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Danny Stone and Robert Rams of the Royal Ramblings team was lucky enough to speak to their ultra-talented Superstar Jack Swagger. What they found was an interesting, funny and intelligent man with some strong views on hair…! Read on…

WWE has started its UK tour, what for you is special about the UK shows?

I always love coming over to the UK. I’m from a really small town and so getting to come over the big pond and to see how WWE transcends different cultures and countries is amazing. For me, to see how far wrestling really goes and how far it reaches is awesome. My favourite part though is seeing our fans and how excited they are to have us over here.

We have home-grown Divas, US and Intercontinental Champions but we’ve never had a British WWE champion nor a PPV in some time – aren’t they overdue?

Absolutely. Being a Real American I can admit that the British talent roster is amazing. It keeps getting deeper and deeper every year and I think we have more UK superstars on our roster than ever before. I think it’s only a matter of time before there’s a British WWE champion

That’s good to hear! Do you have any ‘rib’ stories you would like to share our readers!”

Well, I’ve had a lot played on me and I’ve done some of my own. I don’t know if I can talk about any of them though as I might be letting the cat out of the bag…what I can tell you is that (fellow former tag-team partner) Cesaro and (current manager) Zeb would always double-team me when we were riding in the car. I think they were intimidated by me though, so it’s no wonder they had to team up…

Hulk Hogan is in the UK for your Smackdown television taping at the London O2 arena, which WWE Hall of Famer or legend would you like to face and why?

That’s a good question. I have always been a fan of Scott Hall (Razor Ramon). He’s always been one of my favourites and he has one thing that you just don’t get on TV anymore… and that’s chest hair! I think we need tons and tons more chest hair. I can’t grow any so don’t expect it from me. But seriously, I think a Scott Hall/Razor Ramon and Jack Swagger would have an unbelievable match.

Both ‘Legends’ House’ and WWE’s developmental programme NXT are available on the WWE network, which will be coming to the UK soon. As a superstar what opportunities does the network provide for you and what should UK fans sign up in order to see?

The entire WWE network is just flat out amazing. The type of services they offer are simply unbelievable. Unprecedented. Every so often WWE does something to transcend the wrestling and sports entertainment business. I think my favourite part about the network though is the unlimited library. I can find exactly what I’m looking for and look at things whenever I want to. It’s amazing. UK fans should be very excited about the prospect of the launch over here.

Adam Rose from NXT is new to the main roster and has been causing you trouble in recent weeks. Are you worried that he might make his name at your expense – like divas champion Paige did with AJ Lee – or do you see this as a tribute to you as a ‘guy to beat’?

I don’t really see this as him making his name at my expense, rather I see this as about the future. WWE is going to continue to develop young talent from NXT and that will be driving the competition up on the main roster. I’m always a firm believer that competition makes everyone better, makes our product better, makes our roster better and it’s going to make the matches and what we deliver even better – so only good things can come from such competition.

Who should we look out for at NXT as a future WWE star?

They’ve got so much amazing talent down at NXT. The one I’m most familiar with is Sami Zayn. I’ve been in the ring with him personally and was very impressed by his talent, athleticism and charisma- so he’s going to be one to look out for.

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