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Photo Credit: @martybear44

According to Yahoo! Japan, at last night’s 1st RING event in Shinkiba, Tokyo, after the the first match of the double main event, Sareee “seized the microphone” and then told to the crowd the following:

“I am saying that I will go abroad from March, but the contract with WWE has been completed I’m really going to carry on Japanese women’s wrestling and prove to many people that Japanese women’s wrestling is the most amazing…Asuka and Kairi Sein (Hojo Kairi) play an active part in WWE, and their popularity with Japanese female wrestlers is increasing.”

Also according to Yahoo! Japan, Sareee is 23 years-old and resides in Itabashi-ku, Japan. She was born in Tokyo on March 31, 1996. 

She made her pro wrestling debut in April 2011 at the age of 15.  She worked for World Women Pro-Wrestling Diana for six years, before transferring to Seadlinnng in February 2017.  After leaving Seadlinnng in September, Sareee returned to Women Pro Wrestling Diana, where she competed until January 2020.

(English Translation Courtesy of Google Translate)

As of this report, WWE has yet to announce the official signing of Sareee.