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Sunset Flip Presents
JAPW November To Remember

By Jim Boy Star

This past Saturday, there were two pro wrestling events going on in my area. Ironically, they were probably about the same distance away from my house. One was Evolve Wrestling, which I have written reviews for on this site before. The other was Jersey All Pro Wrestling’s November to Remember.

I decided to go to Jersey All Pro Wrestling’s November to Remember. Originally Dan Maff was supposed to fight Teddy Hart in the main event. However, that was changed and the change made me go to this show and I am very glad that it did. This is not to say I hate Teddy Hart, but I thought the change made it more interesting.

Annie Social defeated Aida Marie

This match was taped for Worldwide. I didn’t think the match was anything special. It was a decent opener, if you can consider it an opener since it was taped for something else.

Devon Moore defeated Alex Colon

This was match, I thought, was surprisingly good. I was not aware of the skills of Alex Colon and figured it would just be a squash match with Devon Moore getting the win. I was wrong. Both men put on a great showing here.

Women’s Championship Match

Sara Del Ray defeated Mia Yim

This is the match that should have been a squash match. In fact, for what seems like the first five minutes, it was. Sara Del Ray got some great offense on Mia Yim. To be honest, and I don’t want to put down Yim, but the match should have ended after the five minutes. I thought after that it kind of dragged. All in all, a good match and it reminded me that women’s wrestling doesn’t have to suck like in the WWE. It also helps I like when women’s matches are short in general.

Joe Hardway defeated Corvis Fear

The story behind this match is that both of these men are part of a tag team. Joe Hardway is part of the South Side Players Club. Corvis Fear is part of the Garden State Gods. Both partners are currently injured. The match was decent but there is something more important that happened here. This coming week on the Sunset Flip Wrestling Show, I will announce that the South Side Players Club are my new favorite independent pro wrestling tag team.

Mind you, I always liked them. Joe Hardy and Mo Sexton come out to the ring with Johnny D and have these hot skimpy dressing girls come out with them. Their music fits them. Their theme song is Lollipop by Framing Hanley. Both men are Sunset Flip Wrestling Show alumni and have been on the show before. But now, when they come out, on the side of the entrance, there is a stripper pole! This throws it over the top for me. What a great gimmick. Plus, who can forget the pouring of the champagne over the the girls’ bodies. If you’re a red blooded American male, I don’t know how you cannot like this stuff. Unless your girlfriend/wife is sitting next to you. Other than that, no excuses.

Lightweight Championship Match

Azriel defeated Bandido Jr

It was a good match, but maybe my expectation were set too high for these two. I thought it could have been much much better. However, with the new rules of the night the winner would be in the main event with three other people for the Heavyweight title. With a stipulation like that, sometimes you have to play it safe.

Tag Team Championship Match

United States Death Machine defeated BLK Out

This was the first match after intermission. Nothing noteworthy here in my opinion. Decent match.

NJ State Championship Match

Brodie Lee defeated Eddie Kingston

I thought for sure, since Necro Butcher was not booked on the show there would be no crowd brawl. I hate crowd brawls. I liked it when I was a kid but have outgrown it. So yes, I hated the match. Let’s move on.

Much like earlier, Brodie Lee’s win would put him in the main event.

Main Event

Dan Maff vs Nick Gage vs Brodie Lee vs Azriel

Maff and Gage started it off. Five minutes later Azriel enters. Five minutes after that Brodie Lee comes in. It was all over the place. At one point the United States Death Machine started beating up Dan Maff and successfully busted him open. Gage and Brodie beat up Azriel. It was chaos. Finally, USDM left and after a couple of minutes of fighting between the four, Brodie Lee gets the win to become the new Heavyweight Champion.

This was a huge shocker, and in a good way. The booking led me to believe Nick Gage would win and I’m not a fan. Brodie is a good big man worker in my opinion, only held down sometimes because he’s with Necro Butcher and all Necro could do is crowd brawl. I was very happy to see him win, as I would have been happy with anyone but Nick Gage. I thought for sure Maff would win and I was cheering for Azriel.

All in all a good show. Was it out of the water awesome? No, but nothing except Kingston vs Lee was bad. The only reason I thought it was bad was because I hate crowd brawls. Lots of good in ring action.

Listen to the latest Sunset Flip Wrestling Show and this Wednesday, another episode of the show will be up early due to the weekend. Have a safe long weekend.

Jim Boy Star

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