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Jackie Crockett Interview recap
By: Bob Colling of http://colling1989.proboards41.com/index.cgi for old school wrestling recaps w/videos of matches.In You Head Online Radio’s interview with Jackie Crockett. Hosted by Jack and Oneinchbiceps ! To hear the full interview head on over to InYourHeadOnline.com

Jackie says “it takes the mystery out of it” if kayfabe was taken out of wrestling. He likes the whole good versus evil angle.
Jackie says even as a young kid he worked in the wrestling business. Hanging up posters, setting up rings and selling tickets, he did it all. He was always around the business.
He didn’t like holding a show in a studio where their would be only fifty to seventy people. He also said he shot the action so that the people at home would remain interested.
He also says that he kind of knew the finishes but he had been working with the guys for so long that he knew what going to occur.
He would always ask if the guys were going to do something special so that he could be able to shoot it.
Jackie says that Gordie Solie was a great person and he knew his wrestling. Jackie puts over Jim Ross as being a good announcer, but believes Solie is the best.
He never took a bump in the ring, though he did break some guys up and got knocked down.
A caller asks Jackie how Ole Anderson and Dusty Rhodes were as bookers. Jackie says Dusty was more colorful booker than Ole. He also mentions that everyone was apart of the booking process, not just one guy.
Jackie tells a story about Ole Anderson getting a ticket because he could see the police officer behind him because a midget’s head continued to get in the way. Ole would chase the midget around the car which was a funny sight.
A caller asks Jackie what he likes about the production stand point for today’s wrestling. Jackie says he doesn’t watch wrestling because “it’s like watching a R rated movie”.
Jack mentions how he heard of a Tully/Ric Flair rivalry with who would have the better cars and whatnot. Jackie says that it did occur. “If Tully bought a car, Ric would have to go out and buy a bigger and better one.”
He has had suffered a few aches and pains but never broke a bone in his career. Jackie says that Manny Fernandez would throw a guy into Jackie’s leg because Manny wanted Jackie to shoot him. He mentions that he did shoot all the specialty mentions in WCW.
Jimmy Valiant was a joy to shoot when it came to shooting interviews.
Jack asks about any memorable rib story. It has to heard to given justice.
Jackie mentions how WCW was basically consisted of all the NWA company’s. Jackie discusses the shows that had Saturday Night and Main Event on Sunday.
Jackie didn’t like having to record four shows in one day when WCW worked at Disney. Jackie does say he managed to work some young talent on their intro. He got Bagwell to kiss his arm and get people to show their personality.

Jackie puts over the dedication Nikita Koloff had to present himself as being Russian.
Jackie brings up Magnum TA accident and brought up how he had the hospital to take off door knobs and such so he wouldn’t be afraid. He tells a funny story when he was getting a bath and that he “started to get aroused and he said the monster lives, the monster lives, because we were afraid he would be paralyzed forever.
Jackie says the baby face turn for Koloff worked because the fans made it work. Koloff didn’t change his character.
Jackie brings up ho the N.W.O was big in America, but over in Europe they didn’t like them, because of Hitler had his “new world order”. “Sometimes they wouldn’t show up.”
He says the and Bischoff never really hit it off. Bischoff asked Crockett why he doesn’t shoot good looking people. Crockett answered because their isn’t good looking people at wrestling shows. “I asked Bischoff he watched wrestling, and he flipped out on me.”
Jackie would like to go to the Legend Reunion in Charlotte because that’s the only time he gets to see everyone.
Jackie says that his brother Jim Crockett doesn’t have anything to do with the wrestling business. He doesn’t blame Jim not wanting to watch the product.
Jackie puts over TNA as a good promotion. He saw them work while they worked a show in Charlotte. Jackie says he met up with Booker T at the show and he said that Booker left because “it wasn’t fun anymore.”
Jackie says that Hulk Hogan is a nice guy. He says Hogan took care of his character.
Jackie brings up how the presentation throughout the years changed. He says he brought in the handheld camera.
Jackie says that his scariest moment in wrestling was being on top of the multi tier cages, he doesn’t like heights. Jackie brings up a story of Sturgis PPV. He remembers the fans throwing something and it moved the steps. He thought he was going to get his head knocked off.
A caller asks if Jackie has seen The Wrestler, but he hasn’t.
Jackie puts over Steve Austin as being a good talent. He doesn’t believe 1993 was a down time. They had quite a few workers. He believes that Austin would have been a top guy if he had stayed around.
A caller asks Jackie’s opinion on HHH while he was in WCW. He thought it was funny that HHH was suppose to be a French man. After several interview takes, the accent would go away.
Jackie puts over Sting as being a good guy and great talent. He thought it was terrible when Sting blew his knee out.

The IYH hosts and Jackie put over the annual NWA Legends Fanfest in Charlotte, NC. For more information on seeing the legends please visit: http://www.nwalegends.com
Jackie tells a funny Paul Jones story. Again, it has to be heard to be believed!
Jackie tells the fans “don’t watch Vince!”
He thanks the fans and puts over NWA and WCW talent throughout the years.

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