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July 7, 2008


It seems Jaime Dundee has now come full circle, as he faces the public in the latest edition of the wildly popular DVD series “YouShoot.” Dundee’s edition, released today, is a near out-of-control portrait of the near out-of-control Dundee.


Dundee has never been one to bite his tongue, which makes the highwire-like act of appearing on “YouShoot” the perfect outlet for his mouth, the public in search of salacious entertainment, though maybe not society at large. All are fair game in Jamie’s crosshairs.

Kayfabe Commentaries co-owner and host of “YouShoot” Sean Oliver says the two hours were as difficult as they look. “This was my first experience in having to wrangle a wrestler, in every sense of the word,” he says. “We peppered the end credits with some of the events that we edited out of the program. It was exhausing. My three-year-old daughter is easier.”

Though perhaps said with a smile, Jamie is literally all over the frame. He was fired up not only by offscreen (and some onscreen) indulgences, but also a frank and, at times, vicious public. Jamie is asked everything from wrestling gimmicks, to women, to STDs, to Jerry Lawler, to prison rape. He is referred to at various times as a hillbilly, and a midget.

But Dundee takes none of this lying down. He fires back and ultimately satisfies the “YouShoot” credo: answer EVRYTHING.

“We’re very happy with the end product,” Oliver adds. “We got what we asked for.”