motivator of Madness
18. Soul Rage (of Eviliciou)
19. Tomassino
20. Manuel Vegas
21. Former IWS Champion The One Man War, The Arsenal
22. Former IWS Tag Team Champion and IWS Canadian Champion Kid Kamikaze
23. Mike “Speedball” Bailey continuing his impressive rookie year. With the match down to just four men, Mike tried to ally himself with Fred la Merveille against the Hardcore Ninjaz. A rookie mistake that saw Fred throw him over the top.
24. Fred la Merveille was no match for the Hardcore Ninjaz as a team
25. Multiple time IWS Tag Team Champion The Evil Ninja
26. Multiple time IWS Tag Team Champion Hardcore Ninja by Wonderfred

It appeared that the Hardcore Ninja, an IWS original, had won the Battle Royale until Fred snuck into the ring and threw the Hardcore Ninja out. Fred explained that he had entered the Battle Royale twice, once as Fred la Merveille (who was eliminated) and once as Wonderfred who had won the Battle Royale.

27. Wonderfred by 28. and winner Former IWS Tag Team Champion The God of War Damian

Wonderfred’s celebrating triggered Damian’s music. The God of War came out only to be embraced by Wonderfred who declared the original SLI (Syndicat de Lutte International) reunited. Wonderfred only made three teeny, tiny errors:First, the original SLI was Fred la Merveille and Damian not Wonderfred and Damian, second the original SLI broke up when Damian betrayed Fred and kept Fred from beating Kevin Steen for the IWS Title, third Damian really likes hitting people and with only Wonderfred in the ring, that meant that Wonderfred was going to get beaten. After taking a number of stiff shots, Wonderfred made one of his celebrated rallies, but it was not enough to stop the God of War from spilling Wonderfred to the outside to give Damian the victory.

Shayne Hawke and Twiggy had a fun little match. Twiggy is one of the most passionate wrestlers that I now and by far the smartest wrestling mind in the province. Unfortunately for Twiggy, Hawke is no dummy and the raging redhead is the only guy I know with more passion than Twiggy. Add that to Shayne’s considerable size and strength advantage over Twiggy combined with Shayne’s advantage as champion and it was just not in Twiggy’s destiny to win this night despite a valiant effort.

EXesS and Heavy Maxx Fury had an official MMA referee for their match: Gerry Calasurdo. Maxx also had David Saxby. the Light Heavyweight Sancho Kick-Boxing Champion in his corner. Maxx is a kick-boxing champion in his own right and while Maxx may have won the match by submission, it was his educated feet that softened up EXesS for the submission with Maxx tagging the IWS Bully repeatedly every time the two men broke from grappling. Since the match was fought with no round breaks, EXesS never had a chance to recover from the repeated kicks and was eventually forced to tap out. To his credit, EXesS for once made no excuses saying that the only reason that he had lost was because Maxx was a better man. Only time will tell if the IWS Bully has turned over a new leaf or if he has only learned that Maxx is the one man in the IWS that he can’t bully.

In the past year, Beef Wellington has combined the charm of a pit-bull with a toothache with the moral teachings of Jesse Ventura, “Win if you can; lose if you must, but always cheat!” to become the most disliked man in Quebec wrestling. Two former IWS Champions, Franky the Mobster and Sexxxy Eddy tried to take Beef’s gold, but the Champion cleverly played the two men against one another and cheated to preserve his title once again.

I should probably announce here that originally the three-way match for the IWS title was scheduled to be a four man. Unfortunately, the scheduled fourth man in the match, the man to hold the IWS title longer than any other man, Viking, could not make it. Apparently while drinking his morning six-pack, Viking tripped over his ego and gave himself a concussion.

We always organize our IWS shows so that people can leave after the main event and be happy that they have seen a dynamite show, but than we throw in some hardcore topping on the wrestling sundae for those who want just a little bit more.

This show was no different. If you had left after the Nash/PCO match, you would have felt like you got your money’s worth. And if you had stayed Well you would have seen two men damn near kill each other (along with a couple of referees and IWS President Nic Patterson) as PCP Crazy F’N Manny and the Green Phantom went hardcore medieval on each other using barbed wire, light tubs, chairs, tables, ladders, mousetraps, panes of glass, staple guns, thumbtacks and FIRE!

Ten hardcore weapons, one for each of the IWS’ ten years. The two men were already a bloody mess before they battled to the second floor of the Medley at which point the Green Phantom in one of the most disturbing, sickest and yes stupid bumps that I have ever seen, gave Manny a Tornado DDT off the balcony through five burning tables.

This is not for the squeamish:

From another even more disturbing angle:

After that burning car-crash, the Green Phantom added insult to injury by spearing Manny with the leg of a bar stool and then dragged Manny’s barely conscious carcass back to the ring to add injury to injury by putting Manny through an exploding table for the win.

Somehow after the match, Manny was able to stand and grab a mike after the match. As the ring filled with IWS veterans, Many thanked the crowd for supporting the IWS over ten years and promised another ten years of hardcore wrestling.


After celebrating ten years of hardcore violence, the IWS is taking a bit of a summer holiday to catch up on our sleep and heal our various wounds. We will be helping Inter-Species Wrestling during their Vans Warped Tour show on July 11th (Montreal, Ile St-Helene).

Then the IWS returns to downtown Montreal for Hardcore Heat at the Just for Laughs Museum Studio, 2111 Boulevard Saint-Laurent on Saturday, October 29th. And this event will prove that Hell has Frozen Over or boiled over or something, because after the last time that we were at Just for Laughs, wrestling was banned from that venue for all eternity, which in this case meant until a new management team desperately needed to bring in an act that can pack the place and sell lots of beer despite the shitty economy.

The IWS starts another ten hardcore years with: Hardcore Heat, Saturday, August 29TH, at the happiest place on Earth, the Just for Laughs Museum Studio, 2111 Boulevard Saint-Laurent , near the St-Laurent Metro. Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 8 PM, show starts at 9 PM. VIP tickets are $20, Regular tickets are $15. VIP ticket holders admitted first. No reserved seating. Tickets can be purchased on-line from [email protected]. 18+ Card and times subject to change. For more information go to www.iwswrestling.com or write to [email protected]